April 2022 | Volume 160
Southeastern Spring Nationals Results
THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, judges, staff, property staff, AACA Board and all of our wonderful members who participated in the show in Charlotte, NC!
And a very special THANK YOU to the Hornets Nest Region for hosting a great event!

Click the above link to view the winners list.

Thank you to Jerry Clemmons, Hornets Nest Region Editor, for sharing
a few of his photos from the event. Make sure to read the official recap article
and photos in the July/August issue of Antique Automobile magazine.
Special Winter Nationals & Special Grand Nationals Results
THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, judges, staff, property staff, AACA Board and all of our wonderful members who participated in both of the shows in Puerto Rico!
And a very special THANK YOU to the Puerto Rico Region for hosting 2 great events!

Congratulations to all of our winners!!
Click here to view the winners list from the Special Winter Nationals.
Click here to view the winners list from the Special Grand Nationals.

Thank you to Annie Goldman for sharing a few of her photos from the event. Make sure to read the official recap article and photos in the July/August issue of Antique Automobile magazine.
Important 2022 Hershey Reminders
Show will run Tuesday, October 4 through Friday, October 7
Flea Market set-up will be Monday, October 3
Judging School will be Thursday, October 6, at 2 p.m.
Judges Breakfast will be Friday, October 7, at 7 a.m.
Car show will be Friday, October 7
Drive-By Parade for JoJo’s 11th Birthday
Article and Photographs by Abraham “Abe” Platt, NJ Region AACA, abeplatt1988@gmail.com
On March 27, a mother of three children reached out to the Sunshine Foundation asking for help with the following request… “I’m reaching out to see if it is at all possible to help me with a birthday wish request for our son Josiah (JoJo), our miracle child! JoJo was born with multiple disabilities and as he grows, he faces more challenges and findings in his health complications. The most recent challenge is this massive tumor that took over 75%+ of the bone structure of his face. He almost lost his vision and ability to walk, so the doctors had to remove this tumor. JoJo underwent his first surgery to remove the tumor to allow his face to re-shift back into place in July. Four months later it grew back and this time he required 11.5 hours in the OR. Sadly, JoJo’s tumor has returned again. He’s a very happy child and well known in our area, however JoJo is losing his desire and will to fight this tumor.”

The Sunshine Foundation reached out to Ron Scott, the President of the South Jersey Region AACA, for help as this is that Region’s chosen charity. Ron, as it turns out, is working with NJ Region AACA member Vince DeLisi on the Glidden Tour, so Vince reached out to some members of the NJ Region for assistance. So, I stepped forward and contacted JoJo’s mother Nicolette (Nikki) and proceeded to help set up a parade of fast and antique cars to give JoJo a surprise for his 11th birthday. I obtained her address and found that the Cliffwood Elementary School located at 422 Cliffwood Avenue was within a mile of their residence. This school could easily be accessed from either the GSP or RT-35. As JoJo’s birthday was on Monday, April 11, we chose Sunday, April 10 as the most appropriate date for the parade and decided that an assemble time of 1:00 p.m. and kick-off time for the parade of 2:00 p.m. would also be appropriate. The Aberdeen Township Police Department was contacted and asked to provide traffic control for the parade. They were totally on-board in doing this as one of JoJo’s friend’s fathers is a local police officer.
Twelve members of the NJ Region AACA and the Mid Atlantic Fiero Owner’s Association, their friends and relatives arrived at the meeting location driving seven fast cars and riding a motorcycle. These vehicles were joined by three cruisers from the Aberdeen Township Police Department. The paraders included NJ Region members: Greg Roser with his 1992 Mercedes 500 SL, Brian and Sarah Pritchett in their 1999 Pontiac Formula Firebird, Craig and Yvonne Kunz in their 1988 Pontiac Fiero, and Abe and Ann Platt in their 1988 Mercury Cougar LS Special Edition. Sarah’s Aunt Melissa Fehley arrived on her 2004 Harley Davidson motorcycle, and Abe and Ann’s neighbors Bob and Debbie Soper drove their 1978 Ford Mustang II Shelby Cobra. Two members of the Fiero club, Charley and Noreen Bruns arrived in his 1985 Pontiac Fiero and in her 2022 Chevrolet Corvette rounding out the paraders. At approximately 2:00 p.m., with the Aberdeen PD cruisers blocking traffic, we proceeded to JoJo’s home for the big surprise as his parents did not tell him we were coming. As we approached JoJo’s home, I had Ann take over and drive the Cougar as I went down the street to take pictures of the paraders. In addition to JoJo, his parents, his brother and sister, there were friends, family members, and neighbors present to celebrate. With all of the noise the fast cars and the police cruisers made, lots of neighbors were on their balconies taking pictures of this joyous parade.

