December 2021 | Volume 156
You Are Running Out of Time to Renew Your AACA Membership for 2022
By Karen White, AACA Membership Department,
Your AACA membership runs on a calendar year
from January 1 through December 31.
If you have already renewed your membership for 2022, thank you!!
If you have not renewed your membership yet, please take a few minutes to do it now.
A renewal form was included with your November/December issue of Antique Automobile magazine. Simply fill out the form and send it back to the office with a check or credit card information. You can also renew your membership by calling National Headquarters at 717-534-1910 (between 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST) with a Visa/MasterCard/Discover. Unfortunately, the membership renewal area of the AACA online store is currently experiencing issues.

REMINDER: Your 2022 membership dues MUST be paid before you can receive registration information for any 2022 National Shows or Tours.
Important Notice Regarding Membership Renewals

We have recently received a mountain of membership renewals in the office and are working on processing them as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, we had to send the magazine files and mailing list to the printer this week for the January/February issue of Antique Automobile magazine and those recent renewals were not processed in time. The renewal payments sent by regions on behalf of their members are currently being processed. Never fear though! You will still receive your magazine, but you will also receive another renewal notice with it. If you know that you sent your renewal in to us or that your region sent in your renewal, then please disregard the notice. Thank you in advance for understanding the situation!
Multiple Scholarships Available Through AACA
This year AACA has six different scholarships available. All scholarship applications are DUE NOW and will be awarded at the AACA Annual Convention in February. We especially need applications from those studying in automotive programs. Click on each scholarship below for more information and an application:

  1. John and Janet Ricketts Leadership Scholarship
  2. Susquehannock Region Automotive Technology Scholarship
  3. AACA Young People's Award
  4. AACA Scholarship
  5. Louise Bianchi Chiotti Memorial Scholarship Award
  6. Hershey Region AACA Automotive Restoration Scholarship


All completed applications should be returned to: 
Megan Boyd, VP Youth Development & Awards
PO Box 702, Waynesburg, OH 44688 or
Historic Virginia Peninsula Region Supports the Community
By Al Crane, HVPR AACA Community Relations, Yorktown, VA,
In addition to attending National and regional AACA events and tours, and supporting the 2021 AACA National Convention in Williamsburg, VA, Historic Virginia Peninsula Region (HVPR) members brought joy and memories to area retirement and rehabilitation communities’ residents and health workers this past year.

They also participated in several major community events such as the York County, VA, Library Family CARnival; York County Fall Vintage Fair; the Historic Phoebus section of Hampton, VA, Holiday Illumination and Craft Market; and the Historic Yorktown, VA, Annual Christmas Market.

Their efforts to preserve our automotive heritage and provide fun family entertainment was appreciated by automotive enthusiasts, residents, and visitors to the Historic Triangle.
Chris & Kathleen Koch AACA Library to Host
2nd Pinewood Derby at Annual Convention
By Matthew Hocker, AACA Librarian, Cataloger & Volunteer Coordinator,
If you plan on attending the 2022 AACA Annual Convention in Philadelphia, you’ll want to visit the library booth for some good old automotive banter. Our booth will also be the place to be for registration for our 2nd Annual Convention Derby. Our first pinewood derby event in 2020 was a runaway hit with both participants and spectators, and we look forward to seeing its return at the 2022 event.
Our first derby consisted of more than 40 participating cars, with Elizabeth Coble taking home the 1st place trophy on behalf of the Alamance Region. In addition to prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, there were styling awards, including most AACA, most realistic, and silliest. Tracy Lesher even designed and raced a whimsical-looking Ford Quadricycle.
Both children and adults alike are welcome to enter the 2022 Annual Convention Derby. There is a $35 entrance fee to participate, with proceeds benefitting the Chris & Kathleen Koch AACA Library. New for this year will be a PVC track for better performance. Racers will be vying for trophies and some sweet prizes, which are yet to be determined and will be announced in the January 2022 issue of Speedster.
The date for the derby is Friday, February 11, 2022, immediately following the Regions & Chapters Presidents’ Dinner (approximately 8:30 p.m.). Weigh-in and inspection will be held earlier in the day between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The library will not be selling any car kits onsite, but kits can be found via online retailers like Amazon or in many local toy and hardware stores. Click here for more information, including the complete list of rules. Good luck to all who enter and we'll see you in February!
Best Overall - Tracy Lesher's Quadricycle
Silliest - Phil Jamison's Pencil Car
Interested in doing research
with the AACA Library?
More information is available on our website.
You can also visit the AACA Library or contact
our library director Chris Ritter at or 717-534-2082.

