WEEKLY UPDATE 10/07/2019
Please contact us to arrange for an Active Assailant training session for your congregation.
Philip Manshaus, was carrying several guns when he attacked the Al-Noor Islamic Center in Norway. He had expressed far right and anti-immigrant views prior to the attack. Manshaus wore body armor, a helmet and some type of uniform when he smashed through a glass door and fired shots. He was overpowered by people in the center and no injuries occurred. Police are investigating the incident as a potential terror attack. When police searched Manshaus' home, they found a deceased woman. The woman is related to the gunman and he is considered a suspect in her death..
The NYPD has launched an investigation in an attempt to identify a group of youths who caused damage to a Brooklyn synagogue during Rosh Hashanah. The group threw milk crates and a metal mailbox breaking the synagogue's windows. The New York State Hate Crimes Task Force is assisting investigators from the NYPD.
Someone broke into the St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh causing minor damage. Entry was made through a window and damage was done to marble on the communication rail. The suspect attempted to break into the vigil light stand but was thwarted by security modifications made last year.
Anthony Dean and Gaven Wasson have been arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief for allegedly spray painting a number of buildings in Queensbury, NY, to include the Masonic Temple. A large swastika was painted on the Temple sign along with other graffiti.
Law enforcement authorities are trying to identify a man who vandalized the Zion Lutheran Church in Stockton, CA. The man pulled off rain gutters, smashed electrical boxes , broke a window and pulled up sprinkler lines.
The Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention has awarded 1.7 million dollars to religious organizations across Maryland to enhance security. The Nonprofit Security Grants will be a continuing annual opportunity. Temple Beth Shalom from Arnold received a grant of just over $98,000 for physical security upgrades. A second grant of about $50,000 from the Maryland Emergency Management was also awarded to Temple Beth Shalom to provide for armed police security during key times .

Thank you to Rev. Dr. Jaewoong Chang and the congregation of the Heavenly Vision Community Church for your hospitality at your Fall Bazaar.