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Springtime Rides Are the Best!

By Stacy Zimmerman, Speedster Editor, [email protected]

Spring has sprung and car show season is officially underway. I can’t believe that April will arrive on Monday – this year is going by way too fast! This year’s National Activities calendar has 13 events on it, and we’ve already had three of them. With another two happening next weekend, we will have hosted almost 40% of our events before mid-April. If you haven’t added any National Activities to your personal calendar yet, you better get on it!

With the arrival of spring, we see changes in the temperatures, buds on trees and flowers start to show themselves, and the daylight after work lasts just a little longer. Here at National Headquarters, we’ve even seen the arrival of tourists start because today is opening day for our local amusement park, Hersheypark, which those of you who come to Hershey in October can attest to is literally right next door to our building.

For many of us, springtime is the signal we’ve been waiting for all winter – the signal that it’s time to get our cars out. They have been waiting patiently in the garage for this time to arrive. You’ll head to the garage, turn on some tunes, uncover your precious baby, and roll him/her out into the sunshine and cool breeze. You’ll take a walk around the car just to check him/her out, and then pop open the hood to do a thorough inspection. Once you’ve taken care of any immediate concerns, it’s time for a hand-wash and wax and don’t forget to scrub the tires. It’s time to open the doors and air out the car a little while you do a wipe down inside and clean the windows. Now, you are both ready to take your first drive of the season.

I’m going to throw out a little challenge to all of you today… We did something similar a few years ago and got a great response, so I am hoping for the same results. During the month of April, get your car out of the garage and ready for the season. When you take your first springtime ride, be sure to snap a photo and email it to me with your name, year-make-model of the car and where the photo was taken. We don’t care if you are just driving to the grocery store or the bank or taking a day-drive to visit friends – all drives count! And if you are an early-bird or live in a much better climate than south central Pennsylvania and have already taken your first springtime ride, it’s ok – just snap a photo on your next drive and submit that one. Everyone who submits a photo will be put into a drawing for some fresh AACA gear.


Don’t let me down –

I want to see your

springtime rides to

anywhere and everywhere!

We Want to Hear Your Feedback on the 2024 Annual Convention

Last chance to take the survey!

The Annual Convention Committee is always looking to improve your experience at convention. For those of you who attended the Annual Convention in Chantilly, Virginia, this year, we are looking for your feedback to help us continue to develop and elevate this event.

What did you like? What didn't you like? Which seminar was your favorite? What would you like to see at future conventions? The Annual Convention Survey is where you can voice your opinions about the event and know that it will be reviewed by the committee.

Attention All Attendees: Please click here to take a quick 10-minute survey online.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey. Your valuable feedback will help us continue to improve this event. The survey will close on April 15, 2024.

Meet Your New 2024 AACA National Board of Directors

Your new 2024 AACA National Board of Directors was inducted during the Annual Convention in February. If you click the link above, it will take you to the page on the AACA website where the Board is listed. Each listing includes a Board member’s name, position, address and photo. If you click on their name, you can email them directly. These Board members are here to serve you and this organization, so please do not hesitate to contact them at any time.

Library Update

By Jen Wolfe, AACA Library Director, [email protected]

Newly Updated Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Display!

We’re more than just books and sales literature here at the AACA Library, and one of our most unique display spaces has just gotten a total spring refresh! Thanks to some generous donations over the past year, our collection of Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild models and memorabilia has nearly doubled. The Guild was a national program sponsored by General Motors that ran from the 1930s through the 1960s for youth and college-aged boys. The boys competed to win scholarships for college by constructing models of Fisher Body’s emblematic Napoleonic Coach, and eventually concept car models. GM, for their part, benefited from the opportunity to identify young design talent across the country. The AACA library thanks all of the Guild alumni who have donated to the collection over the years – this exhibit is diverse and dynamic because of the wide array of items and documents that have been entrusted to us.

If you subscribe to Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, you may have seen their feature story in the March/April issue on the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild. The AACA Library was listed as one of the locations where people can visit to see original model car examples on display. Our exhibit space is comprised of 4 glass cases and an exhibition wall, and features storyboards on the history of the program, model cars and Napoleonic coaches, drawings/sketches and tools, a variety of literature and articles, correspondence to and from Guild participants, and associated memorabilia. While the Drivers Club article stated our collection consisted of 26 cars and 1 coach – we actually have 31 model cars and 2 coaches!

Library staff have worked over the last few months to incorporate some of the newest additions and revamp the exhibit to show the history of the Guild program and the process used to create the models by the boys who participated. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Guild program (or an alumnus!), or are hearing about it for the first time, it’s a display you won’t want to miss the next time you’re at AACA National Headquarters.

