July, 2019
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  • The 2019 AAAA Convention Free Public Day: Friday, July 26
  • AAAA Membership Incentive Plan-Everyone's a Winner!
  • Website Administrator/Webmaster Position Available
  • AAAA PastTimes Feature Articles: 1991 to 2019
  • More From The Collection of Paul Nicholson
  • Shupp's Grove Antique Market Bottle Festival
  • Wanted Items
The 2019 AAAA Convention Free Public Day: Friday, July 26
It is now too late to register to attend the 2019 AAAA Convention. However, if you live in the general vicinity of Reading, PA and have not registered, you should plan on attending the free Public Day events on Friday, July 26. The AAAA Convention is open to the public from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM that day only. Check-in for the Silent Auction will commence at 1:00 PM and the Silent Auction itself will run from 1:30 PM to about 3:30 PM. Immediately thereafter, approximately 50 rooms will open up for room hopping (room sales) until 6:00 PM and again from 7:15 PM until 10:00 PM (or later).

Also, the Ice Screamers, our collaborating club, will be hosting a big Show & Exhibit in our hotel from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM that same day. Admission costs just $3.00 and that includes a serving of ice cream. Therefore, you could attend their show in the morning and our events the remainder of the day, making for a full day of vintage fun and excitement!

The Convention will be taking place at the Crown Plaza Hotel-Reading, 1741 Papermill Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610. Follow the signage in the main lobby.

We have broken recent attendance records (since 2010) with our Convention registrations this year! Add to that our Ice Screamers and Graniteware collaborators and the number of participants in our event may reach or exceed 300!

Thanks to those of you who registered to attend the convention or plan to attend the Public Day! AAAA remains very strong largely because of your commitment and support!
AAAA Membership Incentive Plan-Everyone's a Winner!
T he AAAA Board of Directors has announced a new membership incentive program to recruit NEW members into the association. With this program, every participating AAAA member will be a winner! If you recruit even one NEW member, you will receive a prize. The incentives awarded are as follows:

  • One New Member: ½ year of AAAA membership ($20 Value)
  • Two New Members: Full year of AAAA membership ($40 Value)
  • Three or More New Members: Full year of AAAA membership PLUS $20 in “buyers bucks” for the third new member and each additional new member. Buyers Bucks can be used like cash in the rooms at the AAAA Convention (Two year expiration)

Our revised membership applications include a space for the name of the person that recruited the new member. To download a copy of the new membership application, click here .

Only NEW members will count—not a membership that lapsed within the past year. Amy Vehling, Membership Chair, will track the recruitments and awards. The program runs from July to July and all winners will be announced at the annual Convention.

So go for it and good luck to all! Let’s really promote AAAA!
AAAA Website Administrator/Webmaster Position Available
Do you have solid experience in setting up and managing one or more web sites? Do you love antique advertising? If you can answer "yes" to both questions, then we want you to apply for the position of AAAA WebSite Administrator!

Like other AAAA Board positions, this is an unpaid role but it will provide the successful applicant with abundant returns. The Webmaster will be responsible for reviewing the existing web site and making creative enhancements. We will welcome innovative new ideas in functionality, design, and content. We would also like to see more frequent additions to web site articles and information. The internet is a vital platform and we want our web site to be as useful as possible for our own members, potential new members, and web surfers.

Please click here to ask questions about this role or to let us know of your interest and qualifications for this position.
PastTimes Feature Articles: 1991 to 2019

Compiled by Jerry Spillman

Editor's Note: This is a compilation of the feature articles in PastTimes, our quarterly print newsletter, from the very first issue on. Long-time AAAA member, Jerry Spillman undertook the arduous task of compiling it. Our sincere thanks go to Jerry for his initiative and diligence in creating this helpful reference tool.

If you want to print and set aside this valuable resource, click here to download a PDF version of the listing.

