February 2022 | Volume 158
Congratulations to Our 2021 National Award Winners!
Click the above link to view the list of winners.
Thank you to all of the volunteers, AACA staff and Board, hotel staff, presenters, and especially our attendees and award winners for making the 2022 Annual Convention a success!
Your new 2022 AACA National Board of Directors was also inducted during the Annual Convention. These Board members are here to serve you and this organization, so please do not hesitate to contact them at anytime.

Enjoy this sneak peak of photos from the event and make sure to check out the full wrap-up article, award-winner profiles, and photos in the next issue of Antique Automobile magazine.
We Want to Hear Your Feedback on the Annual Convention
The Annual Convention Committee is always looking to improve your experience at convention. For those of you who attended the Annual Convention in Gettysburg this year, you know it was a little different than conventions in the past. In order to continue to improve and elevate this event, we need YOUR feedback. What did you like? What didn't you like? Which seminar was your favorite? What would you like to see at future conventions? The Annual Convention Survey is where you can voice your opinions about the event and know that it will be reviewed by the committee.

Attention All Attendees: Please click here to take a quick 10-minute survey online.
If you would prefer to print a PDF copy of the survey and mail it back to us, click here.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey. Your valuable feedback will help us continue to improve this event. The survey will close on April 15, 2022.
Annual Convention Derby – A Fun-Filled Follow-Up
By Matthew Hocker, AACA Librarian, Cataloger & Volunteer Coordinator, mhocker@aaca.org
The Chris and Kathleen Koch AACA Library’s 2nd Annual Convention Pinewood Derby was held on Friday, February 11th to excitement and anticipation. Nearly 40 cars participated in this year’s derby, and it was a diverse showing in terms of styling with everything from a slick Batmobile-esque racer to a carefully carved 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass. A few folks even entered cars from their childhood, including one that was nearly 50 years old!
Competition was fierce with Rick Holmes taking 1st place and John Harvey and Dennis Christensen sliding into 2nd and 3rd. Prizes for the winners included an AACA life membership, a custom LEGO kit of the library’s 1955 Chevrolet bookmobile, and a slot car set. This year, winners were able to choose their prizes. 
In terms of our styling awards, we faced a tough decision process because the overall craftsmanship on hand was impressive. The categories and winners were as follows:
Most AACA – Walt Koz:
Walt Koz landed the award for most AACA with his “Koz-Mic” racer. In addition to sporting slick livery for the Cape Canaveral Region, we were equally impressed with the vehicle’s styling. The overall shape of the vehicle, its color, and swooping curves are reminiscent of the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman films.
Best Overall – Meredith Jaffe:
After holding our first derby, Meredith expressed to us how pumped she was to enter our next event, and she said she was going to craft a replica of the Tucker; nothing prepared us for what she brought to the table. Every curve and angle of the Tucker has been faithfully captured, and the central headlight is cleverly represented by a crystal. A dentist by trade, Meredith utilized material used in making dental impressions to hold in place weights within the vehicle.
Most Creative – Charlotte Dahlenburg:
Like Meredith, Charlotte was also inspired to build a car after our first derby. Charlotte worked on this purple hotrod with her father-in-law, and the project brought them closer together. The bodywork and painting alone are impressive, right down to the windows which are made to look like light is reflecting off them. However, what really made this car stand out is how Charlotte utilized her cake decorating expertise by crafting a special icing into the car’s engine and radiator. Charlotte even used the icing for the fan behind the radiator, making her car one truly sweet ride!
Lemon of the Year – Joseph Seybert:
While Joseph Seybert’s car won the Lemon of the Year in styling, it certainly was not a lemon in terms of performance. Joseph planned on doing a more elaborate design, but his time was extremely limited due to an unexpected situation. Rather than throw in the towel, he made lemonade out of lemons by entering his unfinished car with weights for speed and a hilarious set of decals. He named the car Block Naked and brandished the phrase “No time 2 get dressed” on the sides. We absolutely loved it!
We would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who participated in what is fast becoming an anticipated AACA Annual Convention tradition. If you plan on attending next year’s convention, please consider creating your own derby car and entering it in the race. The more, the merrier!
Interested in doing research
with the AACA Library?
More information is available on our website.
You can also visit the AACA Library or contact
our library director Chris Ritter at 
critter@aaca.org or 717-534-2082.