We did two drive-arounds and then most of us parked our vehicles so that JoJo could get a closer look at and even sit in the cars or on the motorcycle. JoJo enjoyed sitting in and looking at the interiors of all of the vehicles, but he most enjoyed revving up the engines of the Harley and the Formula Firebird, which had the loudest engine. The joy and smiles on the participants’ faces almost matched the smiles and wild exuberance JoJo expressed. After saying our good-byes to JoJo and his parents, on our drive home Ann and I commented to each other on what a wonderful thing we, as a car community, did this afternoon. I said to Ann this is what it’s all about, spending just a few hours of a day sharing what we enjoy doing with others.

Please visit the NJ Region’s Facebook page for a pictorial essay on this event. Also, check out my photo album for more of my pictures from this event.
2023 AACA Annual Convention Call for Speakers
Have you ever thought about speaking or putting on a seminar at the Annual Convention? Well, now's your chance! If you would like to be a possible speaker, please fill out this form and send it in no later than August 15.

Have an idea for a workshop? What topics would you like to hear a panel of experts discuss? This is YOUR Annual Convention, and we want to know what you want to learn about. Please email Stacy with your seminar ideas and/or speaker suggestions (membership, leadership, chapters/regions, marketing, cars, technical, fun, historical, ladies-focused, etc.).
Read It in Antique Automobile – Research It at the Library
By Matthew Hocker, AACA Librarian, Cataloger & Volunteer Coordinator, mhocker@aaca.org
In 2021, the AACA Library added more than 4,000 owner’s manuals to its ever-growing collection of automotive ephemera. These manuals originated from the former Free Library of Philadelphia’s Automobile Reference Collection. You can read more about this expansive and diverse collection in the May/June 2022 issue of Antique Automobile. The article will delve into the background of the collection and discoveries that were made throughout our journey of cataloging the material. It will be an article you won’t want to miss!
Are you looking for an owner’s manual or any other documentation pertaining to your vehicle? If so, do yourself a favor and reach out to the AACA Library for your research needs. AACA members receive their first two hours of research for free! You can email, call in or mail your research request to us and we’ll do the work for you. For those who live close enough to Hershey or are up for a road trip and are interested in hands-on detective work, we are open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. You do not have to be a member to visit the AACA Library – we are a free public library open to everyone.

For more information on research services, visit our website or give us a call at 717-534-2082. We are ready to assist you with all of your research needs and would love to hear from you!
Interested in doing research
with the AACA Library?
More information is available on our website.
You can also visit the AACA Library or contact
Reference Librarian, Amoi Goldman, agoldman@aaca.org or 717-534-2082.

Visit our Booth at Black Swan Antiquities
Casting Car Lovers & Car Restoration Experts!
My name is Joe Pinzone and I am the casting director at Warm Springs Production. We are producing a car renovation series that is going into its second season called My Dream Car. The premise of the show is that we are looking for people who are in the process of gifting a car to a loved one that has significant meaning to them. We are looking for that car to have a connection with the person getting it, specifically, it used to be their first car or it was a car that someone close to them used to own. Once the car has been identified, we would like a shop to be able to help touch it up (6-8 weeks max) which we can help with some costs while the rest comes from the owners. Stories we’d like to showcase are as followed:
  • Finding the exact car that someone used to own (can be exact by serial numbers or just the same color/model)
  • Restoring an older car that is on the property, but hasn’t been used in years and that the person used to own or had been in the family for years 
  • Finding someone’s dream car that they’ve always wanted to own or that maybe a family member used to own and now they want the same car 
We are also open to other stories that do resemble these. The keys are it being a surprise, dream car with a specific connection, and it being a gift. 
This would be a great opportunity for a car restorer or dealership – who may have these types of clients – to showcase their skills on television and highlight their business.
Interested applicants can also email us at dreamcarcasting@warmsprings.tv.
Join Us for the Grand Nationals in Virginia Beach
Registration has ended, but you can still attend as a spectator!
May 19-21, 2022
Grand Nationals
Virginia Beach, VA
Both the host hotel for the 2022 Grand Nationals—The Founders Inn & Spa—and the primary alternate hotel—the Delta Hotel—are now sold out. We have worked with the Director of Sales for the local Marriott hotels who generously opened 30 more rooms each at the nearby Holiday Inn Express, the Aloft Chesapeake hotel, and the Springhill Suites Chesapeake. (The Holiday Inn Express is next to the Delta Hotel. The Aloft and Springhill Suites are nearby.) Each is offering the same group rate of $124/night plus taxes.  
We recommend you make your reservations as soon as possible. The Grand Nationals show is right at the beginning of tourist season in the Virginia Beach area, and these are great room rates for these dates. 