Visit our Booth at Black Swan Antiquities
2022 Hershey Flea Market & Car Corral Pre-Registration Information
By "Mac" MacAdam, Flea Market/Car Corral Registration Chairman,
Hershey Region AACA,
On behalf of the Hershey Region, we thank you for attending the 2021 Fall Meet. We hope you had an enjoyable experience. We are starting to work on the 2022 Fall Meet in which Jay Robertson will be the Fall Meet Chairman with Scott Kopp as his assistant.
We mailed the 2022 pre-registration packet/cards out on December 20th. If you do not receive your packet in the mail by January 20, 2022, you should call 717-566-7720 or email

As a direct result of substantial increases in the costs we pay to operate the Hershey Fall Meet, we are increasing the flea market space rental fee by $10 per space for 2022. This is not a decision that was made easily. It is important to remember that this event is put on by the volunteer members of the Hershey Region and that this is the first price increase we have had in nearly 10 years. Thank you in advance for understanding!
Please read the following important information regarding the submission of pre-registration cards:

  1. A "Space Relocation Form" will be enclosed in the packet. This will be the only form accepted. If you write your request on the pre-registration card, a separate sheet of paper, etc., it will NOT be accepted. Also be advised we make assignments using the postmark on the envelope. The space(s) must be available after the pre-registration phase in order for you to be relocated. 
  2. Pay close attention to the deadline on the card. The deadline is February 15th! Your spaces will be in jeopardy if the postmarked deadline is not followed. The registered vendor is responsible (not the spouse, the assistant or the secretary to name a few of the excuses we hear).
  3. If your card or check is not signed, it will be returned to you. That will also delay your postmark position for relocation.
  4. Checks deposited that are returned for insufficient funds, account was closed, etc., will be charged a $35 administration fee.
  5. The dates and times for which our telephones will be staffed will be printed on the pre-registration card. If you leave a message, please speak slowly and clearly leaving your name, telephone number, AACA member number and a very short message.
  6. If you DO NOT receive your new AACA membership card by January 15th, DO NOT wait to mail your pre-registration card. Write your AACA member number in the space provided on the card and mail it with your check or money order.
  7. Political signs, memorabilia, bumper stickers, pins, buttons, etc., are NOT permitted at any National event for sale, swap or display. This should be considered the "suitable warning" for the following policy extracted from the Policy and Procedure Manual of the AACA. Vendors violating this rule will be expelled. Additionally, refunds of flea market spaces will not be given to the violators in accordance with the P & P Manual.

5.9.1 General (Excerpt)
"Nationals are open to the general public. Therefore, their operation and conduct give the public its chief, if not the only, impression of us as a club. When flea markets are held in conjunction with National Activities, it is important that they reflect the family-oriented nature of our hobby and are in keeping with their intended purpose, i.e. to provide a source of parts, accessories, and memorabilia related to our hobby. The meet host reserves the right to expel, after suitable warning, any persons including vendors who conduct themselves in a way that would reflect unfavorably upon AACA." 
Bringing a Positive End to 2021
2021 is about to come to a close, and while it was certainly better than 2020 it was not perfect. It has been anything but an easy year for non-profits. AACA did not get away unscathed either. This year brought many challenges along with our efforts to occupy our new building and finish with zero debt. We did move into our new building with great thanks to all of you but did not quite get to the finish line regarding the funding.

