April 01, 2021
Anne Arundel County COVID Cases

Confirmed Cases - 38,908

Confirmed Deaths - 566
Cole Bridges, a U.S. Army soldier has entered a plea of not guilty for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks on landmarks in New York City, including the 9/11 memorial. Bridges expressed his disenchantment with the military to an undercover FBI agent he believed to be an ISIS member. He eventually counseled the undercover agent on how to thwart U.S. military attacks in the Middle East, as well as providing advice on potential targets in New York City. Bridges recorded a video of himself in body armor in front of an ISIS flag and narrated what he believed was an imminent ISIS ambush of American troops. Bridges, a member of the 3rd Infantry Division was arrested at Fort Stewart, GA.
Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security have seized "" and "," two websites being unlawfully utilized by Kata'ib Hizballah, a designated terrorist organization. The websites were being used as a recruitment tool and to promote violent extremism.
FBI agents in Knoxville, TN have arrested Benjamin Carpenter for attempting to provide material to ISIS. Carpenter served as a primary contributor, editor and advocate for an internet based organization dedicated to the translation and publication of pro-ISIS materials into English. Operating under the name "Abu Mahza," Carpenter created multiple websites to publish the materials. He also tasked others via social media to also translate and post ISIS information.
The Director of National Intelligence has issued a fact based report that concludes that domestic terrorism poses an "elevated threat in 2021. The report separates domestic violent extremists, anti-governmental extremists, animal rights and environmental extremists and abortion related extremists. The report concludes that racially or ethically motivated extremists presented the "most lethal threats" to include being the most likely to instigate mass casualty attacks against civilians.
The FBI is seeking information that could identify 10 individuals who violently attacked U.S. Capital Police Officers on January 6th. Information can be submitted via 1-800-CALL-FBI or via
The Wolverine Watchmen are a group of far right extremists. In October, 2020 13 members of the group were arrested for conspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer at her vacation home. Subsequently, Maxwell Wyckoff of Clarkston, MI has been arrested and charged with converting a semi automatic weapon to a fully automatic state. He is also charged with possessing a silencer device. Both charges are felonies. It's alleged that Wyckoff attended multiple field training exercises in Munith, MI were members of the kidnapping conspiracy also trained.
Timothy Watson has plead guilty to possessing an unregistered firearm silencer. According to his plea, Watson manufactured and transferred hundreds of machine gun conversion kits for AR-15 style rifles. The "drop in auto sears" were sent to hundreds of individuals, including individuals he had reason to believe were "Boogaloo" adherents. Watson faces up to 10 years of federal incarceration.
John Kelley of Vienna, VA has been sentenced to 33 months incarceration for his participation in swatting incidents. Kelley's 100+ bomb threats were directed at religious facilities, public figures and the Old Dominion University, where he was a student. Most of the victims were targeted because of racial or religious animus. Kelley was active with other white supremists and hosted an internet chat room where their ideas were exchanged.
New York City police have charged Brandon Elliot with assaulting a 65 year old woman of Philippine descent. Elliott attacked the woman on the street knocking her to the ground and hitting and kicking her several times. Prior to the attack Elliot yelled "F**k you, you don't belong here, you Asian." He faces 25 years imprisonment after being charged with a hate crime enhanced assault charge. Elliot was released on parole in 2019 after being incarcerated for stabbing his mother to death. The new charge also jeopardizes his parole and could return him to continue to serve his life sentence.
The FBI has concluded that Anthony Warner acted alone "in an effort to end his own life" in which he detonated a large bomb inside of his motorhome in Nashville. Warner was motivated by several "life stressors" including paranoia, eccentric beliefs and deteriorating interpersonal relationships. It is believed that Warner specifically chose the location and timing of the bombing so that it would be impactful, while minimizing the likelihood of undue injury. The incident was not identified as an act of domestic terrorism as Warner did not intend "to bring about social or political change."
Five New York City schools were sent envelopes which contained a white powder substance during the span of a week. All the the envelopes were delivered via the US Postal Service. It was determined that the envelopes were likely intended "to cause disruption and alarm." The powder was determined to be non-hazardous.
The FBI is investigating a potential biological attack aimed at the Sedwick, KS county government. The Finance Department received a certified letter from a group claiming to be part of a Moorish nationalist group. Inside of the envelope was a three page document coated with white powder. A test determined the power was diaminotoluene, a highly toxic and potential deadly substance used in making dyes. Two employees were treated for exposure.
An employee at the Ethel I. Baker Elementary School in Sacramento, CA found a pipe on the sidewalk which she thought was suspicious. The police were called and deputies determined the pipe was in fact a live improvised explosive device. Examination found the steel pipe was sealed on both ends with a protruding improvised fuse. Inside, the pipe contained metal shrapnel, clay putty, firecrackers and gasoline. Additionally a "zip gun" was also found which was also fashioned out a steel pipe and had a spring loaded cap with a 12 gauge shotgun shell. No suspects have been identified.