Call Out for Pictures

If you attended either of the library’s 2024 convention seminars (The Library & You or Preserve & Protect) we’re hoping you took some pictures! Library staff did not get any of our own, but we’d love it if you could share any photographs you might have taken. Please send images to Jen Wolfe at [email protected]. Thank you in advance!

“Driving, Designing, and Defying: Women Paving the Way in Automotive History” Exhibition NOW OPEN

The AACA Library and Madlyn L. Hanes Library (MLH) at Penn State – Harrisburg present a new exhibition showcasing women and their many contributions to automotive history as documented in the AACA Library's extensive collections as well as in the Alice K. Marshall Women's History Collection in Archives and Special Collections at the Hanes Library. A combination of original materials and facsimiles from the 1880s through the 2020s will be on display, as well as a rare woman's vintage driving coat and dress from the early 1900s, and other artifacts. For more information on visiting the display, please see the library’s column in the March/April issue of Antique Automobile, or the library’s website. The exhibition is now open to the public through December 20, 2024.  

Interested in becoming a volunteer with the AACA Library?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Matthew Hocker,

at [email protected] or 717-534-2082.


Interested in doing research with the AACA Library?

More information is available on our website.

Visit AACA Library or contact our Reference Librarian, Amoi Goldman,

at [email protected] or 717-534-2082.


Visit our Booth at Black Swan Antiquities

New AACA Membership Brochure Available

Car show season is upon us. Are you prepared?

When your region or chapter holds a local car show, that is your best opportunity to recruit new members. The people attending your show are there because they already have an interest in antique cars. If your event is open to non-members, those who have registered and are showing their cars are already willing to participate. These are the folks you should be engaging about how much you enjoy being an AACA member and that they should think about joining.

Now, don’t be caught empty-handed at this point! Make sure your region has something to hand out to potential new members. When you are planning your event, be sure to reach out to National Headquarters to get a supply of materials to help you.

All of these items are available to you at no charge:

-- NEW! AACA National Membership Brochure

-- AACA National Membership Application

-- Mustang Car Cutouts

-- AACA Region Membership Brochure

-- AACA National Military Membership Program

Brochure & Application

To request a supply of these items, please email Karen and include your region, address where you would like the items mailed to and the date of your event.

Now, go out there and get those members!

Attention Regions & Chapters:

Have You Read the Latest Rummage Box?

The Rummage Box is published by the AACA National Publications Committee. The articles in the Rummage Box are provided by National Directors, officers and committee members, as well as pertinent articles submitted by members. The publication is to assist the operations and activities of Regions and Chapters by helping to keep them informed of the latest information about AACA changes in policy or values added. This publication is not copyrighted, and newsletter editors are encouraged to reprint Rummage Box articles in their Region/Chapter newsletters. In fact, an editor will receive additional credit for doing so when their newsletter is being evaluated for national recognition. Such articles may include those that the editor feels may be of reading interest to their members or may provide their members with more information and a better understanding of the benefits they receive from their AACA membership now or will receive in the future.


Click here to download the 2024 Winter Rummage Box.

Attention All AACA Judges

You should be receiving your printed copy of the April issue of The Judge newsletter in your mailbox very soon. If you would like a sneak peak, click here for a digital copy. The issue includes registration forms for the following shows:

2024 Eastern Spring Nationals

Saratoga Springs, NY

2024 Special Eastern Fall Nationals

Hampton, VA

There is also an article from your 2024 VP of Judging, one from a Judging School instructor, a list of the approved changes to the Judging Guidelines for this year and the 2023 Judging Awards recognition list.

Just a reminder that you can also register to judge online on the AACA website.

Not a current judge, but interested in becoming one? Just attend one of the Judging Schools at any of the Nationals to get started.

OOPS! Did You Forget to Renew Your AACA Membership for 2024?

By Karen White, AACA Membership Department, [email protected]

Your AACA membership runs on a calendar year

from January 1 through December 31.


If you have already renewed your membership for 2024, thank you!!

If you have not renewed your membership yet, please take a few minutes to do it now.

REMINDER: Your 2024 membership dues MUST be paid before you can receive registration information for any 2024 National Shows or Tours. Your 2024 membership dues MUST be paid to continue receiving your beloved Antique Automobile magazine. 

In case you did forget, we recently mailed you a brightly colored postcard as a reminder. Simply fill out the postcard and send it back to the office with a check or credit card information.

You can also use our new and improved online renewal on our website. Renewing online is quick and easy! Just log in with your membership number and PIN, review the information currently listed on your membership record and make changes if necessary. Review your information one more time and choose your payment type. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover or PayPal. Your payment will automatically record to your membership record, and you will receive an email confirmation.