As you consider your year-end taxes and philanthropy, hopefully you will consider making a special tax-deductible gift to your club.

Many of you have already given, some have not. Our sincerest THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support this club with your time and donations! We hate to ask again, but if we can get an enthusiastic response to this request, we may just be able to say to the bank we are all paid up and go into 2022 with zero debt. In the coming years, the club will need further funds for an endowment to operate the building and to replenish some cash reserves we used for this project. However, when you see the final result in person, we are sure you will be very proud of your new headquarters and library! Our goal is to make it pay for itself in the future and we now have a major tool to do so.

So, we are asking you to please seriously consider making a tax-deductible contribution before the end of the year – it will make all the difference for the future of this club. You can make your donation one of three ways:

Call us at 717-534-1910 and we will take a donation
via credit card over the phone.
Mail a check off to us right away.
Send to: AACA, 800 W. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033
Please note that some mail delivery is still spotty these days, so the sooner the better.

Remember, you do not have to itemize to take this deduction and any donation amount is appreciated! We will send you an acknowledgement letter for your records.
Looking for New Advertisers
Are there services and businesses you use related to your antique cars that you love and think other members would love them, too? Who do you trust for your restoration projects? Upholstery? Chrome? Where do you find most of your parts? Do you use a special transporter to take your cars to shows? What car covers do you recommend?

We are looking for a few new advertisers for Antique Automobile magazine. Our award-winning magazine delivers an advertiser’s message directly to 55,000+ hobbyists every time. Ad rates for the magazine run anywhere from $60 to $1,586 per issue, so there is an ad size to fit anyone’s budget. Even in these trying times, we remain committed to producing one of the best magazines in this hobby by delivering great content and keeping our advertising affordable so every business that needs to reach our members can.

