April, 2022
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  • 2022 AAAA Convention Update
  • The I. B. Krinsky Company-The Story of an Immigrant Family Finding Success in the US
  • Indoor Antique Advertising Show a Success
  • Indy Ad Show Returning April 29-30
  • Chuck Krull Article Featured in Antique Trader Magazine
  • Upcoming Morphy Auction
  • An Excellent (Almost Free) Reference Book for AAAA Members
  • Membership Renewal Reminder
  • Brimfield Show Guide Available
  • Spring is in the Air
  • In Memoriam: Larry Manos
  • Wanted Items
2022 AAAA Convention Update: Register Today!
Wow! Convention registrations at this point in time are soaring past previous years' records, due to pent-up demand and the world-class line-up of speakers! Rooms at our hotel may be entirely sold out so we are issuing this caution: PLEASE don't delay in completing your registration. If you'd like to attend, do it today to avoid disappointment!

There are some great antique and collectible advertising shows around but there is only ONE vintage advertising Convention. What makes the 2022 AAAA Convention special?

Acquiring New Knowledge Three quality presentations will take place, conducted by the following outstanding authorities:

Terry Kovel
Allan Petretti
John DeVolder

No other vintage advertising event anywhere in the US offers rare opportunities such as these to learn.

Multiple Buying and Selling Platforms Buying and selling takes place in the Silent Auction, several room hopping (room sales) segments each day, and through informal contacts and discussions with other attendees. You may find that elusive item you've been searching for from one of the dozens of sellers that will be there.

Infusion of Cash AAAA is conducting a special, one-time program of gifting $100 in "Buyers Bucks" to each loyal AAAA member in attendance. The infusion of this much extra cash might make the AAAA Convention look like a frenetic Middle East bazaar! We already have a record number of sellers and the event is still a long way off. The AAAA Board of Directors authorized this gift as an expression of appreciation to those who have remained loyal to AAAA during the two-year hiatus in our Conventions. To be eligible for the Buyers Bucks, which can be used just like cash in Room Hopping and the Silent Auction, the registrant must have been a paid-up member of AAAA prior to November 15, 2021. Partners and spouses of members in attendance without their own memberships, are not eligible to receive this gift.

The Convention Involves Much More than Just Buying and Selling Fun events such as delicious banquet meals, raffles and games with great prizes, a hilarious Yankee Gift Exchange, a tour of Leo Fry's world-class collection of vertical pocket tobacco tins and tobacco soft packs, and lots of time for informal chatting and camaraderie makes the Convention a social experience--not just an exchange of money and goods. With ordinary vintage advertising shows, you might come away with some new acquisitions, but with the AAAA Convention, you will return home with precious memories.

The 2022 AAAA Convention will take place at the popular Embassy Suites in Dublin (Columbus), Ohio from Wednesday evening, July 13 to Saturday morning, July 16. The Registration fee is $125 per person which covers all Convention activities, two banquet dinners, one lunch and, with hotel lodging, three hot made-to-order breakfasts. Click here for the daily schedule. The heavily discounted room rate is $134.00 per night plus 17.5% in taxes. Rooms will be available at the same rate between July 10-19. Free parking and wi-fi are included. Draped tables for your room cost $10 each (maximum of two). A reception hosted by the hotel is offered each evening with free snacks and your choice of beverages, including soft drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails. Please don't make reservations directly with the hotel--we will take care of that for you.

If you have not already registered, please click the link below to register online. It will take just a few minutes. Please avoid disappointment by doing it NOW.
If you would prefer a paper registration form, click the link below, complete it, and mail it to us ASAP with payment. However, we encourage you to register on-line because it is immediate, more secure, and accurate. It is also less burdensome for AAAA personnel.
Questions? Contact Paul Lefkovitz, Convention Coordinator, at or 317-594-0658. We are looking forward to seeing you at this very special installment of our Annual Convention!
The I. B. Krinsky Company – The Story of an Immigrant Family Finding Success in the US
By Dheeraj Khiytani
I have tried to focus my research on small, family-run cigarette manufacturers in order to try and keep their memory alive. This article is no exception. My love with the Krinsky family started when I was recently offered a lovely ‘Jacob Gordin’ branded empty cigarette box made by the I B Krinsky Company and I jumped at the chance to own it. As with my other unique boxes, I was intrigued to find out more about who this manufacturer was. Through my research I have uncovered much about the founder of the company, acquired a few more of boxes and also made a friend along the way.
Isaak Benjamin Krinsky was born circa 1862 possibly in Lodz (present day Poland), where he learnt his trade of cigarette making. He had one brother Jacob and married his first wife Ceite with whom he had ten children. His two eldest Nathan and Fanny were born around 1885-1886. His third child Morris was later born in New York in 1888 along with 7 other siblings.

