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Video enthusiasts ,

We all watch a lot of videos these days, whether for entertainment or learning. Many also create videos as they progress through their training and competition activity.

AAC is initiating a project that it hopes will gather, tag, and categorize video examples of what happens in the agility world. We ultimately want to edit or analyze the video and use it in curriculum development for competitors and judges.

For competitors, we’d like to see any examples of obstacle performance (good or bad). Or alternatively, you might have a handling sequence that illustrates something you consider important or interesting. You might have examples of safe/unsafe performance of obstacles or course design. Illustrations of handler positioning, dog reactions to specific situations, or something else you just find interesting would be equally appreciated. Because of the size of video files, could you please limit your individual video contributions to sequences or parts of runs etc. so we can process and file the submissions.
If you are a judge and you’ve gathered interesting video illustrating some aspect about judging or you have an idea you’d like to explain in a video, we’d love to see it for potential use in the education of AAC judges. You might get a friend to video you explaining or demonstrating a point that really interests you. Who knows, you might become a reality star!

Any examples that are used for Judge education (i.e. any video that identifies a judge or competitor, regardless of whether positive or negative) would cover up the identities of the judge and the contributor. Similarly, any competitor contributions would be anonymous unless specifically indicated otherwise.

So, take a look through your video library and send in something you feel could be helpful for the project.

Every three months we will choose a contributor to receive a free membership for 2019.

Get those new and old videos (or cameras) dusted off and send in your contribution with the accompanying Video Submission Sheet.

Help the AAC help competitors and judges.
AAC Video Project Committee
Submit Video to: r.perron@telus.net
The AAC Board