AAC Precautions

1. All AAC staff will be screened for COVID-19 before we reopen.

2. We will be following all state and CDC rules on social distancing and sanitization requirements.

3. We will supply sanitizer throughout the building and at the front door before entering.

4. We will provide optional remote consultations (via Zoom).

5. All rooms, including the lobby and restroom, will be sanitized regularly. As always, treatment rooms will be sanitized between every client.  

6. No coffee area or product testers available at this time for safety reasons.

7. We will stagger client arrival and check out times in order to maximize social distancing.

8. Clients will be directed to a room immediately upon entering the building.

9. A limited number of clients will be seen within an hour.

10. There will also be a limited number of staff present each day and some administrative staff member(s) will work remotely.

11. We will allot for additional time in between each office visit to carry out enhanced cleaning protocols.

12. Increased Personal Protective Equipment will be used by all staff members, including masks, eye protection, gloves and face shields.

13. Our estheticians will wear gloves, face masks and face shields throughout facial services. Nurses will wear gloves, face masks and have face shields for face procedures.

14. Front desk staff will be behind closed glass to assist check-in and check-out.

15. We have the Reme-Halo System which is an air purification system that attacks microbes, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more - leaving our office safer, cleaner, and healthier.