In 1886 Isaak left for the US in search of a better life for his family, leaving his wife and two eldest children behind. Passenger manifests show Isaak as a merchant living in Lodz, and as having left Europe from Hamburg on the S.S. Lincoln on 14th May 1886 arriving in Grimsby, England and then boarding the S.S. Nevada from Liverpool to sail to New York arriving on 1st June of the same year. Ceite followed a year later with their children and possibly her parents. The family settled in New York City for several years before moving to Brooklyn where his new cigarette factory was built. Isaak and his family completed their naturalization in 1891 in New York City where he listed himself as a cigar maker.

Fast forwarding to 1893, the Trow Directory listed Isaak as a cigar manufacturer living at 179 E. Broadway. By 1894 Isaak was living and working on Allen Street, just a short distance from his brother-in-law, Barnet Zeitlin who owned a tobacco store at 93 Allen Street. By 1895 Isaak and his family had moved again.

I can’t find a definitive date for the organization of the I.B. Krinsky Co. but an article in the New York Times dated 11th November 1900 mentions a strike at Krinsky & Co’s cigarette factory on 45 Bowery by members of a union who were prohibited from making round cigarettes and were therefore not allowed to join the union of another group of workers making flat cigarettes. The strike was settled by combining the workforce of both unions into one newly formed union. Krinsky and Co stayed at this same business address until 1907 when they moved to 227 Bowery.

The Krinsky business must have thrived during this time – I can find advertisements from 1911 of his 15c brand ‘Egyptian Lotus’ and 10c brands ‘Fifth Avenue’ and ‘Egyptian Heroes’ amongst others from his 227 Bowery office and factory. In May 1911 a new factory in Brooklyn, N.Y. was built from scratch with the intention to replace the 227 Bowery premises (image below). This new factory promised to be ‘architecturally very attractive and equipped with every modern facility for the successful handling of a large amount of business’. Building was completed by September of the same year and the business moved to 207 North Fourth Street, Brooklyn. The factory was entirely newly built, occupying three floors (30 x 100 ft). This new factory was run by his General Manager, Joseph Levin and assisted by Isaak’s son Morris. 
Having completed this massive undertaking Isaak sought to reinvigorate his health and immediately took a 60 day holiday to Europe with his eldest daughter Fannie, sailing from Hoboken on the steamship ‘George Washington’. Isaak was returning to the US two months later with seemingly much improved health but contracted a cold aboard ship on his return. Sadly, he passed away a few days after his return to the U.S. On 15 November 1911, Isaak died of “acute dilatation of the heart and congestion of the lungs.” His own first wife had died a few years before, shortly after giving birth to their tenth child. Although Isaak remarried, he continued to care for his first wife’s father, who lived in Isaak’s home until 1910, dying at the age of 106. The newspaper article announcing Isaak’s death summarised the man in one very poignant paragraph:

‘An untiring and capable worker, a sagacious business man and a good judge of Turkish tobacco, he developed a small shop with which he started into the magnificent four-story plan which is today one of the most active manufacturers in the country. In the untiring struggle for business supremacy he never spared himself, physically or mentally, and became the victim of a shattered nervous system which brought on his last illness and death.’

A picture emerges of a caring, focused and hard-working man who was willing to leave his wife and two young children behind in Russia to build a better life for his family. He created a formidable and successful cigarette business but unfortunately died before his time leaving a widow, five sons and four daughters behind. Isaak was buried a few days later in Washington Cemetary, Brooklyn. Whether by coincidence or design, the Yiddish playright Jacob Gordin was also buried in the same cemetary a year before and whom Krinsky’s brand ‘Jacob Gordin’ was named after. Shortly after the death of Isaak, the company was renamed ‘I.B. Krinsky Estate Manufacturers’ and this name started appearing on brands such as ‘Fifth Avenue’ by 1912.

