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A note from Greg...

In my more than 40 years experience, working full-time in the piano industry, I believe the pianos shown and described below represent about the finest selection of high-quality, pre-owned concert instruments that I have seen and that Piano Pros is privileged to present for sale. We are excited about it!
In my four-plus decades, I have seen many wonderful pianos, especially new Steinway and Baldwin grands, but I cannot recall an array of of such impressive used and well-maintained high-caliber instruments in one place like this...I believe it would be worth a visit to see and play...
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Steinway & Sons
Model D,
Concert grand piano...
the standard by which all other concert grands are measured... 9' of glorious musical power and sound. Built in America,completely rebuilt and refinished in 2011, used in concert performances since, meticulously maintained by top-notch piano technicians, it boasts a great sound, powerful tone and responsive touch, as expected from such a piano...
Concert Pianos like this are hard to find...new ones like this sell for about $200,000!
Below is a truly stunning Steinway & Sons Model B, 7', semi-concert grand piano.
Purchased by its original and only owner in 2002, remaining in the same home until acquired by Piano Pros, regularly tuned and cared-for by a serious pianist, one would be hard-pressed to realize that the piano is not actually new! Even if you could find a new one for over $125,000, it's doubtful it would be a better instrument...
Here is another beautiful Steinway & Sons grand, Model 'O,' measuring just under 6' in length. It was manufactured and purchased in 2004 by its only owner, a true piano enthusiast. Tuned and cared for religiously every six months, this piano plays and sounds like a dream! Features an artist bench and classic satin ebony finish...
Come in and see it!
I'm sincere when I say that I would challenge anyone to distinguish this piano from a new one. If you can find a new one, they're about $96,000!
There were not many of these made...
Wm Knabe was acknowledged as one the finest American made pianos, comparable to Steinway, Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin and a few others, now long gone.
This Wm.Knabe 7' grand piano was cherished by its only owner, a serious accomplished pianist, who purchased it new in 2006, He was the only owner. He chose this piano over many other pianos and never regretted for a moment, Wonderful touch and response, warm lovely tone...you should check it out for yourself
Hard-to-find...Have you seen one of these?
Kawai RX-A
...Hand-crafted in Japan, forerunner of the famous
Shiguru Kawai concert pianos,
6'6" in length with power to spare
Of course, we also have many other pre-owned smaller grand pianos available in all price ranges...
As well as many vertical pianos for your consideration...
Ten years and still standing...thanks for your support!
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