If you know of a company that could benefit from advertising to AACA members, please email Stacy with the company name and a contact if you have one. We will reach out then to let them know about this great opportunity.
Membership Corner:
AACA Touring… Miles and Miles of Fun!
By Jeff Oaks, AACA National VP Regions Development/Support – Southeastern Division
& National Membership Committee,
The AACA has so many things to offer us in the antique auto hobby and one of those things I have enjoyed the most is touring.
When the AACA was founded back in 1935, a car rally/derby was one of their biggest events. The vehicles then were mostly buggies or brass-era cars rescued from a barn or field. It was something to tinker with and put back on the road again. I think the challenge was to see just how road worthy your restoration or mechanic work was and the fulfillment of driving a classy old car that had been brought back to life. Rallies/Derbies of the early days are now referred to as tours. The general concept is the same, but today’s tours have a lot more venues and points of interest along the way. 
We had been in the AACA for several years and there was to be an AACA 3-day tour held in Pinehurst, NC, about 150 miles away from us. I just finished my ’36 Packard 120 Touring Sedan with about 500 miles on it and was encouraged by several members to join them on what would be my first tour. It was October and great weather for touring the countryside! We were there with about 100 other vehicles of all years. Following a detailed tour book with driving instructions, we left each morning and traveled to many venues during each day. There were car collections, museums, shops, and local points of interest in each town. All travelling was done on scenic backroads. We had a coffee break, catered lunch stops, and somehow there seemed to be a winery or ice cream shop along the way each day as well. We gathered back at the host hotel at days end and swapped stories with new friends. It is a great experience to look down the road as far as you can see and then in your rearview with nothing but antique autos in sight. As for breakdowns, there were few. The old Packard made it just fine. Keep in mind; we had at least 100 old car mechanics on tour with us. We all parted ways at the closing dinner at the tour’s end knowing that many of us would see each other again soon on another tour. It was great fun and I have been hooked ever since.
Why are tours so much fun? It is a chance to take your old car out on the road, give it a shakedown and drive it for a few days, make new friends, and drive along with some unique vehicles. It is exciting to go to new places and see things you have never seen before. Some of these places are usually not open to the public. Because of locations, each tour is a different experience. There is a variety of different tours to choose from in this upcoming year, from 3-5 day tours and several different vehicle age groups. Check out your calendar and sign up for a touring experience – I think you will be glad you did!
Please scroll all the way to the end of the Speedster to find the answer.
Trivia Question
Before the establishment of the Edison Institute (The Henry Ford Museum/ Greenfield Village) in Dearborn, Michigan, when and where did Henry Ford dabble with the idea of recreating and preserving a disappearing way of American life?
Dreams Do Come True
By Alan and Linda Eickhoff, Warminster, PA,
This is a member submitted story.
In 1961, Alan’s father worked at I.M. Jarrett in Hatboro, PA, as a mechanic. At the dinner table one night, he asked if I wanted to buy a 1947 Dodge. Having been car crazy for a long time (my pedal car was a 1941 Chrysler), my immediate answer was an enthusiastic “yes” though I must confess I did not exactly know what the car looked like. 
Jarrett was actually just handling the sale for the previous owner, as they were not really interested in taking the vehicle in trade. The price was negotiated to $50, the sum total of my savings from mowing lawns. Though I was only 15, I now had “my” car. 
I named this car “Nellie Bell” after the jeep that Pat Brady drove on the Roy Rogers television show. My Nellie was often just as cantankerous as that jeep. We have a picture of Nellie that shows part of the long driveway of my parent’s home. If you backed up around the garage all the way to the back door of the house, you could actually be in 3rd gear by the time you had to make the panic stop at the end of the driveway. Keep in mind I was still an unlicensed driver. I must confess that once I did succumb to the temptation of driving Nellie at night when my parents and brothers were not home. Given that my dad was a local township commissioner and known to all the local police, I was so scared once I hit the street that I only went around the block once – a stunt never to be repeated.
Nellie had a lot of miles and took a lot of oil to keep running. We used to put in 50 weight purchased at Pep Boys in 5-gallon cans. One day a very early bitter cold snap caused me to have to tow her home from church as the oil was too thick to allow the engine to start. Oil changes were a seasonal event not a mileage-based event. When the five-gallon can was empty, snips were used to cut off the top and bottom and then we drove over it in the driveway to make it flat. The flattened can became pieces of floorboard as necessary. This car was a lot of fun and served both as my personal car and as a “truck” for my lawn mowing business. I actually could fit a 30” Goodall mower and a 22” mower in that trunk, even if the lid was open.
