April, 2021
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  • 2021 Convention Update
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  • Schimpff's Confectionery
  • Value Guide: 1 Lb Round Coffee Tins
  • Indy Ad Show
  • AAAA Articles Reprinted
  • Indoor Antique Advertising Show
  • Advertising from Ancient to Modern Times
  • Wanted Items
2021 AAAA Convention Update: Looking Good!
We are very optimistic that we will be conducting our 2021 Convention IN-PERSON at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Reading (Wyomissing), PA from July 21-24. Unfortunately, an unexpected logistic issue presented itself last week that we are addressing. Once resolved, we expect to make a formal announcement and open up the registration process. We are hopeful this will take place within the next two weeks or so. Of course, conducting an in-person Convention assumes large indoor gatherings will be permitted under prevailing Pennsylvania state and local COVID-19 regulations at the time of our event.

After the cancellation of last year's in-person Convention and being cooped up for an entire year, our members are chomping at the bit to attend our Convention in Reading! The Registration Fee will once again will be $125.00 per person. Guest rooms at the hotel with up to four occupants will be available for the heavily discounted rate of $107.00 per night plus 13% in taxes. Sellers can rent tables with linen for their room at $25 per table.

A planned schedule of activities will bring fun and excitement from Wednesday evening through Saturday morning. The program has not yet been finalized but will include many of our favorites including seminars, room-hopping, silent auction, shared meals, raffles & games and, of course, lots of fellowship.

Both AAAA and the hotel will make every effort to support the health and safety of our attendees. We ask for your support in observing COVID-19 guidelines that may be established by the hotel or health officials.

If you are planning to attend, please consider serving as a seminar presenter. It is a fun and exciting role! We are also recruiting somebody to head up the Favorite Advertising Exhibit.

The pent-up demand for this event should make it one of the best Conventions ever! The energy will be amazing!

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the Convention this time around so I am pleased to announce that Bob Hunt will assume the role of Convention Coordinator this year. Bob is familiar to many of you as he has played an important role in the Conventions over the past few years. He will undoubtedly do a great job! Although I will miss seeing those of you who attend, I will be actively involved "behind the scenes" in supporting Bob throughout the entire process.

If you have any questions about the Convention or are interested in conducting a seminar or heading up the Favorite Advertising Exhibit, please contact Bob at 317-506-8501 or

Stay tuned! We will be in touch soon!

Paul Lefkovitz
Strike Up The Band: Advertising Sheet Music
By Michael Bartels
Editor's Note: In a recent issue of the Checkerboard, an article about Sheet Music was featured. That article served as the inspiration for the current author to write this piece about advertising sheet music, focusing largely on breweriana.
Music has always been part of community life. As far back as the late 19th century, businesses commissioned theme songs to promote themselves and give back to the community. Breweries were often among such enterprising businesses. 
Before the advent of radio, the only way to hear these compositions was in a live performance or on the Victrola. Companies sponsored bands who performed these songs in parades or concerts. This music was also intended to be enjoyed in homes, taverns, dance halls, or wherever people congregated. 
Wheaties is credited with broadcasting the first radio jingle on Christmas Eve in 1926. “Have You Tried Wheaties?” The first TV jingle was for Chiquita Bananas in 1944.

I have assembled a few examples of advertising sheet music that are presented below. Of course, my favorite is Bartels Purity March! I’ve included a page from the back of a 1911 theatre program with the refrain.

You can listen to some of these compositions with a YouTube search. Click here (and then select the "play" arrow) to be treated to a rendition of “Under the Anheuser Bush”, recorded in 1904. The sheet music appears below.