Visit our Booth at Black Swan Antiquities
Registration for Vegas is Still Open!
By Michael Fecchino, VP Las Vegas Region AACA, chevyfordply@gmail.com

March 10-12, 2022
Western Spring Nationals
Las Vegas, NV
Registration Deadline: Still Open!
To register from now until Friday, March 4th, please CALL AACA National Headquarters (717-534-1910, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST) and we will take your registration over the phone with a credit card payment.

The 2022 Western Spring Nationals at Lake Las Vegas is right around the corner. Hopefully, if you’re coming out for the show, you have already registered, but if not now is the time to do so. All of the information can be found in the show brochure - just click the link above.
On Thursday, March 10, we have a fun day planned with a tour of the Hoover Dam in the morning and then an hour and a half yacht cruise on Lake Las Vegas in the evening. During the day on Friday, we have the roundtable discussions and Judging School scheduled. In the evening on Friday, we have now added an ice cream social. Of course, on Saturday we have the Judges’ Breakfast, show field judging and the awards banquet in the evening. All of these activities will be held at the host hotel, the Lake Las Vegas Hilton.
If you are a golfer, there are two beautiful golf courses in the immediate area.
Compared to the Las Vegas Strip or downtown Las Vegas, Lake Las Vegas is a very placid area. It’s enjoyable to drive around the neighborhood with hardly any traffic at all and take in all of the beautiful scenery.
Come be part of our first ever event in Las Vegas!
I know it will be a special and enjoyable time for everyone.
Springtime in Charlotte is the Best
HURRY! You only have 14 days left to register!
April 7-9, 2022
Southeastern Spring Nationals
Charlotte, NC
Registration Deadline: March 14
The Hornets Nest Region extends a cordial welcome to all fellow AACA members attending the Southeastern Spring Nationals. April is a great time of year to visit Charlotte. The AACA Nationals is being held during the Hornets Nest Region’s Charlotte AutoFair at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Credentials for Charlotte AutoFair will be provided to each AACA owner registering a vehicle and to each registered AACA Judge.
The event schedule includes: Charlotte AutoFair, Judging School, Team Captains School, Judges Breakfast, Judges CJE, Youth Program, New Owners Clinic, Awards Presentation and Picnic.
Recommended Hotels:
Embassy Suites, 5400 John Q. Hammons Drive N.W. Concord, NC 28027, 704-455-8200
Comfort Suites Concord Mills, 7800 Gateway Lane Concord, NC 28027, 704-761-6803
Questions? Chairman: Phillip Cole, 704-577-8576, lakeholme@att.net
Registration Chair: Shirley Carson, 704-841-1396, aacaclt@windstream.net
AACA is Looking for a Few Good Men and Women
By Don Barlup, AACA National Nominations Committee Chair, Pullman1914@aol.com
Serving on AACA’s Board of Directors is a high calling and a great honor; however, it is not for everybody. If you feel that you can serve the membership and possess the following qualifications, I need to talk to you.
First, you must have a genuine love of the antique automobile hobby. You must have the ability to serve at the national level. This requires you to devote the time, energy, and personal resources necessary to participate in meetings, nationals, tours, and regional activities.
You must be able to function in a team atmosphere by being a team player and/or team leader. You must be able to support your fellow board members and maintain strict confidentiality as required.
Directors need to have the respect of their fellow club members, gained as a proven and successful leader. Experience in chairing or working with AACA committees is important, and background in chairmanship of national level activities is valuable. A track record of active involvement in the hobby, and recognition as a selfless and hard worker for the fun and enjoyment of others is critical.
The best directors and those who rise into the highest offices of AACA are those who work hard so others may enjoy their hobby. To them, knowing that AACA has been successful is more important than their own individual recognition. Still, one of the intangible benefits of leading AACA is the respect and recognition you will receive from the members. It is their thanks for your friendship, your concern for the hobby and their enjoyment of the club, and your wholehearted devotion to AACA.
