Saturday, December 8, 2018

Three hundred academics sign an open letter against young scientist Dr. Noah Carl demanding Cambridge rethink his fellowship and offering not much else.

Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald discusses her experience of being mobbed on campus, the free speech crisis afflicting American universities and more.

A review of Roger Eatwell and Matthew Goodwin's National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy.

A quick history of Jewish miracles brings the concept into clearer focus in our modern world of wonders.

The terrible chapter of Canadian history holds no shortage of brutal truths. The popular Secret Path story of Charlie Wenjack is not among them.

Helen Joyce provides a comprehensive overview of the negative effect unfettered trans activism idealism is having on some of our most vulnerable.

Do our times allow for a new Henry Miller? What are we to make of a literary environment in which 1930s sexuality might be too much?

At a time when many lament a weakening of individual responsibility, West's criticism of the infantilism of collectivism might be a welcome reminder.

I am dismayed that so many academics are willing to sign a letter calling for the rescinding of an academic appointment, without offering any specifics either as to the errors that the appointee has allegedly committed, or to flaws in the appointment procedure...

...Academic freedom is a foundational principle of the modern university, while the principle that one provide evidence or reasoning for the claims one makes is the basis of any rational inquiry. For a university to act on a letter that attacks an appointee without offering any evidence to support the sweeping claims it makes, would be to go against both these principles. How could so many academics sign a letter that asks a university to do that?”

Some insist we're a blank slate on which we write what we want

Others say we're a Kindle book where all we can change is the font

I'm not slate nor tablet

Paulina Neuding looks at the motivations behind sexual assault in the country's under-reported crime increase.

The Times claims conservatives are weaponizing the First Amendment. Do you agree?

Today's polarization demands you pick a side. Will a look at centrist convictions move you to the middle?

Regardless of stunning examples of groupthink failure, the social forces that create it are stronger than ever.

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