Bad luck continued to plague the business when on Christmas Day 1911, a fire took place on the roof of the Krinsky factory where over 100 workers had to be evacuated while they were working. Luckily for the company the fire was contained to rubbish on the roof. However this did not stop Isaak’s son Morris, who had by then become President of the company. Reports of the business working overtime to cater for the huge demand of their cigarettes included requests from discerning patrons who wished to have their names individually monogrammed onto their boxes. The introduction of their 10c ‘Turkish Student’ around April 1912 and their attractive 15c red and gold embossed ‘Cosmos’ brand in June 1912 added to their success. Krinsky’s brands were by then entirely Union made and the Company’s reach extended to Chicago and the Western United States. By the last quarter of 1914 just as WW1 started the company announced a forthcoming nickel brand called ‘Concord’ which reached the market by January 1915. A feature of the branding of ‘Concord’ was the attachment of celluloid buttons to each pack with each button containing a symbol of one of the nations at war with Europe. Box covers saved from these packs could be swapped for ‘valuable’ presents.

With the ‘Concord’ brand, the Krinsky factory also introduced new ‘automobile delivery trucks’ for their shipping departments (image below). Given that the first mass produced motorcar, the Ford Motor T was only introduced two years before in 1913 these delivery trucks must have signified a real leap in technological advancement requiring a substantial investment from the business.
The First Great War did not help the business and in 1916 the firm were compelled to send Morris to Europe in order to obtain much needed raw materials such as tobacco and rolling papers as costs sky rocketed. During the next year they also sought to consolidate their business by purchasing brands from the Ph. Kassal and Federal Cigarette and Tobacco Company using their Union label, as well as the Prudential Tobacco Company. Unfortunately in March 1921 just two and a half years after the end of the War, Morris filed for voluntary bankrupcy with liabilities of approximately $73,200.

Shortly following the closure of I.B Krinsky Estate Manufacturing Co. one of Isaak’s other sons, Adolph started another firm called Claridge Cigarette Company on 135 Grand Street, New York in May, 1922 with the leading brand for that firm under the same name ‘Claridge’. As for Isaak’s other brands, ‘Fifth Avenue’ cigarettes were later manufactured and sold by the Christian Peper Tobacco Company by 1935.

I am especially delighted to thank my friend Ilene Murray (great-granddaughter of Isaak’s brother-in-law Barnet Zeitlin, mentioned in this article) whom I managed to track down through the course of my research for this article. Ilene provided much needed historical information on the Krinsky family through her own research and editing my work as the article took shape.

A gallery of I.B. Krinsky tobacco products appears below.
Indoor Antique Advertising Show a Success
The impressive growth of the Indoor Advertising Show continued to be in evidence with its Spring, 2022 installment. The show completely filled the Champion's Pavilion of the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana. Antique and vintage advertising from diverse genres were represented at all price points, although signs were in particular abundance. The quality of the items for sale was reported by attendees to be uniformly high. Dealers seemed very satisfied with their sales and buyers, many carrying their purchases, reported that they had fun at the one-day show. The Indoor Antique Advertising Show will return to the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the Spring of 2023.

Show promoter Damon Granger was asked about the factors that might have contributed to his show's ongoing success. He replied "I believe we have provided a bridge between the online generation of collectors and the more traditional collectors."

A table was generously donated to AAAA to help promote the club. Many attendees picked up literature and back issues of PastTimes. Also, a raffle was conducted and, among other prizes, ten lucky show attendees were awarded a one-year membership in AAAA, complements of the Indoor Antique Advertising Show. AAAA expresses its appreciation to the owners of the Show for their generous support of the club.

Damon and his wife, Angela and son, Zack, offered the following additional comments about this event:

The 2022 spring Indoor Antique Advertising Show was a gratifying success. With the help of vendors coming from as far as California, we filled the 66,500 square foot building wall-to-wall. We had close to 200 vendors/collectors from across the country bring items directly from their collections to be sold at the show. We were able to recruit a number of first-time sellers to the tables along side of our old favorites. We have received plenty of comments thanking us for working hard on getting collectors to be vendors. This has brought a range of top quality items back to the market for the current collectors to purchase at a fair deal. The quantity and diversity of high-quality antique advertising for sale at this event was exciting.

I would like to thank all of those that contributed to this show's success. Numerous complements were extended to Angela and I at the show, which we appreciated. Without the collecting community support we wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Thanks for all the support!

We anticipate selling out the 2023 show. If you are interested in being a part of it, please sign up early to ensure a booth. You can contact us at or 248-910-6765.