If you feel that you qualify for consideration by the AACA Board of Directors, please call (717- 582-3209) or email me today for a follow-up discussion.
Membership Corner: The Benefits of AACA Membership
By Fred Trusty, 2021 AACA National VP Membership, bearcamp1988@gmail.com
As National VP of the Western Division for two years and Membership VP for the last two years, I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the questions, “What does AACA do for our region? What do we get for our $45 dues per year?”
Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of belonging to an AACA region or chapter and being an AACA National member…
  1. When you join AACA, you are joining one of the oldest, largest, and most inclusive car clubs in the world with a community of more than 55,000 strong.
  2. As a member, you may join any of the 350 local regions and chapters supported by AACA.
  3. Regions receive a $6,000,000 liability insurance policy at no cost. I’ve been a member of an independent club in the past and I can tell you coverage like this is expensive. 
  4. Directors and Officers (D&O) receive a $1,000,000 policy. All AACA asks is a voluntary $110 per year for this coverage. Again, this coverage is expensive if you have to purchase it as an independent club.
  5. AACA provides free publisher’s liability insurance for newsletters. 
  6. Members receive perks and discounts from industry vendors and other businesses from time to time. Currently, you can enjoy discounted room rates at all La Quinta hotels.
  7. AACA members receive two free hours of research at the AACA Library Research Center. This is the largest automotive research library in the world covering 30,000 square feet with more than 3,000,000 pieces of literature and a staff of full-time librarians to help you with your research.
  8. Members receive six issues per year of the best antique automotive magazine in the world, Antique Automobile.
  9. A monthly email newsletter, Speedster, with information about what is going on with the club, library, and local regions/chapters.
  10. AACA works with organizations such as the Historical Vehicle Association (HVA) and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) to lobby on behalf of the old car hobby. 
  11. AACA has a comprehensive judging program with 222 classes for original cars, driver cars, and show cars that cover all makes and models of cars, trucks, and motorcycles that are 25 years or older. Most marque club judging systems were modeled after AACA.
  12. AACA has a comprehensive judges training program with awards for its judges.
  13. The comprehensive judging system provides the basis for our robust vehicle awards program and our yearly National Awards honors.
  14. Our Nationals feature more than just a one-day car show. Most Nationals have short tours to historic sites, attractions, and sometimes private collections that aren’t open to the public.
  15. AACA has national and regional tours for different vintages of cars. 
  16. AACA has a website and online forums to help members with numerous issues related to the old car hobby. Restoration, repair, maintenance, buying, and selling are just a few of the topics.
  17. National newsletter and webmaster awards for region editors and webmasters.
  18. AACA has a student membership and youth programs.
  19. AACA gives away thousands of dollars to youth who are involved in the hobby through its annual scholarship program.
  20. Membership allows participation as a vendor in the world’s largest antique car flea market in Hershey, PA, each year.
  21. Each year the staff at the headquarters building in Hershey, PA, receives more than 100,000 emails and thousands of phone calls asking for help on a wide variety of vintage vehicle issues. 
While all of these membership benefits are wonderful, the most important benefit you receive from being a member of AACA is the people you meet and the life-long friendships you develop. One of the mantras you hear from AACA members often is… “You join the club for the cars, but you stay for the people.” 
Is Your 2022 AACA Membership PAST DUE?
Your AACA membership runs on a calendar year
from January 1 through December 31.
If you have already renewed your membership for 2022, thank you!!
If you have not renewed your membership yet, please take a few minutes to do it now.

