National Air Balance Company Inc. was recently asked by a local Mechanical Engineer of Record (MEOR) to review their TAB specification for a "Buoyancy Driven Ventilation System", and what was found was concerning. Their specification called for very little testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) to be performed. This issue was discussed with them, with reasons pointed out why a more extensive TAB process was required.

System Operation Overview:
The, "Buoyancy Driven Ventilation System" is designed to induce air across a Chilled Water (CHW) or Heating Water (HHW) coil to maintain room temperature of a space without the use of any mechanical HVAC equipment to move the air. This is done using Outside Air (OSA) dampers that modulate based on wind speed and the CHW/HHW valve position for the associated coils.

Presented by SMB of Minnesota and Questions & Solutions Engineering. This webinar will explain several common TAB processes, present problems often encountered during those processes, and explain how those problems can prevent successful project completion and proper system operation. Finally, the presenters will offer best practices to better integrate the TAB professional into the construction team. March 24, 2:00 pm Eastern. Approved for 1 CEU toward CxA, TBE, EMP recertification requirements.

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Completely revised and expanded with new content, this in-depth manual designed for training test & balance technicians covers all aspects of total system balance, with diagrams, illustrations and review questions. A companion Instructor’s Guide is also included to facilitate the learning process and help gauge progress.

The Standards will assist the design professional in achieving design intent, provide a better understanding of the scope of work required of the TAB agency, and ensure that proper methods and procedures are followed in the test & balance process. This is the first AABC standard to be designated an approved through ANSI.
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In this webinar, presenters discuss the value of distributing analytics at different layers of data networks and the efficiency that can come from it. Learning objectives include edge-to-cloud analytics, real-world applications of distributed architecture, and analytics-driven control at the edge. 

March 2, 2:00 pm Eastern. Approved for 1 AIA LU. Hosted by EMA.
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