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New Jump Heights – what do you need to know?

2018 Rule Book is available and up on the website Click here to view AAC Rule Book . There you will find all equipment specifications, jump heights and cut-off information.

Not sure if your dog needs to be re-measured, or what the procedure is? See Appendix F (last two pages) of the rulebook for a handy flow chart!

If you do not already have a new Dog ID card please apply for a replacement (free) online Click here for New Dog ID Card . ALL dogs are required to have a new card. The card will be e-mailed in the form of a pdf for you to print, or have printed, on the paper of your choice. Do make sure that it is possible for the card to be written on (high-gloss photo paper might not be a good choice) and that the background colour of the paper is not too dark for the print to be legible.

Forgot to request a new card or forgot to bring your new card to the trial? Your dog still has to be measured in order to compete. The judge will measure the dog, and its height
and competition jump height for that trial will be recorded on the Club’s measurement form.

All handlers are required to check in at a trial and show their dog ID card. This is a temporary measure to ensure that all dogs have been measured and are entered in the correct jump height and category. Clubs may offer a pre-checkin option and accept copies of a completed 2018 ID card with the entry form. This will be stated in the club’s premium list.

Jumping your dog up from its measured height? Be aware that a dog that is measured in to the 8” Regular jump height (mini division) can jump up to 12” but will compete as a medium dog with associated Medium SCTs and qualifying points. Similarly, a dog measuring into the 16” Regular height (Medium division) will compete as an Open dog if jumping up to 20”.

Remember that only dogs in the Regular divisions are allowed to jump up a height. Special and Veteran dogs must jump one height lower than their Regular jump height. (Only Veteran and Junior handler dogs may jump 2 heights lower). So, the 17” tall dog that was competing as a 16” Special last year cannot compete as a 16” Special this year. Its choices are 16” Regular, 20” Regular or 12” Special (or Veteran, depending on age)

More information on choosing a jump height can be found here: Click here for Information on Jump Height Transition.