Just Give Me a Glass of Old George Ehret’s Brew
George Ehret’s Brewing Co., New York (1909)
Where the Grossvater Flows Everywhere – Waltz Song
George J. Renner Brewing Co., Akron, Ohio (1915)
Moerlein’s Cincinnati Centennial Waltzes-Front Cover
Christian Moerlein Brewing Co., Cincinnati (1888)
Moerlein’s Cincinnati Centennial Waltzes-Back Cover
I want some Old Style Lager-Front Cover
G. Heileman Brewing Co., LaCrosse, Wisconsin (1909)
I want some Old Style Lager-Back Cover
Features a military theme. Dedicated to J. M. Welbasky, Welbasky was the Chicago manager of Heileman and other breweries.
Bartels Purity March-Front Cover
Bartels Brewing Co., Kingston Station, Wilkes-Barre, PA. (1909)
Bartels Purity March-Lyrics
The Goebel March and Two Step
Col. August Goebel Brewing Co., Detroit, Mich. (1900)
Schlitz Brewing Co., Milwaukee (1910)
Zum-Zum-Zum / A Stein Song
Minneapolis Brewing Co., Minneapolis (1914)
Under the Anheuser Bush
Anheuser Bush Brewing Co., St. Louis (1903)
Moxie (One Step) Song
The Moxie Company, Boston, Mass. (1921)
Onward Cincinnati / “I’m Mighty Proud of My Home Town”-Front Cover
Kroger Grocery & Baking Co. (1927)
Onward Cincinnati / “I’m Mighty Proud of My Home Town”-Back Cover
Down Where the Wurzburger Flows (1902)
Not a specific brewery, but Wurzburger is a Bavarian beer.
Schimpff's Confectionery: Sweets to the Sweet
Schimpff's Confectionery in Jeffersonville, Indiana received quite a bit of attention from the press this past Valentine's Day. This is only fitting since Valentine's Day is this fabled establishment's busiest day of the year.
Warren Schimpff, 4th generation owner, along with wife, Jill, have provided loving and visionary leadership to this business for 31 years. The establishment has continuously occupied the same location since 1891, and is one of the oldest candy stores in the nation in it’s original location.
The Confectionery features a delectable selection of candy made right on the premises, using family recipes that go back to 1891. The business also includes an old-fashioned soda fountain/deli, a newly expanded retail section, and a museum that contains what is arguably the largest collection of vintage candy memorabilia in the country that is on public display. Free candy-making demonstrations are regularly offered to the public. 

Click here to view the delightful video interview with Warren and Jill that was telecast by Inside Indiana Business.

WTIU, a local affiliate of NPR, also ran a heartwarming story and video. Click here to view it.
And as if those two television spots weren't enough, an impressive front page headline article also appeared in the Jeffersonville News & Tribune (image to the right). To read the on-line version of the article in its entirety, click here.

Warren and Jill are active and highly-respected members of AAAA. If you would like to visit Schimpff's Confectionery, call 812-283-8367. Be sure to mention that you are a member of AAAA. For further information, their web site is: Hint, hint: their delicious candy can be ordered on-line.
Value Guide: One Pound Round Coffee Tins
We are pleased to introduce a new recurring feature in the Checkerboard: Value Guides. Over the years, AAAA has published a number of informative value guides. These guides cover a wide variety of collecting categories and are presented in many different formats. Some provide actual pricing information while others list value or scarcity ratings.

All of these value guides are timeless in terms of the photographic and historical record they provide. They also offer a starting point in determining current values, regardless of the value guide's original publication date.

These value guides will be reprinted periodically in the Checkerboard, commencing with this issue. Our first offering is a comprehensive guide dealing with one pound round coffee tins. This guide, which was originally published in 1994, reportedly included every known one pound round coffee tin. The cover page from that issue appears above. These reprints will only include the pages that pertain to the value guide so it might appear that certain pages are "missing".

Please click the button below to download this value guide:
Indy Ad Show
The popular Indy Antique Advertising Show will be returning to the Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Indiana on Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1, 2021. The hours will be 9:00 AM-5:00 PM on Friday and 9:00-3:00 on Saturday. Advertising-themed auctions will also take place on Friday at 6:00 PM and Saturday at 4:30 PM.

In addition to the Indy Ad Show, this event will include a Vintage Market and an Oil & Gas Show. This multi-component event is promoted by Route 32 Auctions.