The point of this introduction to Nellie Bell is that Linda and I met in high school, and we dated in that 1947 Dodge. As a token of my affection for Linda, I even gave her the original keys to the car so that she could put her books and violin in it after school. We still have the keys, but Nellie is long gone. I kept Nellie even when I purchased a 1956 Dodge Coronet and Dad was none too happy about the gathering of cars in his single lane driveway. It was a sad day when I had to drive her to the local junkyard.
Linda and I married in 1970 and subsequently had two children. The dream of owning an antique car was put on hold in favor of a mortgage, orthodontist, college, etc. There were those occasions when something came along such as the 1954 Imperial that was an almost purchase. By 2002, our son was married and had his own kids, our daughter was engaged, and the dream of an antique car seemed destined to be just a dream. 
The top photo of the black 1947 Dodge was taken around 1965 (see the 1963? AMC wagon in the background). The lower photo of the gray 1948 was parked in the same spot of the driveway of the family home in 2016 just prior to our selling the house where I grew up.  
Locally, the Abington Hospital June Fete is always held the first weekend of June. When I was a youngster, my brothers and I would hike up past our elementary school just to watch the cars go by. Those were the days when shows attracted a lot of wooden spoke, high, open vehicles. In 2002, I was facing the typical end of school year mountain of projects to grade, but I had promised Linda we would go to the fete. It was 1:00 p.m. on the last day when she inquired if we were really going. Reluctantly, I said yes and off we went. As I drove into the parking area, I saw the familiar rise of the roof line of a post war Dodge. Naturally, I went straight there while Linda waited patiently.
Jane and Bill Neth had their 1948 Dodge there and Bill was getting ready to go home. I couldn’t help but notice the “FOR SALE” sign he was putting in the trunk. We started to talk about the car. I showed my knowledge of these post-war Dodges by noting how in 1947 production the wheel size was changed from 16” to 15”. After a brief discussion, he asked me if I was interested in the car. While I surely was interested, I had to admit that our daughter’s wedding planned for June of 2003 was a higher financial priority. At this point Bill said, “If you are serious, I’ll wait.” And wait for me he did. Bill took the car off the market, kept it in his garage for the next year and actually only drove it one more time after our meeting. Besides the wedding, we needed to expand the garage. Unable to go wide, we had to go deep. We extended it to a 38’ deep single bay garage to accommodate the 1948 and the 1992 Dodge Shadow convertible that already lived there. 
From June 2002 to the next spring seemed to be one of the longest years of my life. Should I keep in touch with Bill? Will he think I’m pestering him? What if I don’t keep in touch and he thinks I have lost interest? What should I do? Winter came and in January of 2003 our son and his wife gave us our first grandchild. As spring came and our daughter’s wedding plans were finalized, I called Bill and arranged to go to his home. While Linda and Jane talked, Bill and I finalized the sale details. To show him my sincerity, I had purchased an NOS wiper knob for the dash that I found on the internet – he had searched flea markets for 15 years for one. Bill insisted that I take the car for a drive even though I intended to buy it no matter what. Again, we met at his house and he had me drive to a nearby park. When we got there, he tried to tell me what the various knobs on the dash did, but my memory worked well enough to know which one turned on the courtesy light and which one dimmed the dash lights. At that point Bill said, “Well, I can see you know how to drive the car, so I guess I will sell it to you.” Who knew that I actually had to take a test in order to buy the car? Fluid Drive transmissions of this vintage Dodge are not driven the same as standard shift vehicles. It was lucky for me that I knew how to handle the shifting.
The deal called for me to take delivery by the end of July 2003, one month after the wedding. I’m fond of teasing our son-in-law that 2003 was an important year as I got a granddaughter, a son-in-law and my antique car, but that he should not mistake chronological order for order of importance! On the day that we came to take the car, Bill’s wife, Jane, came out to the garage with a large towel. When Bill asked her what it was for, she said it was for him for when he cried as I drove away his “baby.” We named the 1948 “JB” in honor of Jane and Bill Neth; newfound friends who made a dream come true. We have driven JB over 4,000 miles to local shows and we are out on a “date” almost every weekend from May to October. We have come full circle from high school sweethearts to grandparents and yet only moved up one year in vehicles.

