JUNE 29, 2019
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Facts are still sketchy but we will provide what we know as fact to this point. A gunman, armed with some type of long weapon, entered the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA. It is believed the suspect, who has been tentatively identified as 19 year old Santino William Legan, cut through a rear festival fence after crossing a small creek. Once inside Legan opened fire killing 3 and wounding 15 others. Legan was immediately confronted and killed by officers on duty at the festival. His motive is unknown at this point, although he allegedly told one witness that he was mad. We will not publish a picture of Legan.
FBI Agents have arrested Delowar Hossain at JFK Airport in New York as he was attempting to fly overseas to join the Taliban. Hossain, who has been charged with attempting to provide material support for terrorism, was attempting to make his way to Afghanistan. It was his desire to join the Taliban and kill American military forces. Hossain planned to fly to Thailand where he thought he would avoid suspicion. If convicted Hossain faces 15 years incarceration.
Ruslan Asainov, a naturalized American citizen originally from Kazakhstan has been charged with providing material support, to include training, providing services and personnel to ISIS and al-Sham. Asainov was arrested by the Syrian Democratic Forces and transferred to the custody of the FBI. In 2013 Asainov traveled to Syrian from his home in New York where he joined ISIS. As time progressed Aasinov became an ISIS sniper and subsequently rose through the ranks to become the "emir" in charge of training other ISIS members in the use of weapons.
Tayyab Ismail, a naturalized American citizen from Pakistan has been sentenced to 20 years federal incarceration for posting bomb making instructions on five separate occasions. He also posted messages supporting ISIS and professed killing people. Ismail is a know associate of James Medina who is serving 25 years for plotting to blow up a South Florida synagogue and Jewish School.
A Federal Grand Jury has indicted Moyad Dannon and Mahde Dannon, brothers from Fischers, IN, with multiple firearms charges and attempting to provide material support to ISIS. The two had hatched a scheme to deliver firearms, some stolen, to an FBI cooperator. In mid to late 2108 the brothers sold a number of firearms to the cooperating individual. They also began to manufacture "ghost guns" built with gun parts and untraceable. The weapons were fully functional semi automatic rifles which they sold to an undercover FBI agent introduced to them by the cooperator. The brothers built one fully automatic rifle which they also provided to the agent. During a meeting, the brothers agreed to build an additional 55 automatic weapons they believed would be shipped to ISIS for its members. As part of that agreement five additional automatic weapons were built and provided to other FBI agents they thought were associated with their terrorist connection.
Facebook has announced they continue to take action against posts they have identified containing terrorist content. Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter have joined forces as part of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism alliance to quickly identify and take action against such content. In 2018, the alliance reached a milestone identifying 100,000 hashes. In the first half of 2019, that number has doubled. Facebook stated the scale of terrorist attempts to utilize social media speaks for itself.
A Grand Rapids, MI man faces up to five years in federal custody after lying to federal agents about renting an AR-15 assault rifle and training with it. Agents first came into contact with Aaron Fein when he was stopped trying to enter Canada without proper documentation. His vehicle was searched and customs officers found documents and materials that related to Jihadism and bomb making. Agents began to keep tabs to Fein and learned that he had rented the assault rifle and trained with it a a local firearms range. When interviewed, Fein denied ever renting or training with the weapon. A search of his home revealed that he had bought metalworking tools. Also located were unassembled AR-15 parts and electrical components commons used in explosive devices. Agents also learned that Fein was posting pictures of mass shootings on social media and made the statement "maybe he should go shoot up a school."
In a recent speech, FBI Director Christopher Wray noted the FBI had made about 100 arrests of domestic terror suspects in the past nine months. He acknowledged that many of the arrests were related to some form of white supremacy activities. Director Wray said the FBI takes domestic terror or hate crimes very seriously, regardless of the person's ideology. He pointed to several recent high profile arrests including that of Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson, who is alleged to be a white nationalist who stockpiled weapons in a plot to target journalists and politicians, as well as the men accused in mass shootings at synagogues in California and Pennsylvania.
Investigators are reviewing a manifesto written by Willem Van Spronsen, who police said was once a member of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, a self-proclaimed "anti-facist, anti-racist pro-worker organization." Van Spronsen, who also claimed to be a member of Antifa, allegedly approached the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA with what appeared to be an AR-15 rifle. He set fire to a building owned by the detention center and strategically placed flares underneath a 500 gallon propane tank. He then ignited his own car and threw three Molotov coctails at nearby buildings. He pointed his rifle at responding officers who fatally wounded him.
