WEEKLY UPDATE 02/24/2020
Please contact us to arrange for an Active Assailant training session for your congregation.
German police infiltrated a far-right group and learned they were plotting "shocking" large scale attacks on mosques. Twelve men have been detained after it was learned they were planning to launch several simultaneous automatic weapon mass casualty assaults on Muslims during prayer gatherings. The group wanted to replicate the mass attack carried out last year in New Zealand. Sadly one of those arrested was a German police officer. Authorities allege the final details of the attack were distributed to members one week before the arrests. Four of those arrested were to carry out the attacks while the remaining eight were to facilitate the attacks by providing funds and weapons.
In a 37 minute audio statement, ISIS spokesman Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi congratulated ISIS members for waging a retaliatory campaign in response to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi. He encouraged members to conduct attacks worldwide. He ordered Muslims to thwart U.S. peace efforts and implored Muslims to increase their attacks on Jews.
Heather Meisel remains in custody in Anne Arundel County after being charged with attempted murder, and defacement of religious property. She is being held without bond. Meisel told investigators that she wished to "send a message" when she threw a Molotov Cocktail into the occupied Jehovah's Witnesses Hall in Glen Burnie, MD. Meisel has refused to attend any bail hearings
The FBI and police in Farmington, CT are investigating vandalism at the Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center as an act of religious hate. Satanic symbols were spray painted in their peace garden and their stations of the cross. Authorities are trying to identify two cars seen leaving the area.
Police in New Bern, NC are hoping to identify an individual who attempted entry into the Temple B'Nai Sholem. Being unsuccessful the man then placed a sticker on the door which said "IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE".
The Fuller Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Lufkin, TX was vandalized by person(s) unknown who spray painted vulgar postings on the side of the church. As of now there are no known suspects.
Noah Miller has been charged with vandalizing the South Street Temple in Lincoln, NE. Surveillance video helped identify Miller who painted swastikas and racial epithets on the front door and steps of the temple. Damage is estimated at several thousand dollars.
The Protecting Against Hate Crimes Grant Program is to provide support to non-profit organizations, including faith based organizations, with facilities and membership that can be targeted for a hate crime to provide security enhancements. The effort supports the Governor's Office on Crime Control Program's objective of developing criminal justice and victim services strategies that are coordinated by developing a culture of collaboration, information sharing, and knowledge transfer between law enforcement, victim services and communities targeted for hate crimes.

Categories to be funded:

  • Contractual Services
  • Equipment
  • Operating Expenses
  • Personnel
  • Travel
I would welcome the opportunity to meet with your church family and discuss congregation safety and security. Working together we can come up with suggestions and ideas to better protect you from different threats, both man-made and natural.