As a four-door vehicle, JB was meant to be a family vehicle. Our grandchildren enjoy being in JB when it is parked at a show. My Boy Scouts ride in it during the local holiday parade. As a teacher of United States history, I have turned JB into a rolling history lesson. People are fascinated by our vintage child’s seat and the roller skates with key. We also have cameras, maps, books, toys, an ice chest and picnic jug. For us, the dream come true is not just in having JB but also in sharing the joy with others. Indeed, dreams do come true.

As a postscript to this story, JB was in a restoration shop from August 2018 until October 2020. She appeared at the AACA Special Fall Nationals in Gettysburg in 2020 and received a First Junior award.
My wife and I in our driveway showing off our trophy from our 1st Junior award at the Special Fall Nationals in November 2020.
2022 AACA Annual Convention – Save the Date!
The 86th AACA Annual Convention will return to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 10-12, 2022. The plan is to bring back all of the great activities that you have come to love and expect at the Annual Convention including educational seminars, trade show vendors, a special automobile display, multiple-level judging schools, the First Lady's Breakfast, Region Presidents' Dinner, the AACA Library's very popular Pinewood Derby and the Awards Banquet. (All of these activities will be conducted in accordance with whatever the current COVID-19 health guidelines are in Philadelphia at that time.)
Many members have told us that the AACA Annual Convention is one of the highlights of their year, and we hope that the 2022 event will be even bigger and better than in previous years. For a more in-depth preview of the 2022 event, make sure to check out the article in the November/December issue of Antique Automobile magazine.

The registration form and hotel information are now available. Email Sue or call AACA Headquarters at 717-534-1910 to request a registration form today.

As soon as the seminar schedule is available, we will make sure to share it with you.

We hope you will consider joining us for this very special annual event!
Trade Show Booths Still Available at AACA Annual Convention
Does your business want direct exposure to AACA members? Do you like selling your services face-to-face to hobby enthusiasts? Are you hosting an event in 2022 or 2023 that you want our members to know about? Then why not secure some booth space at one of the best AACA events of the year?
Last year was tough for everyone, but especially for small businesses. So why should you pick our trade show over all the others? Our trade show is not a mammoth show with thousands of vendors in a convention hall the size of a city block. We do not have tens of thousands of attendees running past your booth so fast that it's all just a blur in the end and no real leads to follow-up with.

We keep our show a little more intimate by limiting our vendors to less than 50, which allows our attendees plenty of time to visit all of the booths. We also hand-select our vendors to meet the specific needs of our members. Our event usually draws about 1,000 super-active members, which makes us one of the few shows to offer you a significant amount of one-on-one time with your ideal target market.

Trade Show booths are 10 ft X 8 ft and only cost $200. And, new for 2022 we are offering all trade show vendors the opportunity to present a pre-scheduled 15-minute mini-seminar inside the trade show room, so you can pitch your products and services. What a great deal to ensure that your brand is represented at the AACA Annual Convention!

If you have questions, please feel free to email Judy Fischer.
Setting Expectations With Your Estate
By Stewart Howden, President, Classic Auto Mall, Inc.,
Probably nothing is more dreaded than setting up and planning your estate. But it is something very important to do, especially if you have a collection of vehicles and/or memorabilia. While you should always seek council and legal advice from a professional estate planner and your attorney, I wanted to share some of the things we experience with collectors, estates and family members left to handle them.
Whatever you do, on your deathbed don’t pull your spouse/significant other close to you and whisper in their ear, “Whatever you do after I’m gone, don’t sell the Corvette for less than $80,000.” It is difficult enough to handle an estate and that just makes it even harder. Set realistic expectations on values and don’t do it once and forget it. Make sure you write everything down and update the pricing (up or down) every year. Nothing is worse than a family member thinking they are dishonoring your wishes by selling the car for market value, not your unrealistic value.
Whatever you do, have a thought-out plan including a certified appraisal and where you think the car would be best suited to sell. If you think a certain auction house or consignment dealership is best suited for a particular vehicle, then convey that in writing to the family. Do your homework so that your family doesn’t have to.
Do you have a trusted “car friend”? You might want to have them be a consultant to the family. This will be a huge help to all involved. Also, have you made arrangements for transportation, detailing, light mechanical or any other things that might come up when it’s time to dispose of the collection? The more of these items thought out ahead of time by you, the better. At a minimum, take the time to put together a list of your preferred contacts for these things.
Don’t assume that the family will or will not keep the collection, so plan as if they will not. This is an emotional time for family members and the more that you can pre-plan the better for all involved. Have a concise written plan for all of the above items and things will go much smoother. Remember, these old cars become part of the family and fond memories and good times are hard to sell, especially when they want to honor your wishes. 