Tickets, which will cost $10.00 for both days, will admit you to all three shows. For further information, go to
AAAA Articles Reprinted
Antique Trader Magazine recently paid the ultimate complement to one of our authors by reprinting a pair of his articles that recently appeared in AAAA publications. Rick Cook reported on his unusual trailer-housed collection of Coke and Pepsi memorabilia in articles that appeared in the February, 2021 issue of the Checkerboard and the March, 2021 issue of PastTimes. The Editor of Antique Trader was so enamored with the articles that he requested permission to reprint them. The result was a charming combined piece that appeared in the March 24, 2021 issue of Antique Trader. Click here to display that article. AAAA is referenced as the source of the work so it is great publicity for our club. Congrats to Rick! Antique Trader is an excellent publication and readers are encouraged to check it out at

This is not the first time an article that appeared in one of our publications has been reprinted in the national trade press. An article written by Jeremy Blum on sheet music that appeared in the January, 2021 issue of the Checkerboard was reprinted in the March, 2021 issue of the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles. An article authored by Margaret Carpenter and Alice Muncaster on cats in advertising in the August, 2020 issue of the Checkerboard was also reprinted in the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles. The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles is also a high quality publication and is recommended reading. Go to for more information.

A number of other AAAA articles have been reprinted in recent years in major trade publications. This is a testament to the talents of our skilled and passionate authors.
Indoor Antique Advertising Show
The Indoor Antique Advertising Show was conducted on Saturday, March 20, 2021 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. Damon Granger is the promoter of this show. In its fourth year, this show continues to display impressive growth in all areas.

Approximately 115 dealers were set up which represents a steep increase over the last two years and rivals some of the best years in the history of antique advertising shows in Indianapolis. Throngs of buyers were reportedly lined up outside the doors at the time of opening at 9:00 AM. A steady stream of attendees, totaling hundreds, continued to appear throughout the entire day until the show closed at 3:00 PM.

Dealers were reportedly very happy with their sales and buyers were excited about their purchases. The quality and diversity of the items available for sale was described by one shopper as very high. A festive atmosphere was present throughout the day and attendees, hungry for social interaction in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, were actively engaged with others.
This show is held each year on the third Saturday in March from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Damon is already actively planning next year's event.

Here are some quotes about the show from attendees:

  • "The show had the cream of the crop in terms of dealers and buyers"
  • "Great selection of signs!"
  • "Impressive items for sale"
  • "It was like old times"
  • "I liked its location because it was all in one huge room, restrooms were convenient, and the food available for purchase was good."
  • "Good show. Happy for them."
  • "Show was great. Impressed by the number of dealers."
  • "Damon does a great job in promoting his show." 
Advertising from Ancient to Modern Times
A "light hearted" presentation entitled "Advertising from Ancient to Modern Times" will be conducted by the Delhi (Ohio) Historical Society on May 10 at 7:00-8:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Facebook Live. The seminar will be presented by historian, Mat Maley. For additional information, click here.
Wanted Items
In this column are those sought-after items of desire that seem to be elusive. If you know where any of these items can be acquired or if you have one available, please click the link to reply directly to the seeker. To place a listing in this column, click here. There is no fee for AAAA members. Up to three listings per member are permitted.

Antique Advertising pertaining to Country Store or Drug Store Products or Places. Especially those showing Women or Girls with the product or location shown. I would consider any  Antique Advertising (paper, cardboard & metal Signs). Quality a plus! Dale Peterson at

Wanted top condition: Hard A Port small top tobacco tin; Convention Hall 1 lb coffee tin (green or yellow); Army Navy coffee slip lid canister; Big Horn 1 lb coffee tin; Continental Cubes medium size kidney shape tobacco tin.
To reply, click here.