REMINDER: Your 2022 membership dues MUST be paid before you can receive registration information for any 2022 National Shows or Tours. Your 2022 membership dues MUST be paid to continue receiving your beloved Antique Automobile magazine.

A renewal form was included with your most recent issue of Antique Automobile magazine. Simply fill out the form and send it back to the office with a check or credit card information. You can also renew your membership by calling National Headquarters at 717-534-1910 (between 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST) with a Visa/MasterCard/Discover. Unfortunately, the membership renewal area of the AACA online store is currently experiencing issues.
Please scroll all the way to the end of Speedster to find the answer.
Trivia Question
One of the Italian auto industry’s most memorable figures…born under the sign of Scorpio…made a name for himself by creating aftermarket exhausts and high-performance tuning kits, before turning his attention to complete sports cars. Who was this La Repubblica Italiana performance guru…who in fact, wasn’t actually Italian? 
By Frank Palulis, Naples, FL, fwpalulis@gmail.com
This is a member submitted story.
This is a chronological history of our relationship with our 1966 Austin Healey 3000. It was November of 1965, before the holiday break. I was a senior studying electrical engineering at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. There were Morgans, MGs, Triumphs, and even a V-8 Daimler running around campus. But I always liked the looks and the sounds of the Big Healey.
I was scheduled to graduate in February, and I had a job lined up. I thought I would treat myself, and relieve some stress from studying, by looking for a new car. One day, I drove my 1953 Ford rust bucket to Manhattan Motors on Queens Chapel Road in Hyattsville, MD. It as a gray and dreary day and Manhattan was the local Austin Healy dealer. I convinced them I had, or would have, the means and convinced them to let me take a test drive.
There it was… a brand new 3000, BJ8, British Racing Green, wire wheels, perfect! And I had the keys! I remember starting the car and hearing that beautiful sucking noise from the twin SUs. And then driving off the lot hearing the throaty roar emanating from under the car. What a thrill!
I drove the car back to the dealership with a big smile on my face. The dealer’s salesman asked me what I thought. I said I loved it. But then it got down to the nits and grits… the price!
Remember this was 1965 and my new job was going to pay me $680/month, $8,160/year. And that salary was near the top for a new engineer in 1966. The price for this new Healey, my dream car, was $3,200. It was almost half of my annual salary, and that was pre-tax. I melted thinking this would never ever happen.
So, I ended up with a brand new 1966 Ford Mustang, dark blue with a white convertible top, a 289 V-8, and an automatic slush bucket. The price was a much more affordable $1,800. While it looked cool, I didn’t find it fun to drive. The car seemed like it just couldn’t get out of its own way and my buddies who had manual transmissions would blow me away. I did put Koni shocks and Michelin Xs on it, so I felt a little better. I loved the smell of the Xs when they warmed up. I think I was the first guy in the area that had radial tires.
So, life happened for the next 55 years. In February of 2019, my sister and brother-in-law were visiting us in Naples. One of our favorite events in this month is Cars on 5th hosted by the Ferrari Club of Naples. This event is a major supporter of St. Matthew’s House. St. Matthew's House provides innovative solutions to fight homelessness, hunger, substance abuse, and poverty in Southwest Florida.
As well as gorgeous Ferraris of various vintages, other cars are invited to participate along beautiful 5th Avenue in downtown Naples. The 2019 Cars on 5th show was one of the best yet. There were 607 cars spread across many classes. This included more than 150 Ferraris and supercars, 70 Corvettes, 70 Porsches, 80 muscle cars, 20 antiques and classics, 30 British cars, and 30 cool cruisers.
My brother-in-law worked with cars for his entire life and loves to go to car shows. Unfortunately, our schedules didn’t align that year and he went to the show by himself.
On the evening of February 9, 2019, my brother-in-law sent me a photo of a 1966 Austin Healey 3000 with a for-sale sign on it. British Racing Green, wire wheels, it was love at first sight. Deja vu all over again.

I couldn’t make out the phone number on the for-sale sign, but he blew up the photo and gave me two deciphered numbers.

To make a long story short, she ended up in our garage. The icing on the cake is that the inside of the glove box door is signed by Donald Healey! She had “been around the block” a few times as they say. After a month of brake work, tune-up, fluid flushes and refill, etc., we drove it for about 1 month. We sent for, and received, its British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate. We then decided it needed to be returned as closely as possible to its initial condition and drove it to Tsikuris Classics in Lakeland, FL, for interior and exterior refurbishment. It cost three times as much as planned and took three times longer of course. Progress was made, and Paul paid a lot of attention to every detail. We think it looks great! We were very excited when we picked her up on January 2, 2021. Happy New Year to us!

We had an uneventful drive from Lakeland to Naples, except for a two rain showers. We got a lot of honks and admirers along the way.

Her name is “Victoria,” and we hope that we will be able to spend many hours experiencing fun, sharing stories, and enjoying the camaraderie with the other members of Naples-Marco Island AACA for many years to come.
We want to hear from you! We are always looking to feature articles from AACA members in Speedster. We'd love to share your personal accounts of tours and shows you have attended, restoration projects, unique vehicle stories and history, and any other stories you think other AACA members would enjoy hearing about.