This is a member submitted story.
Did You Get an Amazon Gift Card for Christmas or Hanukkah? 
Be Sure to Shop Using AmazonSmile for AACA
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the Antique Automobile Club of America whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.

What is AmazonSmile?
AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization.

How do I shop at AmazonSmile?
To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile. Once you are signed into your account, search for Antique Automobile Club of America and choose it as your charity. Now, you are ready to shop & support AACA at the same time!

Click here to learn more about AmazonSmile.
Fair Weather and Fun in the Florida Sun
February 24-26, 2022
Winter Nationals
Melbourne, FL
Registration Deadline: February 1
The Cape Canaveral Region would like to extend a warm welcome to all AACA members who are planning to attend the Winter Nationals. The area is blessed with beautiful weather in February boasting a sunny average daytime temperature of 78 degrees and very little rain. We are being hosted by the American Muscle Car Museum in Melbourne, which is only a 1-hour drive from the Orlando resorts of Disney World, SeaWorld, etc. Our host hotel is immediately adjacent to the Melbourne Airport and a little more than 1 hour from both the Orlando International and Orlando Sanford airports, both of which feature low airfares from most of the country. Secondary hotels are a little less than 10 minutes from the show field.
The Countdown to Vegas is on!
By Michael Fecchino, VP Las Vegas Region AACA,
March 10-12, 2022
Western Spring Nationals
Las Vegas, NV
Registration Deadline: February 18
The 2022 Western Spring Nationals at Lake Las Vegas in March will be here before you know it. Hopefully, if you’re coming out for the show, you have already registered, but if not now is the time to do so. All of the information can be found on the national website and online registration is open. Please keep in mind that if you haven’t paid your 2022 National dues yet, you won’t be able to see 2022 event registrations on the website.
On Thursday, March 10, we have a fun day planned with a tour of the Hoover Dam in the morning and then an hour and a half yacht cruise on Lake Las Vegas in the evening. During the day on Friday, we have the roundtable discussions and Judging School scheduled. In the evening on Friday, we have now added an ice cream social. Of course, on Saturday we have the Judges’ Breakfast, show field judging and the awards banquet in the evening. All of these activities will be held at the host hotel, the Lake Las Vegas Hilton.
If you are a golfer, there are two beautiful golf courses in the immediate area.
Compared to the Las Vegas Strip or downtown Las Vegas, Lake Las Vegas is a very placid area. It’s enjoyable to drive around the neighborhood with hardly any traffic at all and take in all of the beautiful scenery.
Come be part of our first ever event in Las Vegas! I know it will be a special and enjoyable time for everyone.
Join Us at This Year’s Dual Nationals in Paradise
April 21-23, 2022
Special Nationals & Grand Nationals
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Registration Deadline: March 10
The Puerto Rico Region is excited to finally be able to welcome all of you back to paradise! Two shows will be hosted during the 3-day event – a Special Nationals on Friday and a Grand Nationals on Saturday. Here are the schedule highlights:

Thursday: Judging School & Round Table at Coliseum Quijote Morales, Guaynabo City
                   Cocktail Event at Toyota Museum, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Friday:     Judges Breakfast, Special Nationals, Awards Presentation on Show Field
Saturday:   Judges Breakfast at Coliseum Quijote Morales, Guaynabo City, Grand Nationals
                    Evening Social, Awards, Banquet at Coliseum Quijote Morales, Guaynabo City

Special note to judges with at least 10 field judging credits: We REALLY need you at this event. The Puerto Rico Region offers some of the best hospitality you will ever experience. Join us for two days of judging, fun and experience all that Puerto Rico has to offer. Make this a vacation! Airfare to the island is very reasonable from most locations, so join us for a very special time in beautiful Puerto Rico!!