Unusual one pound peanut butter tins. Tin litho or paper label. To reply, click here.
Marshmallow Tins, Smaller than 5 Pound Size. To reply, click here.
American Cookie, Biscuit and Cracker Tins and Boxes. To reply, click here

Banjo related advertising wanted Pre-1940s. Long time collector buying banjo company signage, catalogs, billheads, periodicals, minstrel banjo items such as posters, broadsides, sheet music ( pre-1870s ) with illustrated banjo covers, early photographs showing banjo players (pre-1915). My main collecting interest is in 19th century material. To reply, click here.

Antique American Medicine Bottles by M. Knapp... soft cover book with price guide. Printed in 2012. or 781-248-8620 also, see my other want ad for Clarke’s ephemera and bottles.

Looking for 3 Vintage Tins: American Eagle "Oriental Mixture" tobacco (dimensions approx. 6.5" long, 2 3/4" wide, 1.5" tall); 1 Gal. Indian Head Hydraulic Brake Fluid; and Packham´s Caramel Toffee. Any offer is welcome and any condition considered. To reply, click here.

Morton Salt, older items, and also Pacific Coast Borax, especially a crate or box. email or call Peggy Dailey 612-522-9211

Comic Book-Related Advertising Items: Must be from before 1980. To reply, click here.

Clarke’s Vegetable Sherry Wine Bitters, Sharon, MA & Rockland, ME: All sizes, variants, smooth/pontil base. Especially need labeled Clarke’s any size! Also, any Clarke’s ephemera…trade cards, almanacs, newspaper ads, etc. Charlie Martin Jr., 781-248-8620. Email:

George Petty: Advanced collector looking for unique or rare items. Photo’s, store displays and non paper items. NO Esquire pages. Pete Perrault. To reply, click here or call (502) 290-7661.

Ice Cream Advertising: Mr. Ice Cream desires better graphic ice cream advertising including: postcards (Advertising and RPPC), trade cards, letterheads, billheads, booklets, poster stamps, blotters, magic lantern slides, pinbacks, watchfobs, and pocket mirrors. Allan Mellis, 1115 West Montana St. Chicago, Illinois 60614-2220. To reply, click here.

Stock food, poultry food, veterinary advertising wanted. Posters, medicine packages, give-aways. Email or call (256) 520-5211.

Singer Sewhandy Model 20-Green-regular paint, not hammertone. To reply, click here.

National Biscuit Company, Nabisco, Uneeda Biscuit, Uneeda Bakers, Muth Bakery, NBC Bread toys, signage, tins, containers, displays, historical items. Please Email or call (937) 205-2232.

Early Cigarette Rolling Papers: Pre-1940’s - American, Zig Zag, Braunstein Freres, Bambino, and Ottoman papers wanted. To reply, click here.

Antique/Collectible Banking and Financial System "Give-a way" and advertising items. Specifically from Pennsylvania. Alarm devices and such. To reply, click here.

VITAMINS advertising, displays, signs, bottles, and anything related: Hadacol is an example. Most would come from the 1930’s thru the 1970’s. Also anything related to cod-liver oil and WEIGHT-LOSS, REDUCING, ANTI-FAT, and OBESITY ITEMS. To reply, click here.
Early tin signs lithographed by Tuchfarber, Wells and Hope, Worcester Sign Company, Sentenne and Green, etc. I can pay more for good condition, but would be interested in any condition. Don Lurito also in the directory. To reply, click here.
Dwinell-Wright Co. Royal Ground Spice Cardboard Spice Boxes. One side displays horizontally. Approximately 3.75" by 2.25". Any type of spice is OK. To reply, click here.
ENSIGN Perfect and ENSIGN Perfection vertical pocket tobacco tins to enhance my collection. Feel free to contact me at 614-888-4619 or to see if you can help fill the voids.
Edmands Coffee Company, Edmands Tea Company, 1776 Coffee, American Beauty Tea, Japan Tea, Devonshire Tea, (imported by Edmands, Boston/Chicago): Any items such as tins, signs, paper, or anything else related to the Edmands family of companies in Boston is desired. To reply, click here.
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