Thanks again!
Damon Granger, Angela and Zack

A gallery of photos from the show appears below:
Indy Ad Show Returning April 29-30
The Indianapolis Antique Advertising Show, better known as the "Indy Ad Show", will be returning to the Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, IN on April 29 and 30. The promoters have announced a change in the hours of the show. Vendor set-up will take place on Thursday, the 28th and the Show will be open to the public from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Friday, the 29th. The traditional second day of the show has been dropped. Instead, an auction will take place on Saturday, the 30th. The doors will open at 9:00 AM and bidding will commence at 10:00 AM. The promoters expect over 150 unique vendors to be present for this event.

This show is a perennial favorite. A wide range of high-quality vintage advertising can be expected to beckon to you. For more information, contact
Chuck Krull Article Featured in Antique Trader Magazine
"SACKS General Store" by Chuck Krull, an article published in the June, 2020 issue of our own PastTimes Newsletter was reprinted as the featured cover article in the April 1, 2022 issue of Antique Trader Magazine. Antique Trader Editorial Director, Paul Kennedy, was enamored both with the article and the mind-boggling collection it showcased. Now, the lifetime passion of long-time AAAA members Chuck and Sherry Krull is being enjoyed by a broad national audience.

Click here to view the entire article that was beautifully presented in Antique Trader. AAAA members can enjoy a SPECIAL subscription offer to Antique Trader at just $20 per year for 24 print issues. Also receive all 2021 digital issues FREE. Click here
Upcoming Morphy Coin-Op & Advertising Auction
Morphy Auctions will be conducting a Coin-Op & Advertising Auction on May 4, 5, and 6, 2022. This auction includes an outstanding array of advertising items, including: signs of all types, breweriana, ice cream/soda fountain, Coca-Cola, soda pop, syrup dispensers, pocket mirrors, advertising calendars, thermometers, tip trays, serving trays, advertising toys, cigar containers, tobacco, cigar cutters, drug store, coffee tins, household products, store displays, showcases, dye cabinets, counters, vintage telephones, barber shop, movie posters, slot machines, trade stimulators, vending machines, cash registers, arcade games, early phonographs, and more! Web address: For additional information call 877-968-8880.
An Excellent (Almost Free) Reference Book for AAAA Members
By Andy Denes
I have written a couple of recent articles for Checkerboard (Nov. 2020 & May 2021) about matchbook holders, which are a 20th century version of the match safe. I’m a long-time member of the International Match Safe Association (IMSA) and the editor of their newsletter. 
IMSA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1998 by some 30 match safe enthusiasts. The goal of the organization is research and education. We maintain an extensive research lending library, and we have published several books on match safes. Our newsletter comes out three times a year, and we plan to resume our conventions again when it’s feasible. Our website is at
Due to the generosity of the authors, Gene & Christine Sanders, we now have a quantity of their landmark reference Pocket Matchsafes - Reflections of Life & Art, 1840-1920, Schiffer, 1997As a way of encouraging interest in match safes, and possibly attracting some new members for IMSA, we are giving the books away for the price of our shipping/postage expense - $5.50. (U. S. addresses only, please.)  The books are brand new.
Many of you already own some Schiffer Publications and will be familiar with their quality. The Sanders’ book is no exception. Of the almost two thousand match safes shown, probably half would be of interest as advertising or due to the wide range of topics depicted. By the way, none of the illustrations are from my Checkerboard articles (matchbook holders) are in this book (match safes).
To obtain your free copy, please mail your check along with your mailing address to IMSA, P. O. Box 227, Riverdale, NJ 07457. You can also order by email to, and send your payment via Paypal to the credit of that account.

Editor's Note: I possess a copy of this book and am happy to enthusiastically recommend it to you. This 186 page volume is encyclopedic in scope, well-organized, and clearly written. It is lavishly illustrated with full-color and detailed matchsafe photos, printed on high quality, glossy paper. The graphics and design elements displayed on many examples are simply awesome! The little gems represent a staggering range in subject matter, conveniently organized into separate groupings. Innumerable advertising themes such as liquor stores, taverns, cafes, hotels, clothing, hardware, food, beverages, agricultural, and many, many more are included. In addition to advertising themes, a host of other categories is represented, including politics, women, naughty themes, gambling, horses, dogs and cats, breweriana, militaria, fraternal organizations, special events, unions, and so much more. And come on! At the generous offer of $5.50, including shipping, this is a no-brainer!
Membership News
We are pleased to announce that AAAA currently has approximately 350 active members. That is the largest number we have had at any point in the past nine years! In an era when most other collector clubs are experiencing steadily declining membership, we are fortunate to enjoy such strong ongoing membership support.