Police in Grants Pass, OR have arrested 26 year old Joshua Ashley in connection with two shooting incidents. The first incident occurred at the Parkway Christian Center where shots were fired during a church service from a vehicle passing by. One bullet struck a window and the second a tree. A similar incident occurred at the nearby Johnston Dental Clinic where a bullet went through an office window and grazed an elderly patient. It is believed the acts were related to vandalism and no particular person was targeted.
New Jersey State Police are seeking Nicholas Layton and Rebecca Willis in their pursuit of a drug and weapons investigation in Mount Holly, NJ. They are facing charges for possession of drugs, possession of weapons and homemade explosives. Layton is on federal probation, after being arrested in Arkansas in possession of over seven pounds of methamphetamine. In a search of their home, investigators found five assault rifles and various explosive devices. Three of the rifles were "ghost guns" which are guns built out of parts and thus untraceable. Investigators say the couple may possess other weapons and explosive devices and should be considered extremely dangerous.
The Maryland State Office of the Fire Marshall is investigating the discovery of several improvised devices in a wooded lot in Chesapeake City, MD. The devices were found amongst debris in what appears to be a homeless encampment. Investigators are trying to identify the original of the devices, which they have declined to specifically identify.
Kwenton Thomas, an employee of "Movers of San Antonio" apparently became upset over his paycheck and opened fire on his fellow employees. In the end, four employees were wounded by gunfire, one critically. Thomas fired on a fifth employee but struck his vehicle. Thomas faces five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Jessie McGee is in custody and charged with attempted murder relating to the stabbing of Jessie Hill. Both McGee and Hill are custodial staff members at the Mississippi State University in Starkvillem, MS. Police believe the stabbing was a result of an argument in the workplace.
Suffolk County, NY police hate crime investigators are attempting to identify a group of four men who brutally assaulted a lesbian couple as they walked down an alley. One of the men allegedly made lewd comments and questioned them why they would want to be with another woman. One of the woman was punched and driven to the ground. The second was was knocked unconscious and had her head repeatedly bashed into the sidewalk. Both women suffered injuries during the attack.
Boston paramedics responded to a woman in distress call in downtown Boston. As they were tending to Julie Tejeda, she reared up with a knife and stabbed one of the paramedics multiple times. She then pepper sprayed the second medic. The stabbing victim underwent surgery for her injuries and the other medic was treated and released from a local hospital. Tejeda has been charged with attempted murder and assaulting a public official. Tejeda fits the description and is believed to have been involved two days earlier where a woman smashed a window and defaced doors at the nearby Sacred Heart Church.
Federal authorities have charged self professed neo-Nazi Garrett Kelsey with sending multiple phone messages and emails to a Jewish organization in New York. Kelly was dismayed with a YouTube video posted by the organization and threatened violence if it was not removed. His messages and emails were filled with neo-Nazi references, as well as racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim rants. His charges carry a maximum of five years confinement.
Social Security scams are on the rise
Government employees will never threaten to take away benefits or ask for money or personal information to protect your Social Security card or benefits

Scammers fake caller ID numbers. Don't be fooled if the call seems to be from the Social Security Administration.

If a caller asks for for your Social Security number, bank account or credit card information, HANG UP .

Report suspected scams to the SSA Inspector General at (800) 269-0271 or report it on-line by clicking the button. ext Link
The Federal Trade Commission and Equifax have announced the terms of a settlement relating to their massive data breach. You can learn if you were a victim of the breach and make your claim for benefits by clicking on the link below. If your information was exposed, the settlement provides you with up to ten years of free credit monitoring as well as a cash reimbursement in some cases.
Scammers pretending to be a pastor, priest, imam or bishop are asking worshipers for gift card contributions for a worthy cause. Appeals are being made most often by email, but in some circumstances, text messages and telephone calls have also been used. The messages often use the name of a local pastor and a legitimate looking email address. Telltale signs are the email addresses are similar but not the actual church email and the service provider is different. There are often many spelling errors to include the pastor or churches name. Scammers ask that victims to buy popular gift cards ie: ITunes, Google Play or Amazon, and asks them for the card number and the pin on the rear of the card. Once that information is provided, the victims money is generally hopelessly lost.
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