Here are the links for the three alternate hotels:
Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Chesapeake, VA
Aloft Hotel, Chesapeake, VA
The Tidewater Region looks forward to seeing everyone at the 2022 Grand Nationals May 19-21. We have worked hard on the show, and it is going to be a fun event.
Check the Tidewater Region website for more information. If you have questions, please contact the Chairperson Marion McAlpine at AGN2022CHAIR@gmail.com.
Membership Corner: Finding a New AACA Member
By Paula Lynn Ruby, AACA National VP Membership, paulaspackard@hotmail.com
Offering membership in AACA needs to be our top priority this year. It is the responsibility of every current member to reach out to the car hobby community and offer membership in what we know to be the best car organization since sliced bread.

Each one of us knows plenty of car friends that are currently not members of AACA. Have you ever stopped to think… why aren’t they? Most likely it’s because we are not offering these fellow car people the opportunity to hear and see what we are all about. More importantly, they have probably never actually been asked to join. It doesn’t take that much effort to add to the current conversation you are having with someone about your cars… “Hey, I belong to this great club, AACA. You should join.” In most cases, people don’t join things unless they have been asked to.

We know the product we have to offer is great but somehow, we don’t feel comfortable in letting others know. Now when it comes to people we don’t know or have just met, I realize some people just have a hard time approaching a stranger and starting the conversation. Never fear! AACA National offers you the tools that you need to make this conversation easier. You can request a supply of brochures, membership applications and other marketing items to hand out to prospective new members that explain everything AACA offers including car shows, tours, conventions, our Library Research Center and our award-winning magazine. Don’t forget to explain to them the benefits of joining a local region which would offer even more activities for them and their families.

I would like to encourage all members to carry AACA membership applications in ALL of your vehicles. Just think how many times you have been out in your regular car for dinner or at the gas station and in pulls a beautiful antique vehicle that you know would just look amazing on the show field at an AACA event. You need to be prepared to introduce yourself and offer them an application.

There are so many vehicles out there that would be great to show in the Driver’s Participation Class. These are the vehicles that people just love to drive and enjoy regularly. Driver’s Participation Class is one of the fastest growing classes at all AACA events.

As the summer season approaches, let’s take a minute and find a way to do our part to help grow AACA. We, as the members and stewards of this club, need to figure out how we are going to make this happen. It is up to all of us to reach out and invite a friend or family member to a local show or a National event and show them what we are all about… the cars and the people.

If you do not feel comfortable in talking about the club and offering a membership application, then please refer them to me and I will make that contact for you. Let’s do this together!
Reminder of the Past: Gas Rationing
By Dr. Bruce Mosser, Linden, PA, drbruce2@comcast.net
This is a member submitted story.
With the current gas situation most of us are facing today, I thought this would be a good reminder of the past…

How many of us remember automobiles with A, B, C, etc. on their windshield? I have an "A" on my 1936 Ford Phaeton. My photos are displays of this time period of history. I was not born, but appreciate the sacrifice of our grandfathers/grandmothers, fathers/mothers and families that lived through this time period for our freedom.

On May 15, 1942, the U.S. Office of Price Administration (OPA) rationed gasoline to control the usage of it. Stickers were issued to identify users. Also, a coupon book was issued for each specific car and could not be used for any other car. It should be noted that rationing was a result of Japanese armies cutting off the supply of rubber. The main purpose of the restrictions on gas purchasing was actually to conserve tires.

To receive a classification, sticker and stamps, individuals had to appear in person at an OPA office and swear on his/her "Mother's Grave" that there was a need for gasoline and they did not have more than 5 auto tires. If you were approved, the stamps had to be given up for each gallon of gas. Records of purchases had to be sent into the OPA.

Nationwide this started on December 1, 1942, and ended August 15, 1945. Speed limits were set at 35 mph. (After this ended, researchers noted that tires lasted 4X longer than at 65 mph.)