In order to maintain these gains and even build upon them, it is necessary to attend to renewals. Amy Vehling, Membership Coordinator, requests that you renew your membership as soon as possible if you have received a renewal notice (a pink renewal form with the PastTimes and/or a post card). Some members are falling a bit behind on that important task. You can send a check with your renewal notice or you can make it easier by completing your renewal on line by clicking here.

If you have questions about your membership status, please contact Amy at or 317-439-1947.
Brimfield Show Guide Available
AAAA has placed an ad in the Brimfield Show Guide (May 10-15, 2022), published by the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles. Therefore we received some extra copies to hand out to our members. It is a handy 32 page publication that features a listing of the 21 component shows, their schedules, a map of the show fields, information about places to stay and dine, and a variety of informative ads.

Copies of this guide are being made available without cost to AAAA members in good standing. This represents another benefit of your AAAA membership! If you'd like a copy to be mailed to you via USPS first class mail, click here and provide your name and complete mailing address. The supply is limited so please act quickly.

The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles is a high-quality publication that provides in-depth treatment of a variety of topics in the world of antiquity. The publication is a collaborative partner with AAAA and will be serving again this year as a Convention Sponsor. An annual subscription costs only $35, which includes monthly digital issues, bi-monthly large format print issues, and special supplements, such as the Brimfield Show Guide. To subscribe, call 888-698-0734 or contact It is a worthwhile investment.
Spring is in the Air
Spring has arrived, and with it, the anticipation of longer days, sunny skies, kinder temperatures, and the call of the wild--well, at least getting outside!

A new season of treasure hunting is upon us. Hopefully, our hobby can be resumed with gusto this Spring with fewer concerns about safety. Outdoor antique shows should especially be bustling. There are numerous events scheduled around the country and hopefully you will have the opportunity to enjoy many of them.

This is also the time to take full advantage of your brand-new 2022 AAAA Membership Directory! This publication may be your greatest Membership benefit since you can use it every day of the year to plan out visits to great collections of all types, reach out to other members of the club for information, buy and sell vintage advertising, and enjoy that special bond of fellowship with other AAAA members.

So let's bid a collective adieu to winter and all join in on a new season of adventure!
In Memoriam: Larry Manos
Larry Manos died tragically last month in an automobile accident. A resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, Larry was one of the pioneers in the world of antique advertising. In 1984, he founded Buffalo Bay Auctions, specializing in vintage advertising. A successful venture, Buffalo Bay helped to popularize the genre. Larry was returning to Oklahoma from Indianapolis, Indiana, where he had just attended the Indoor Antique Advertising Show. He leaves a wife in his home town of Edmond. He will be missed by many.
Wanted Items
In this column are those sought-after items of desire that seem to be elusive. If you know where any of these items can be acquired or if you have one available, please click the link to reply directly to the seeker. To place a listing in this column, click here. There is no fee for AAAA members. Up to three listings per member are permitted.

Coca-Cola 24" button porcelain sign with bottle in center. Want several in as close to mint condition as possible. Call 336-970-9867.

Books on Oil & Gas Collectibles. Also looking for books on signs. Call 336-970-9867.

Pedal car related items. To reply, click here.

Matchbook holders. To know what these are, see my articles in Checkerboard for Nov. 2020 and May 2021. I will consider all items, in any material from plastic to gold, and not necessarily with advertising. Email Andy at

Cigarette Packs. Advanced collector looking to purchase vintage packs. Please contact Dheeraj by email: DHEERAJ.KHIYTANI@GMAIL.COM

Donald Duck Goyer Coffee Cans; One Pound Can & 3 oz Sample Size in Good Condition With Lids. Please Send Email With Photos & Prices to

Morimura Brothers (Japanese import company operating in NYC from 1880-1941) advertising items wanted: trade cards, pamphlets, catalog pages, salesman sample pages, porcelain items with advertising. To reply email at
DeLaval Items and Farm Advertising Signs. Always looking for top quality and unique items. Contact Gregg Hillyer at

Antique Advertising pertaining to Country Store or Drug Store Products or Places. Especially those showing Women or Girls with the product or location shown. I would consider any  Antique Advertising (paper, cardboard & metal Signs). Quality a plus! Dale Peterson at

Wanted top condition: Hard A Port small top tobacco tin; Convention Hall 1 lb coffee tin (green or yellow); Army Navy coffee slip lid canister; Big Horn 1 lb coffee tin; Continental Cubes medium size kidney shape tobacco tin.
To reply, click here.