It should be noted that the listing below reveals a few irregularities in the numbering system. Issue numbers reported here reflect those printed on the issues.
Volume 1
1.       Patriotism
2.       Candy
3.       1991 Convention, Allentown, PA
4.       Soldier’s in Advertising
5.       Pocket Tins
6.       Advertising Toys
7.       Munsingwear Underwear
8.       Games, Cards, Gambling Ads
Volume 3
1.       1993 Convention, Reading, PA
2.       Root Beer
3.       Holiday
4.       Advertising Postcards
5.       Loins & Tigers & Bears
6.       1 lb. Coffee
7.       Flats, Flips & Foot Faults
8.       Drums
Volume 5
1.       1995 Convention, Manchester, NH
2.       Lawnmowers & Cigarette Papers
3.       Guns & Gunpowder
4.       Railroadiana
5.       Fire Extinguishers
6.       Square Tobacco Boxes
7.       Catch All Coffee Clips
8.       Tobacco Tabs
Volume 7
1.       1997 Convention, Parsippany, NJ
2.       Agriculture Trade Cards
3.       World’s Greatest Tins #2
4.       Black Advertising #1
5.       Black Advertising #2
6.       Horizontal & Flat Pockets
7.       Calendar Plates/Cigarette Papers
8.       Glass Advertising
Volume 9
1.       1999 Convention, Charlotte, NC
2.       Up-Up in the Air
3.       Pop Corn
4 & 5. Double Issue - Cigarette Packets
6.    Chicago Cubs
7 & 8. Double Issue - Spice Tins
Volume 11
1.       2001 Convention, Cleveland, OH
2.       Tobacco Fan Hangers
3.       Jigsaw Puzzles
4.       Hair Nets
5.       2002 Convention, Reading, PA
6. Dutch Cigar Tins
Volume 13
1.       Figural Paperweights
2.       Marshmallows
3.       Lead, Pencils, Points
4.       Tobacco Soft Packs
5.       2005 Convention, Chicago, IL
6.       Flour
Volume 15
1.       2007 Convention, Louisville, KY
2.       Vintage Art Forms
3.       Medicine Cabinet
4.       2008 Convention, York, PA
Volume 17
1.       Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers
2.       Lithography in Advertising
3.       American Lithograph Cos.
4.        2010 Convention, Reading, PA 

Volume 19
1.       Not Issued
2.       Country Store
3.       Christmas in July
4.       2013 Convention, Reading, PA