The following are the stickers and users:
  • "A" Sticker: Most common, general public, 4 gallons/week
  • "B" Sticker: Business owners, workers in military industry, 8 gallons/week
  • "C" Sticker: Professional people – nurses, physicians, dentists, ministers, mail delivery, embalmers, farm workers, soldiers, more than 470 miles per month (You had to check the box on the sticker as to your occupation. These are hard to find because after the war people did not want others to know their occupation.)
  • "E" Sticker: Non-highway users, small
  • "M" Sticker: (Motorcycles had D papers) issued to motorcycles that were essential for the war
  • "R" Sticker: Non-highway users, large
  • "S" Sticker: Commercial trucks, taxi cabs, buses, replaced "T" sticker late 1942
  • "T" Sticker: Truck drivers (This included station wagons, which were later classified with an "A" sticker
  • "X" Sticker: Rich people, politicians, could purchase unlimited amount of gasoline (Many scandals aroused during these ration years – one scandal was that 200 congressmen had these stickers. When the public found out, motorist said the OPA stood for "Only A Puny A-Card.")
Please scroll all the way to the end of Speedster to find the answer.
Trivia Question
“Ask The Man Who Owns One” is one of the most memorable advertising slogans in automotive history. It was, of course, a long-standing Packard tradition. However, it was later used by another automotive brand. What was it? 
1995 Corvette Chasing the Grand National Award
By Ed Nieves, Beverly Hills, FL, ednieves4039@gmail.com
This is a member submitted story.
Recently, I began to campaign my 1995 Corvette convertible through the AACA system. We started with the 2020 Winter Nationals that were held in Miami, FL. There we were awarded our First Junior. Moving up the ladder, we attended the Southeastern Spring Nationals in Charlotte, NC, in April 2021 and received our Senior Award there. Although my ‘95 is new to the AACA process, she is no stranger to being judged.

I've owned this car for approximately 10 years. It was purchased in South Florida with approximately 13,000 miles on the odometer. The car was very well taken care of, and I knew instantly that it had a solid package. After I was able to negotiate a deal, I purchased the car and drove from Fort Lauderdale to Miami with the top down (what a great feeling). After fine tuning a few items, I entered a few local Corvette car shows where she won best in class a few times. My friend Jack Exter introduced me to the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) and in 2012, I subsequently entered the car in the NCRS Florida Regional Meet, which was held in Kissimmee, FL.

The car received a Top Flight Award and since then, it has collected a host of national awards throughout the country including: five NCRS Top Flight Awards, NCRS Performance Verification Award, NCRS Dave Hill Mark of Excellence Award, Corvette and Chevy Expo Tri-Power Award, Best in Class and President's Award, Bloomington Gold Certification Award, Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Triple Diamond Award and a Gold Concours Award, and Best of Show at the 2021 Vettes at One Daytona Corvette show. The car was also nominated for the 2020 AACA National Corvette Award (not selected, but it was an honor just to be nominated). The ‘95 has been featured several times in the Vette Vues Magazine.

This 1995 is extremely original. The only items that are not original is the air in the tires, oil, gas, battery, coolant (you get the idea). Everything else is original to the car from the spare tire to all the documentation that came with the car. The car even has the original air filter from the factory that is primarily used for NCRS judging. The current mileage on the car is 14,500.

We are excited to continue to show the car with the AACA and hope to get to the 2022 Grand Nationals in Virginia Beach. I realize this is not a top money classic car, but I truly appreciate how well this car has been preserved and hopefully, how well it will hold up through the test of time in the years to come. 
We want to hear from you! We are always looking to feature articles from AACA members in Speedster. We'd love to share your personal accounts of tours and shows you have attended, restoration projects, unique vehicle stories and history, and any other stories you think other AACA members would enjoy hearing about.