Stories should average about 500 words or less. And, we love photos, so make sure to include some! Please send your photos and stories to Stacy Zimmerman at szimmerman@aaca.org.
Philadelphia Auto Show Returns to PA Convention Center March 5-13
Spanning more than a half-million square feet, the 2022 Philadelphia Auto Show display floor will include several new features as well as time-honored fan favorites. This year marks the 120th edition of the event. Highlights include:
The e-Track: The show’s first-ever multi-brand electric vehicle test track will be a key feature at this year’s event. At the e-Track, consumers will be able to ride in select manufacturers’ electric vehicles through an indoor track and experience the capabilities of their entries into this fast-growing automotive segment.
The Showroom: Guests will again be invited to check out the latest and greatest developments from some of today’s leading vehicle manufacturers in “The Showroom,” which will be in Halls A, B and C of the PA Convention Center.
Camp Jeep & Toyota Ride & Drive: Camp Jeep is back to give attendees the ultimate off-road driving experience indoors via a one-of-a-kind 30,000-square-foot track with an exhilarating hill climb. In addition, Toyota will once again offer guests the opportunity to get behind the wheel of several of its latest models via its outdoor Ride and Drive, located at 12th and Arch Streets.
Back-in-the-Day Way: On Back-in-the-Day Way, located in the PA Convention Center’s beautiful Grand Hall, guests will take a trip down memory lane and view vehicles from yesteryear thanks to the Antique Automobile Club of America and Classic Auto Mall.
Exotics & More: Dozens of the world’s most elegant vehicles will also be featured at this year’s event. Always a crowd-pleaser, guests will be able to ooh and ahh all day long courtesy of F.C. Kerbeck, Maserati of the Main Line and McLaren Philadelphia.
Custom Alley: Featured in Hall F of the PA Convention Center, Custom Alley will showcase a plethora of tricked-out rides, bikes and the latest in after-market excitement.
Ticket Information: For the first time, all tickets will be sold electronically this year on phillyautoshow.com. Ticket prices are $10-$16.
Health and Safety Information: All guests are encouraged to visit phillyautoshow.com before their visit to check out the latest health and safety requirements in the City of Philadelphia.
Premier Sponsor: The Philadelphia Auto Show welcomes NJM Insurance Group as its 2022 Premier Sponsor.
For more than a century, the Philadelphia Auto Show has been educating area consumers and supporting the local economy. It generates an annual economic impact of $50 million for the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit phillyautoshow.com.
Join Us at This Year’s Dual Nationals in Paradise
April 21-23, 2022
Special Nationals & Grand Nationals
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Registration Deadline: April 10
The Puerto Rico Region is excited to finally be able to welcome all of you back to paradise! Two shows will be hosted during the 3-day event – a Special Nationals on Friday and a Grand Nationals on Saturday. Here are the schedule highlights:

Thursday: Judging School & Round Table at Coliseum Quijote Morales, Guaynabo City
                   Cocktail Event at Toyota Museum, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Friday:  Judges Breakfast, Special Nationals, Awards Presentation on Show Field
Saturday:  Judges Breakfast at Coliseum Quijote Morales, Guaynabo City, Grand Nationals
                   Evening Social, Awards, Banquet at Coliseum Quijote Morales, Guaynabo City

Special note to judges with at least 10 field judging credits: We REALLY need you at this event. The Puerto Rico Region offers some of the best hospitality you will ever experience. Join us for two days of judging, fun and experience all that Puerto Rico has to offer. Make this a vacation! Airfare to the island is very reasonable from most locations, so join us for a very special time in beautiful Puerto Rico!!

Book your hotel now!
Courtyard by Marriott San Juan Miramar
801 Ponce de León Avenue, San Juan PR 00907
AACA Rate: $159 + taxes

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the event chairman Mike Nolla at mnollajr@gmail.com.
Host Hotel for Grand Nationals in Virginia Beach SOLD OUT
By Marion McAlpine, Chairperson, AGN2022CHAIR@gmail.com
May 19-21, 2022
Grand Nationals
Virginia Beach, VA
Registration Deadline: April 19
Host Hotel: The Founders Inn is SOLD OUT!
Alternate Hotel: Delta Hotel (Marriott), Chesapeake, VA (4 miles from host hotel). You can make reservations now at 757-523-1500. Ask for the AACA Grand National rate. You can also use this link to make your reservations online.
The Tidewater Region is planning a great show with a lot of fun activities (and delicious food) for you to enjoy. Both the host hotel and the primary alternate hotel have beautiful rooms, their own restaurant and bar, are near other local and national chain restaurants and shopping and are just off I-64. Plus, there are plenty of fun and historic places to explore in Virginia Beach and nearby Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk, Suffolk, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. 
Why not make a vacation of it? Come to win your antique vehicle’s well-deserved Grand National Award but arrive a few days early and stay a few days after to visit the beach and explore the local area.
Check the Tidewater Region website for more information. If you have questions, please contact the Chairperson Marion McAlpine at AGN2022CHAIR@gmail.com.
Check Out These Upcoming AACA National Activities...
You should have received the January 2022 issue of The Judge newsletter in the mail by now. If you'd prefer to view a digital copy, just click here.