Book your hotel now:
Courtyard by Marriott San Juan Miramar
801 Ponce de León Avenue, San Juan PR 00907
AACA Rate: $159 + taxes

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the event chairman Mike Nolla at
2022 AACA Grand Nationals
By Marion McAlpine, Chairperson,
The 2022 car show season is right around the corner, so there is no better time than now to start planning your trip to the 2022 AACA Grand Nationals in Virginia Beach, VA. The show will run from Thursday-Saturday, May 19-21. All of the event details will be posted on the Tidewater Region website soon, but here’s some general information for now:
Host Region: Tidewater Region AACA
When: Thursday-Saturday, May 19-21, 2022
Where: Virginia Beach, VA
Host Hotel: The Founders Inn (Hilton Tapestry Collection) located on the grounds of Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. You can make reservations now at 757-366-5700. Ask for the AACA Grand National rate.
Alternate Hotel: Delta Hotel (Marriott), Chesapeake, VA (4 miles from host hotel). You can make reservations now at 757-523-1500. Ask for the AACA Grand National rate.
The Tidewater Region is planning a great show with a lot of fun activities (and delicious food) for you to enjoy. Both the host hotel and the primary alternate hotel have beautiful rooms, their own restaurant and bar, are near other local and national chain restaurants and shopping and are just off I-64. Plus, there are plenty of fun and historic places to explore in Virginia Beach and nearby Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk, Suffolk, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. 
Why not make a vacation of it? Come to win your antique vehicle’s well-deserved Grand National Award but arrive a few days early and stay a few days after to visit the beach and explore the local area.
Check the Tidewater Region website for more information. If you have questions before then, please contact the 2022 Grand Nationals Chairperson Marion McAlpine at
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Do You have an Official AACA Car Sign for Your Car?
This is the only approved AACA car show sign and is intended for use at AACA events. These signs are only available to AACA members and are custom created to tell your vehicle's story and history.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for the production of your sign from start to finish. Signs are 16.5" tall and 12" wide and are made of hard plastic to withstand the elements.

Due to the rising costs of pretty much everything these days, car signs will now cost $45 plus shipping. The last time the price of the sign increased was 7 years ago. An image can still be added to your sign for an additional $5.

Contact Stacy at AACA Headquarters if you would like to have a sign made: 717-534-1910 or
Do You Know a Military Veteran Who Would Like to be an AACA Member?
The Military Sponsorship Program is available to all of the Military Veterans that have proudly served to protect our homeland and freedoms. With this program, AACA is extending a limited number of complimentary 2022 memberships for first-time AACA applicants. More information on this program and an application can be found on the AACA website under member information and drop down to Military, or simply click here.

These complimentary 2022 memberships are for first-time AACA applicants and are limited by the funds available for this program. These complimentary applications for membership are intended for individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique car hobby.
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Trivia Answer
Although the Edison Institute (The Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village) was dedicated in 1929 and opened to the general public in 1933, Henry Ford previously acquired the Wayside Inn (from 1716) in 1923. According to the Inn, Ford used his vast resources to acquire acreage, buildings, and antiquities with the intention of creating a living museum of Americana. He expanded the property to almost 3,000 acres in not only the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts, where the Inn is situated, but neighboring Marlborough, and Framingham. He added buildings to the property including the one-room Redstone Schoolhouse (relocated to the property in 1925), a fully functioning Grist Mill (built in 1929), and the Martha-Mary Chapel (built in 1940 from trees felled in the historic Hurricane of 1938).

From 1928–1947, Ford operated the Wayside Inn School for Boys, a trade school that prepared indigent boys for potential employment in Ford’s factories. (Likewise, an Edison Institute School system followed on the grounds of Greenfield Village.) In 1944, a few years before his death in 1947, Henry and Clara Ford placed the central 100+acre parcel and nine buildings into a non-profit organization to preserve the Inn’s historic legacy. Henry Ford was the last private owner of the Inn.

The Inn is well remembered, of course, from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s book of poems…Tales of a Wayside Inn…which was published in 1863. 
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