Stories should average about 500 words or less. And, we love photos, so make sure to include some! Please send your photos and stories to Stacy Zimmerman at szimmerman@aaca.org.
Reliving History with Automotive Memorabilia
By Sharon Spurlin, Publisher, AutoMobilia Resource, AutoMobiliaResource@gmail.com
We all love classic cars and the memories they evoke, but it’s the automobilia that can sometimes really bring context to stepping back in time. Advertising was bright, beautiful and stylish. Gas pumps, oil cans, porcelain and neon signs all had brilliant graphics. Automotive literature had style, pedal cars were metal, hood ornaments were beautiful and even automotive pin-ups had class.
Since 2018, AutoMobilia Resource magazine has been helping their readers relive history with great editorials about automotive memorabilia. We’ve put together an amazing group of industry professionals who write about history, current values and the sheer joy of collecting. Each issue includes numerous feature articles on everything automotive from petroliana to model cars, vintage photography to vintage posters, pedal cars to hood ornaments and so much more. We also include detailed auction reports, industry news and up-to-date automobilia event and auction calendars.
AutoMobilia Resource prints 6 times annually with quality photography and graphics on beautiful high-end paper stock. A print subscription is only $36 per year (6 issues) or $59 for 2 years (12 issues), and includes a free classified ad. Or you can subscribe to our digital flip edition. In fact, as an AACA member and avid reader of the AACA Speedster e-newsletter, we’ve put together a special ‘gift’ link for you to ‘test drive’ our latest edition in digital flip format. We hope you like it as much as we do! Click here to check it out.
You should soon be receiving the May 2022 issue of The Judge newsletter in the mail. If you'd prefer to view a digital copy right now, please click here.

This issue includes registration forms for the following shows:
  • 2022 Eastern Spring Nationals – Beckley, WV
  • 2022 Central Fall Nationals – East Moline, IL
  • 2022 Eastern Fall Nationals – Hershey, PA

Just a reminder that you can also register to judge online on the AACA website.

Not a current judge, but interested in becoming one?
Just attend one of the Judging Schools at any of the Nationals to get started.
Welcome to the City of Beckley!
June 16-18, 2022
Eastern Spring Nationals
Beckley, WV
Registration Deadline: May 16
The WV Whitewater Region would love for you to come to Beckley for the Eastern Spring Nationals. Tourism, technology, and transportation thrive here amid three national parks in the very center of the Eastern United States. Beckley is a great place to work, an ideal place to live and the perfect place to host a national car show. And to show off our little town even more, the show field on Saturday is Downtown Beckley.

Event highlights include:
  • Self-Guided Tours: WV State Parks Hawks Nest, Babcock & Little Beaver; New River National Park; Grandview; Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine
  • Welcome Reception at the Tamarack
  • Membership Roundtable at WVU Tech
  • Judging School at WVU Tech
  • Dinner at Theatre West Virginia
  • Judges Breakfast at WVU Tech
  • CJE at WVU Tech
  • Saturday Car Show
  • Saturday Member Lunch at WVU Tech
  • Awards Banquet at the Tamarack

Host Hotel:
Country Inn & Suites, 2120 Harper Road, Beckley, WV 25801
304-252-5100, ask for the AACA 2022 Spring National Rate
Registration Chairman: Sam Longanacre, selonganacre@hotmail.com, 304-410-3158
Coming Around the Bend
August 11-13, 2022
Central Fall Nationals
East Moline, IL
Registration Deadline: July 20
The Mississippi Valley Region is excited to host this national show in East Moline. The Quad Cities was the site of many implement and car manufacturers in the early teens and twenties. Two of the vehicles produced in those years were the Moline and the Moline Knight, which eventually morphed into the R & V Knight Motor Company. The factory and test track were located in East Moline, IL, near the current site of The Bend XPO/Hyatt Hotel Complex. Part of the test track still exists and will be available for photos throughout the show.

Event highlights include:
  • Design Your Own Tour with help from the Quad Cities Visitors and Convention Bureau
  • Guided Quad Cities Drive
  • Free Ice Cream Sundae Bar
  • Swap Meet and Car Corral
  • Dahl Ford Car Collection Tour
  • AACA Roundtable at the XPO
  • Judging School at the XPO
  • Team Captains School at the XPO
  • Cruise with Dining & Music
  • Judges Breakfast at the XPO
  • Saturday Car Show
  • BBQ and Awards at the XPO
Host Hotel:
Hyatt Place, 111 Bend Blvd, East Moline, IL
309-755-6000, AACA Room Rate $129 plus tax
www.hyatt.com, Group Code G-MRCC
Hotel Reservation Deadline: July 10