Volume 21
1.       Country Store Museum
2.       Walgreens Drug Stores
3.       2015 Convention, Reading, PA
4.       Pocket Mirrors
Volume 23
1.       Vintage Magic Posters
2.       Beverly Tobacco Collection
3.       2017 Convention, Reading, PA
4.       Spanning the Centuries
Volume 25
1.       Ray’s General Store: The Move
2. Collectors Welcome History
Volume 2
1.       1992 Convention, Chicago, IL
2.       Political / Elections
3.       Holiday
4.       Beer Advertising
5.       Oil and Gasoline
6.       Wheels and Toys
7.       New Finds & Correspondence
8.       47 Hands & 17 Feet
Volume 4
1.       1994 Convention, Indianapolis, IN
2.       Blotters
3.       Indians Part 1
4.       Indians Part 2
5.       Names from A to Z
6.       Talcum
7.       Signs of their Times
8.       School Days
Volume 6
1.       1996 Co nvention, Indianapolis, IN
2.       Celluloids
3.       Kis-Me-Gum
4.       Military Revisited
5.       Advertising Envelopes
6.       Peanut Butter Pails
7.       Ronald McDonalds
8.       World Greatest Tins
Volume 8
1.       1998 Convention, Chicago, IL
2.       Children’s Advertising
3.       Allen & Ginter Tobacco Albums
4.       Tobacco & Other Albums
5.       Fossil – The American Classic
6.       Flat Fifties and More
7 & 8 Double Issue - Schepp’s Coconut
Volume 10
1.       2000 Convention, Waterbury, CT
2.       Loose Wiles Crackers & Candy
3.       Tobacco Advertising
4.       B. Heller & Co.
5.       Walgreens Co.
6.       Paint Specialties
Volume 12
1.       Ice Cream
2.       2003 Convention, Indianapolis, IN
3.       Mairzie dOats
4.       Potpourri’
5.       Reid, Murdoch & Co.
6.       2004 Convention, Reading, PA
Volume 14
1.       Wrigley Gum
2.       Cut Plug Bags & Packs
3.       2006 Convention, Reading, PA
4.       Moxie & Face Powder
5.       Tobacco, Snuff, Jars, etc.
6.       Syrup Dispensers
Volume 16
1.       Christmas & Santa Claus
2.       Hunting and Outdoors
3.       Fishing, Outboards, Hunting
4.       2009 Convention, Louisville, KY
Volume 18
1.       Christmas Advertising
2.       AAAA at the Indy Ad Show-2011
3.       Point of Purchase, Premiums & Paperweights
3. 2012 Convention, Knoxville, TN
4. Krulls’ Country Store
Volume 20
1.       Antique Pharmacy
2.       Lefkovitz Country Store
3.       Miss Daisey’s General Store
Fall: 2014 Convention, Columbus, Ohio
4.Christmas in Advertising
Volume 22
2         Tobacco Advertising
3         Quack Medicine Tins
4         2016 Convention, Dublin, OH
5         Jim Gilbertson Collection
Volume 24
1.       Soda Pop
2.       Eli Lilly Apothecary Collection
3.       2018 Convention, Lombard, IL
4.       Van Buren Village 
More from the Collection of Paul Nicholson
The expansive and high-quality collection of Paul Nicholson was featured in a May, 2013 Checkerboard article entitled, "Antiquing Across America Again". In that article, we barely scratched the surface of his acquisitions. We will now rectify that somewhat by treating you to some additional images of his impressive collection in the gallery below. (Zoom in for greater detail.)

Paul is currently thinking about downsizing his collection. Interested parties can email him by clicking here.
Shupp's Grove Antique Market Bottle Festival
Many AAAA Convention attendee's will delight in hunting through the rows and rows of outside dealers at Shupp's Grove Antique Market after the AAAA Convention closes on July 27. Shupp's Grove, which is an AAAA Convention Sponsor, is located just minutes from our convention hotel, along with the other 20+ malls around Adamstown. However, if you are a vintage bottle enthusiast, you need to be aware that Shupp's Grove will be sponsoring its special annual Bottle Festival on July 20-21, just prior to our convention. If you are a bottle lover, it may be worth coming out a few days early to be able to take in this once-a -year event.
Wanted Items

In this column are those sought-after items of desire that seem to be elusive. If you know where any of these items can be acquired or if you have one available, please click the link to reply directly to the seeker. To place a listing in this column, click here . There is no fee for AAAA members. Up to three listings per member are permitted.

George Petty: Advanced collector looking for unique or rare items. Photo’s, store displays and non paper items. NO Esquire pages. Pete Perrault. To reply, click here or call (502) 290-7661.

Ice Cream Advertising: Mr. Ice Cream desires better graphic ice cream advertising including: postcards (Advertising and RPPC), trade cards, letterheads, billheads, booklets, poster stamps, blotters, magic lantern slides, pinbacks, watchfobs, and pocket mirrors. Allan Mellis, 1115 West Montana St. Chicago, Illinois 60614-2220. To reply, click here.

Wanted Top Condition: “Totem” (25 count) square upright cigar tin, Continental Cubes tobacco tin (medium size kidney shaped slide lid) 6” tall, Continental Cubes tobacco tin (larger flip lid pocket tin) 5” tall, Convention Hall Coffee tin (Kansas City tin) one pound GREEN and/or YELLOW version, Bob White tobacco tin small box (Ginna) size 3” by 4” by 2.5”. To reply, click here.