If you received an OOPS postcard, your membership number and PIN are printed on the postcard above your name and mailing address. Your membership number and PIN are also printed on your membership card. If the postcard or membership card isn’t available, you can call National Headquarters at 717-534-1910 or email [email protected] to get your numbers. Please DON’T try to pay your dues by using the JOIN AACA tab. This WILL NOT renew your membership – instead, it will create a new one.

High Desert Classics Antelope Valley Region Honors John Knapp

By Ron Sheldon, Rosamond, CA, [email protected]

This is a member submitted article.

John Knapp, long-time resident of Antelope Valley, was honored by the High Desert Classics, Antelope Valley Region, a Southern California chapter of AACA, at their February meeting for his leadership and commitment to community service. 

The Antelope Valley Region Vice President Ron Sheldon presented a testimony of his achievements while a member of the club for 53 years, which has included 18 years (so far), as a member of the Board of Directors. Billie Cruce, Antelope Valley Region Club President, presented a certificate of achievement from AACA National Headquarters to recognize John for his service as club president for ten years.   


John’s appreciation for antique cars is acknowledged by 14 total Model Ts and As, all of which are in running order, that he and his wife Susan have collected. One of the finest exhibitions of antique autos on the west coast.

He serves on the Board of Directors for the Antelope Valley Rural Museum, wherein he has participated in the restoration of two antique vehicles on display at the museum. John annually races one of his Model Ts at the Antelope Valley Rural Olympics where he has placed first on many occasions.

He is a nationally recognized air rifle marksman; as well as, having placed number one in the State of California with a club that he has served as President for seven years. Congratulations to John for this national recognition by the AACA and a special thank you from the Antelope Valley’s premier classic/antique car club, the High Desert Classics. This is an honor well deserved!!

John and Susan Knapp

with the AACA Award

John Knapp and Antelope Valley Region club president Billie Cruce

Please scroll all the way to the end of Speedster to find the answer.
Trivia Question

What was the first car to include a backup light as standard equipment

in series production, which was automatically illuminated in reverse?

Member Story: The Jeep Bolide XJ-002 Concept Car

By Dan Kunz, Vero Beach, FL, [email protected]

This is a member submitted article.

“It was conceived but never built, its existence a myth.” Incorrect! Jeep historians including Ron Szymanski (Jeep’s Corporate Historian), Pat Foster (noted Jeep author), and John Conde (AMC’s Public Relations Historian) were all unaware of the Bolide. It was conceived and built as a one-of-one concept car for the 1970 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), although it was shown at a separate booth due to its unconventional and somewhat clandestine nature. Noted automotive writer and editor Martyn Schorr and I were at the show, and he took and published photos of the car.

The car was ‘lost’ after the NYIAS. AMC didn’t want it back; it was ‘too wild’ for their thinking. It went back to its developer (Borg Warner’s Cycolac Division and their skunk works Centaur Engineering, led by Dann Deaver who originally designed and built the Bolide). Deaver developed The Man from U.N.C.L.E. TV car and concepts including the Can Am One (Corvair—SCCA Competitor) and a Jeep Camper, plus others. Marketing input was from Jack Griffith, who was to market the car through Huntington Motors in select Jeep dealers as a future model for Jeep. Jack did similarly with the TVR-based Griffith V8 Ford Engine product he conceived. Mike Mooney, the current owner of Griffith Motors, will be publishing information about Jack’s involvement with the Bolide.

Some unique history… This one-of-one as shown at the NYIAS was a clandestine operation of Kaiser-Jeep President (or VP, records disagree) John Cady. It was contracted to Borg-Warner and was the first proposed bubble T-top to be production built. It was the first car called a “Sport and Utility Vehicle” (by name, not SUV initials), and the first authorized Kaiser-Jeep concept/prototype built out of house. It was intended to be offered through select Jeep dealerships as a ‘likely new direction for Jeep.’ Unfortunately, John Cady, Borg-Warner, Dann Deaver, and Jack Griffith all lost the bet. AMC didn’t want it back.

Well, I found this one-of-one show-car.

The car was slightly modified for on/off-road and mud racing. It had been hand-brush painted in 5 colors, including hot pink and camo. It was found running with 9,049 miles. It was titled and registered in 5 states, street driven in at least 2 states, and there had been 12 owners over the years.

Full provenance exists since the V-6 Commando it was based on left the assembly line. The Bolide is being restored to its NYIAS show condition. That restoration includes the rough fiberglass interior and underbody, the frame and interior being hand-painted with house paint (including every wire, nut and bolt!).

The black house paint was originally applied by two guys in the box trailer as it was being driven to the show. Dann Deaver, while meeting with Mark Stratton, Society of Manufacturing Engineers and me, relayed that unique detail. The Bolide is nearly all original and only a few NOS parts are being used. It will never be perfect; it was designed and built to be used, and it has been. But for an accurate restoration… we wonder where the paint drips were?