Chairman: Mark Lousberg, 309-373-2169, mplousberg@hotmail.com
Registration: Mary Bartemeyer, 563-340-3266, mbartemeyer@yahoo.com
Swap Meet/Car Corral: Alan Ford, 309-235-4462, alanford@mchsi.com
76th Revival AAA Glidden Tour Takes You
on New Jersey’s Revolutionary Roads
September 25-30, 2022
Revival AAA Glidden Tour
Princeton, NJ
Registration OPENS: May 1
Registration CLOSES: June 30
Planned itineraries include:
  • Sunday, Sept. 25: Princeton/Princeton University self-directed tours of the University and surrounding town, followed by a barbeque.
  • Monday, Sept. 26: A lecture at a local college theater entitled, “Ten Crucial Days of the American Revolution,” followed by a tour of Bucks County, PA… covered bridges, barns and stone homes.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 27: Visit Washington Crossing on both sides of the Delaware River, which includes presentations, movies and touring a colonial village.
  • Wednesday, Sept 28: We’ll tour Monmouth Battlefield and nearby sites. A historical interpreter will detail both battles.
  • Thursday, Sept. 29: Roebling Museum’s contribution to major bridges will be explored, followed by lunch aboard the Battleship USS New Jersey.
  • Friday, Sept. 30: Enjoy Princeton Battlefield and Morven Museum, then finish our tour by driving the Millstone, followed by our closing banquet.

Tour Contacts:
Vince DeLisi, Chairman & Registrar, vincentdelisi@comcast.net, 908-803-1570 (cell & text)
Jerry Peck, Tour Master, jerrypecknavy@gmail.com, 609-613-7373 (cell & text)

Reminder: This tour is for cars manufactured prior to 1943 as originally built, only safety modifications permitted.

Registration: Registration begins on May 1, 2022, and ends June 30, 2022, or until filled with a 175-car limit. Hotel details will be included in the confirmation email. Applications will be available on the NJ Region website and the VMCCA website.

History: New Jersey played a central role and critical role during the Revolutionary War. In fact, George Washington and his armies spent over a third of their time here. Nearly 300 engagements occurred in New Jersey, more than the combined total of all clashes within all of the remaining 12 original American Colonies!
Check Out These Upcoming AACA National Activities...
Do You Have an Official AACA Car Sign for Your Car?
This is the only approved AACA car show sign and is intended for use at AACA events. These signs are only available to AACA members and are custom created to tell your vehicle's story and history.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for the production of your sign from start to finish. Signs are 16.5" tall and 12" wide and are made of hard plastic to withstand the elements. The signs cost $45 plus shipping, and an image can be added to your sign for an additional $5.

Contact Jon Curtis at AACA Headquarters if you would like to have a sign made: jcurtis@aaca.org or 717-534-1910.
Is Your 2022 AACA Membership PAST DUE?
Your AACA membership runs on a calendar year
from January 1 through December 31.
If you have already renewed your membership for 2022, thank you!!
If you have not renewed your membership yet, please take a few minutes to do it now.

HERSHEY: Are you thinking about registering a vehicle for the car show,
selling a car in the car corral or getting a flea market space at Hershey?
Now is the time to start requesting registration information to participate in the show. There is one requirement that needs to be met before you can register
for the show though -- your 2022 dues MUST be paid.

OOPS! Did you Forget? In case you did forget, we mailed you a brightly colored postcard as a reminder. Simply fill out the postcard and send it back to the office with a check or credit card information. You can also renew your membership by calling National Headquarters at 717-534-1910 (between 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EDT) with a Visa/MasterCard/Discover.
Do You Know a Military Veteran Who Would Like to be an AACA Member?
The Military Sponsorship Program is available to all of the Military Veterans that have proudly served to protect our homeland and freedoms. With this program, AACA is extending a limited number of complimentary 2022 memberships for first-time AACA applicants. More information on this program and an application can be found on the AACA website under Join/Renew and drop down to Military Discount, or simply click here.

These complimentary 2022 memberships are for first-time AACA applicants and are limited by the funds available for this program. These complimentary applications for membership are intended for individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique car hobby.
Be Social With Us
AACA hosts online forums! AACA hosts a massive online forum area on our website that you can read and/or join in on the conversations on all sorts of topics. People post some really interesting material and pictures on an everyday basis. If you haven't used the forums before, just use the sign-up button in the upper right corner to create your user account. Anyone can join the online forums and it's completely free.
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AACA is on Instagram! @antiqueautomobileclubofamerica 
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Trivia Answer
After Packard production ceased in 1958, the Packard name was removed from what was then Studebaker-Packard in 1962. The “Ask The Man Who Owns One” tagline was immediately…if not, disrespectfully…redeployed that same year to help promote the Studebaker Lark, much to the dismay of Packard purists.
The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is the country's premier resource for the collectible vehicle community. Since its formation in 1935, the Club, through its national office, publications, and membership, aids individuals, museums, libraries, historians and collectors dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of automotive history.