Stock food, poultry food, veterinary advertising wanted.  Posters, medicine packages, give-aways. Email or call (256) 520-5211.

White Plastic 7" Tall "Pole Sign" Thermometers advertising local/regional gasoline/oil/service station brands such as: SPEEDWAY 79; SUPER 98; TOPCO; ROCKET; HANCOCK; BELL; OKLAHOMA. NOT the major national brands like Texaco. Peter Capell. To reply, click here.

Singer Sewhandy Model 20-Green-regular paint, not hammertone. To reply, click here.

National Biscuit Company, Nabisco, Uneeda Biscuit, Uneeda Bakers, Muth Bakery, NBC Bread toys, signage, tins, containers, displays, historical items. Please Email or call (937) 205-2232.

Early Cigarette Rolling Papers: Pre-1940’s - American, Zig Zag, Braunstein Freres, Bambino, and Ottoman papers wanted. To reply, click here.

Antique/Collectible Banking and Financial System "Give-a way" and advertising items. Specifically from Pennsylvania. Alarm devices and such. To reply, click here .

Unusual one pound peanut butter tins . Tin litho or paper label. To reply, click here .

Marshmallow Tins, Smaller than 5 Pound Size. To reply, click here .

American Cookie, Biscuit and Cracker Tins and Boxes . To reply , click here .

Columbian Stove sign made by the Keeley Stove Co. in Columbia PA To reply, click here or call 717-572-3108.
VITAMINS advertising, displays, signs, bottles, and anything related: Hadacol is an example. Most would come from the 1930’s thru the 1970’s. Also anything related to cod-liver oil and WEIGHT-LOSS, REDUCING, ANTI-FAT, and OBESITY ITEMS. To reply, click here .
Early tin signs lithographed by Tuchfarber, Wells and Hope, Worcester Sign Company, Sentenne and Green, etc. I can pay more for good condition, but would be interested in any condition. Don Lurito also in the directory. To reply, click here .
Dwinell-Wright Co. Royal Ground Spice Cardboard Spice Boxes. One side displays horizontally. Approximately 3.75" by 2.25". Any type of spice is OK. To reply, click here .
ENSIGN Perfect and ENSIGN Perfection vertical pocket tobacco tins to enhance my collection. Feel free to contact me at 614-888-4619 or to see if you can help fill the voids.
Tall 1 lb. Mallard Coffee Can - Shows duck taking off. To reply, click here .
Chewing gum packs, sticks, wrappers, full boxes, lifesavers, candy bar wrappers, displays, and boxes.  Anything candy related. To reply, click here
Pre-1900 advertising items related to: barbed wire, farm fence gates, tools for erecting or mending wire fences, and farm fences. Only primary material please--no ads from newspapers, etc. Larry W. Love. To reply, click here .
Armour Foods Signs, Cardboards, Store Displays, Die-Cuts Wanted. To reply, click here .
Cigar advertising tip trays, pinbacks, or any unusual cigar advertising items. Harry Cohn: To reply, click here .
Edmands Coffee Company, Edmands Tea Company, 1776 Coffee, American Beauty Tea, Japan Tea, Devonshire Tea, (imported by Edmands, Boston/Chicago):  Any items such as tins, signs, paper, or anything else related to the Edmands family of companies in Boston is desired. To reply, click here .
The AAAA Checkerboard is a monthly e-newsletter that is made available to all AAAA members at no cost. The mission of the Checkerboard is to increase knowledge about antique and collectible advertising among AAAA members. The Checkerboard also provides news and updates about AAAA. It is produced each month with the exception of the four months per year when the award-winning PastTimes print newsletter is published. Paul Lefkovitz ( ) serves as the Editor of the AAAA Checkerboard. Copyright, 2019, Antique Advertising Association of America