UPDATE: Deputies responded to a suspicious item at the same elementary school several days later. Examination determined the device to be another pipe bomb.
Police officials at the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital received information that Bryan Carroll of Versailles, KY was enroute to the hospital to visit a relative and was armed. Using an active warrant, officers seized Carroll as he left the hospital. Two handguns, tucked in his waistband, were taken as well as suspected drugs. During a search of his car in the parking lot, officers found two long guns in the back seat and a large amount of ammunition. A subsequent search of his home revealed potential improvised explosive devices. Carroll faces a host of charges. The investigation continues.
Active shooter incidents are deadly dynamic incidents. Immediately leave the area or seek shelter. Please don't do what these individuals did. Your exposure could be fatal.
Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a 21 year old man from Arvada, CO shot and killed 10 people at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder. Alissa, armed with an AR-15 type rifle, entered the store and began to randomly shoot shoppers after shooting at least two people in the parking lot. Arriving officers engaged Alissa and exchanged gunfire with him. One of those officers, Eric Talley, was the first on the scene and ran into the store. He was fatally wounded engaging Alissa. Alissa also suffered a leg wound during the incident. The motive remains unclear at this point, but Alissa has been charged with 10 counts of murder.
Robert Long faces eight counts of murder for a shooting spree at three different massage parlors in Atlanta. In that seven of the eight victims were women of Asian descent, the question remains "was this a hate crime?" Investigation thus far has shown that Long was probably motivated by a sexual addiction that was at odds with his religious beliefs. He has previously spent time in a treatment clinic for sexual addiction. Long purchased a 9mm pistol just hours before the shooting. Prior to the shooting spree, video surveillance shows Long in the parking lot of the one of the parlors. He remained in his car for about an hour before going inside. He then went inside for another hour prior to opening fire. What he did for that hour remains unknown. He then went to the other parlors and continued his carnage. Investigation will determine if Long will face federal hate crimes in addition to the murder charges.
Just days after the Atlanta spa shootings, Rico Marley, a 22 year old man calmly walked into a Publix grocery store in Atlanta openly carrying a rifle. He walked directly to the public restroom. Store management immediately notified the police. Responding officers confronted Marley as he exited the bathroom and took him into custody. Police found that Marley possessed six firearms and body armor. At this point his motives have not been determined. He has been charged with attempting to commit a felony and weapons charges. Currently he is undergoing evaluation.
Aminadab Gonzalez entered an office building in Orange, CA and opened fire. Four people, including a child, died in the incident and a woman was wounded. Responded officers encountered and exchanged gunfire with the Gonzalez, who was critically wounded. Gonzalez had a relationship with one of the victims and investigators have initially concluded this was not a random act of violence.
When officers arrived at the Roundy's distribution family in Oconomowoc, WS they found workers Kevin Schneider and Kevin Kloth deceased. Both had been shot. Investigation revealed that Fraron Cornelius, a janitor, had shot the men in different parts of the building before fleeing. Officers later spotted Cornelius and pursued him until he crashed his car. As officers approached, Cornelius fatally shot himself. Co-workers knew of no dispute between the men.
One man was wounded and three others threatened at gunpoint at Mikey's Car Wash in Lauderdale Lakes, FL. Corey Gentle had been terminated from his job at the car wash two weeks earlier for arguing and fighting with other employees. Gentile came to the business and engaged an employee in a argument. When he was directed to leave the property, Gentle shot the man. He pointed his gun at three other employees before fleeing. The man suffered serious injuries. Gentle was arrested by deputies after they stopped him in his vehicle. He faces attempted murder charges and aggravated assault charges.
Many people have been left jobless by the pandemic and are struggling to make ends meet. Scammers are now using websites that mimic government unemployment insurance benefits websites. They try to trick people in applying for unemployment benefits and end of giving the scammers their personal information. Follow these tips:

  • Never click links in an unexpected text message or email claiming to be from a state workforce agency
  • If you have applied for unemployment benefits and get a text or email about your application, contact your state workforce agency using contact information only from its official website
  • If you need to apply for benefits, use only the link to find you state workforce agency on their official application page. Follow their directions.

Report any fraudulent activity directly to the Federal Trade Commission through their Report Fraud Website by clicking below.
You get a recorded call from Amazon. It tells you they are trying to confirm an order they believe may be fraudulent. It asks if you placed an order for an item costing (they provide a dollar amount). If you did not purchase this item "press 1" to be connected to the Amazon Fraud Department. You are then connect with a representative who goes over the order. During the process they ask for your credit card number to make sure no other orders have been placed. At that point you have provided your information to a true fraudster.
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