Unusual one pound peanut butter tins. Tin litho or paper label. To reply, click here.
Marshmallow Tins. Smaller than 5 Pound Size. To reply, click here.
American Cookie, Biscuit and Cracker Tins and Boxes. To reply, click here

Banjo related advertising wanted Pre-1940s. Long time collector buying banjo company signage, catalogs, billheads, periodicals, minstrel banjo items such as posters, broadsides, sheet music ( pre-1870s ) with illustrated banjo covers, early photographs showing banjo players (pre-1915). My main collecting interest is in 19th century material. To reply, click here.

Antique American Medicine Bottles by M. Knapp... soft cover book with price guide. Printed in 2012. or 781-248-8620 also, see my other want ad for Clarke’s ephemera and bottles.

Looking for 3 Vintage Tins. American Eagle "Oriental Mixture" tobacco (dimensions approx. 6.5" long, 2 3/4" wide, 1.5" tall); 1 Gal. Indian Head Hydraulic Brake Fluid; and Packham´s Caramel Toffee. Any offer is welcome and any condition considered. To reply, click here.

Morton Salt, older items, and also Pacific Coast Borax, especially a crate or box. email or call Peggy Dailey 612-522-9211

Comic Book-Related Advertising Items: Must be from before 1980. To reply, click here.

Clarke’s Vegetable Sherry Wine Bitters, Sharon, MA & Rockland, ME: All sizes, variants, smooth/pontil base. Especially need labeled Clarke’s any size! Also, any Clarke’s ephemera…trade cards, almanacs, newspaper ads, etc. Charlie Martin Jr., 781-248-8620. Email:

George Petty: Advanced collector looking for unique or rare items. Photo’s, store displays and non paper items. NO Esquire pages. Pete Perrault. To reply, click here or call (502) 290-7661.

Ice Cream Advertising: Mr. Ice Cream desires better graphic ice cream advertising including: postcards (Advertising and RPPC), trade cards, letterheads, billheads, booklets, poster stamps, blotters, magic lantern slides, pinbacks, watchfobs, and pocket mirrors. Allan Mellis, 1115 West Montana St. Chicago, Illinois 60614-2220. To reply, click here.

Stock food, poultry food, veterinary advertising wanted. Posters, medicine packages, give-aways. Email or call (256) 520-5211.

Singer Sewhandy Model 20-Green-regular paint, not hammertone. To reply, click here.

National Biscuit Company, Nabisco, Uneeda Biscuit, Uneeda Bakers, Muth Bakery, NBC Bread toys, signage, tins, containers, displays, historical items. Please Email or call (937) 205-2232.

Early Cigarette Rolling Papers: Pre-1940’s - American, Zig Zag, Braunstein Freres, Bambino, and Ottoman papers wanted. To reply, click here.

Antique/Collectible Banking and Financial System "Give-a way" and advertising items. Specifically from Pennsylvania. Alarm devices and such. To reply, click here.

VITAMINS advertising, displays, signs, bottles, and anything related: Hadacol is an example. Most would come from the 1930’s thru the 1970’s. Also anything related to cod-liver oil and WEIGHT-LOSS, REDUCING, ANTI-FAT, and OBESITY ITEMS. To reply, click here.
Early tin signs lithographed by Tuchfarber, Wells and Hope, Worcester Sign Company, Sentenne and Green, etc. I can pay more for good condition, but would be interested in any condition. Don Lurito also in the directory. To reply, click here.
Dwinell-Wright Co. Royal Ground Spice Cardboard Spice Boxes. One side displays horizontally. Approximately 3.75" by 2.25". Any type of spice is OK. To reply, click here.
ENSIGN Perfect and ENSIGN Perfection vertical pocket tobacco tins to enhance my collection. Feel free to contact me at 614-888-4619 or to see if you can help fill the voids.
Edmands Coffee Company, Edmands Tea Company, 1776 Coffee, American Beauty Tea, Japan Tea, Devonshire Tea, (imported by Edmands, Boston/Chicago): Any items such as tins, signs, paper, or anything else related to the Edmands family of companies in Boston is desired. To reply, click here.
The AAAA Checkerboard is a monthly e-newsletter that is made available to all AAAA members at no cost. The mission of the Checkerboard is to increase knowledge about antique and collectible advertising among AAAA members. The Checkerboard also provides news and updates about AAAA. It is produced each month with the exception of the four months per year when the award-winning PastTimes print newsletter is published. Paul Lefkovitz ( serves as the Editor of the AAAA Checkerboard. Copyright 2022, Antique Advertising Association of America