At the Ivy Street School we help students with brain injuries, autism spectrum disorder, or behavioral health challenges learn the skills they need to transition successfully to adult life.

Our philosophy allows us to know our students, imagine their life goals, and create an academic and therapeutic plan that is the right fit. The Ivy experience is built around skilled special education teachers, literacy specialists, and experts in assistive technology. Transition experts help each student develop the skills they need to contribute to society and live independently.

Ivy Street School is an incredible place for learning where students can flourish. 

Here is how we innovated, created new opportunities, and grew this year:
We hired a Technology Specialist to maximize the use of technologies.

This levels the playing field for each student. Smart Board learning is incorporated into lesson plans and professional development allows our staff to learn best practices ...

This community-based and in-home service goes beyond Brookline to where young adults and their families live and work...

We offered a rich array of activities outside the classroom that foster social and executive skills.

Whether it's a music program, an art showcase, rock climbing at Boston University, or equine therapy - these are activities with a mission. 

We have strengthened community employment partnerships for our Vocational Program and  created high school experiences  like prom and Extravaganza that validate being a teen. 

We are committed to making the Ivy Street School a premier place where every child has the opportunity for growth. 


Barbara Salisbury                                        Joel Rosenhaus, M.B.A, M.S.W.
Chief Executive Officer                               Executive Director
MAB Community Services                             Ivy Street School

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