WEEKLY UPDATE 09/30/2019
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Police in Harford County have arrested Steve Droter of Abingdon, MD in connection with a bomb scare at the Prince of Peace Church. Church officials reported a person wandering the church parking lot. When confronted by Deputies, it is alleged that Droter make statements that his box truck may contain explosives. A three hour search failed to locate any explosives. Droter is charged with making a threat of mass violence.
Baltimore County fire officials are trying to identify the person who broke into the Fairview United Methodist Church in Phoenix, MD. Once inside the vandal ransacked the pastor's office and then started a fire. Fortunately the fire did not spread. Paper items were destroyed and some articles melted, but the real damage came from black soot that made its way into the sanctuary.
Police in Winston-Salem, NC are investigating an incident at the Temple Emanuel where anti-Semitic and white supremacist materials were left at the synagogue. One note and a DVD with very disturbing content were found. Authorities declined to disclose the specific content of the messages. The FBI is assisting local police.
Timothy Larson has been charged with vandalizing the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ. Hate charges are being considered. Larson forced his way into the church with a crowbar and then attacked the tabernacle. He painted the word "evil" at the entrance to the church before ranting about the Catholic Church. Strangely Larson also threw business cards into the air which identified his Twitter account. A review of that account indicated he had planned the attack and made bizarre comments and referred to himself as a lawless and untouchable immortal.
The crucifix on the front lawn of the St. Vincent de Paul Church in Bayonne, NJ was smashed into pieces. An unidentified man was observed pulling the crucifix from the ground and breaking into pieces. This is the third similar incident in Hudson County, NJ in the last month.
Authorities are attempting to determine who spray painted graffiti on the Temple Jacob in Hancock, MI. Nazi swastikas and the Nazi "SS" symbol were painted on the church building. The graffiti was left on the same day as the Parade of Nations, a celebration of multiculturalism that attracts thousands of visitors. The FBI has entered the investigation.
The Arizona Patriots and four of its leaders have agreed to stop trespassing on church properties in the Phoenix, AZ area. The group was actively engaged in the systematic harassment of churches supporting immigrants in the area. As part of the settlement of a law suit, it also forbids members of the group from touching anyone trying to use church buildings, using megaphones and filming any church property.
Vandals broke an office window to gain entry into the King Lutheran Church in Billings, MT. Once inside banners were slashed, windows were broken and fire extinguisher power was spayed over the entire sanctuary. An attempt to start a fire failed. Damages are estimated at $50,000.