This issue includes registration forms for the following shows:
-- 2022 Western Spring Nationals – Las Vegas, NV
-- 2022 Southeastern Spring Nationals - Charlotte, NC
-- 2022 Special Winter Nationals - Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
-- 2022 Special Grand Nationals - Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
-- 2022 Grand Nationals – Virginia Beach, VA

There are also articles from each of your chief judges regarding these shows, a list of the approved changes to the Judging Guidelines for 2022 and the 2021 Judging Awards recognition list.

Just a reminder that you can also register to judge online on the AACA website here.

Not a current judge, but interested in becoming one? Just attend one of the Judging Schools at any of the Nationals to get started.
Where Should You Be Mailing Things?
By Karen White, AACA Membership Department, kwhite@aaca.org

The forwarding order for mail sent to our old address of 501 W. Governor Rd., Hershey, PA 17033, has expired. Any mail sent to that old address is now being returned to the sender.
We recently closed our post office box. Any mail sent to PO Box 417, Hershey, PA 17033, is being forwarded to our current mailing address, but can take up to two extra weeks to be delivered.
If you are mailing something to AACA National Headquarters, please use our new address: 800 W. Hersheypark Dr., Hershey, PA 17033.
Looking for New Advertisers
Are there services and businesses you use related to your antique cars that you love and think other members would love them, too? Who do you trust for your restoration projects? Upholstery? Chrome? Where do you find most of your parts? Do you use a special transporter to take your cars to shows? What car covers do you recommend?

We are looking for a few new advertisers for Antique Automobile magazine. Our award-winning magazine delivers an advertiser’s message directly to 55,000+ hobbyists every time. Ad rates for the magazine run anywhere from $60 to $1,586 per issue, so there is an ad size to fit anyone’s budget. Even in these trying times, we remain committed to producing one of the best magazines in this hobby by delivering great content and keeping our advertising affordable so every business that needs to reach our members can.

If you know of a company that could benefit from advertising to AACA members, please email Stacy with the company name and a contact if you have one. We will reach out then to let them know about this great opportunity.
Do You Know a Military Veteran Who Would Like to be an AACA Member?
The Military Sponsorship Program is available to all of the Military Veterans that have proudly served to protect our homeland and freedoms. With this program, AACA is extending a limited number of complimentary 2022 memberships for first-time AACA applicants. More information on this program and an application can be found on the AACA website under member information and drop down to Military, or simply click here.

These complimentary 2022 memberships are for first-time AACA applicants and are limited by the funds available for this program. These complimentary applications for membership are intended for individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique car hobby.
Be Social With Us
AACA hosts online forums! AACA hosts a massive online forum area on our website that you can read and/or join in on the conversations on all sorts of topics. People post some really interesting material and pictures on an everyday basis. If you haven't used the forums before, just use the sign-up button in the upper right corner to create your user account. Anyone can join the online forums and it's completely free.
AACA has Facebook! What better way to connect with each other during these times than through social media? AACA has an official Facebook page for club information and events. We also have an extremely active Facebook group, where group members post, asks questions and discuss everything and anything car-related. LIKE our Facebook page and ask to JOIN our Facebook group. Don't forget to connect with the AACA Library on their official Facebook page as well.
AACA is on Instagram! @antiqueautomobileclubofamerica 
Be sure to use these hashtags: #DrivingHistory, #AACA, #AntiqueAutomobileClubofAmerica, #Hershey, #AACAHershey, #AACAproud, #AACAstrong
Trivia Answer
Carlo Abarth was born in Vienna on November 15, 1908. As a Scorpio, he relied on the striking Scorpion logo to identify Abarth and Co. products, which was founded in 1949. Abarth would go on to enjoy a remarkable relationship with Fiat, in particular. 
The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is the country's premier resource for the collectible vehicle community. Since its formation in 1935, the Club, through its national office, publications, and membership, aids individuals, museums, libraries, historians and collectors dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of automotive history.