For more information, Google: Jeep Bolide XJ-002. AllPar has a YouTube video of the car running and it has been featured in Hemmings, Muscle Car Magazine (Pat Foster) and Legend Magazine (Alex Kefford).

We want to hear from you!!

We are always looking to feature articles from AACA members in Speedster. We'd love to share your personal accounts of tours and shows you have attended, restoration projects, unique vehicle stories and history, and any other stories you think other AACA members would enjoy hearing about.

Stories should average about 500 words or less. And we love photos, so make sure to include some! Please send your photos and stories to Stacy Zimmerman at [email protected]

From our Founding Fathers to the Final Frontier

June 9-13, 2024

Eastern Divisional Tour

Fredericksburg, VA

Registration Deadline: May 10

Click here for brochure

Click here if you would like registration information sent to you (please include your name and member # in the email)


Join us for an interesting and informative tour in and around historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. Hosted by the Buzzard’s Breath Touring Region, this tour promises to be a relaxing, informative, and fun event for our automobiles up to 1999.


Tour highlights include:

-- Fredericksburg Battlefield

-- Chatham Manor

-- Ferry Farm (Boyhood home of George


-- Udvar‐Hazy Air & Space Museum

-- James Monroe Birthplace

-- Menokin

-- National Museum of the Marine Corps


Host Hotel:

Holiday Inn and Conference Center, 20 Sanford Drive, Fredericksburg VA 22406

540-368-8000, Code: AAC, $139 per night, includes breakfast for two people



Tour Chairman & Registration: Charlie Steffy, 407‐261‐9318, [email protected]


REMINDER: Your 2024 AACA membership dues must be paid

prior to registering for any 2024 National shows and tours.

History, Hospitality and Horsepower

June 20-22, 2024

Eastern Spring Nationals

Saratoga Springs, NY

Registration Deadline: May 25

Click here for brochure

Click here to register online

Click here to register to judge online

Click here if you would like registration information sent to you (please include your name and member # in the email)


The Saratoga Region is excited to host the 2024 Eastern Spring Nationals and honored to welcome you to Saratoga, a city known for its rich “History, Hospitality and Horsepower.” We encourage all members to register their vehicles for the show and come see what our area has to offer. With attractions including naturally carbonated mineral spas, harness racing, polo, 15 golf courses, 10 historic museums, and an award-winning downtown, it’s no wonder Saratoga Springs is a nationally recognized destination known for its innovation. Historically, it has always been this way. Potato chips were invented in 1854 and the club sandwich in 1894. Over 20 films have been filmed in Saratoga. There’s something for everyone including of course America’s oldest and most popular thoroughbred racetrack and for the next two years home of the Belmont Stakes.

Event highlights include:

Thursday, June 20: Lake George trip, ice cream social

Friday, June 21: National Horse Racing Museum and Saratoga Winery trip, member roundtable, Judging Schools, Saratoga Auto Museum, pizza party with entertainment

Saturday, June 22: Judges’ Breakfast, Judges CJE, Owners’ Briefing, car show, awards banquet


Host Hotel:

Gideon Putnam, 24 Gideon Putnam Rd., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

518-584-3000, Code: 9NI8US



Show Chairman: Tom Walsh, 585-474-2406, [email protected]

Registration: Marsha Mackey, 518-863-4987 home, 518-424-6866 mobile, [email protected]


REMINDER: Your 2024 AACA membership dues must be paid

prior to registering for any 2024 National shows and tours.

Order Your Official AACA Car Sign Now for the 2024 Car Show Season

This is the only official AACA recommended car show sign and is intended for use at AACA events. The AACA car sign format, styled similarly to other Concours signs, when properly weighted or staked would limit potential damage to vehicles if bumped or blown. Signs are 16.5" tall and 12" wide and are made of hard plastic to withstand the elements. These signs are only available to AACA members and are custom created to tell your vehicle's story and history.

AACA car signs cost $45 plus shipping and handling. Add an image or images for $5 each. PA residents also pay sales tax.

Please allow 4-5 weeks for the entire process from start to finish.

Click here for more information and instructions.


Email Jon Curtis at AACA Headquarters if you would like to have a sign made.

Check Out These Upcoming AACA National Activities...

Special Room Offering for Hershey 2024

RM Sotheby’s has secured an introductory rate of $289 + taxes at the Hershey Lodge for October 7-11, 2024, which is over $100/night cheaper than their website is offering right now and as we all know, rates tend to go up the closer we get to the event! This deal is currently available to us until March 31 with no deposits, free changes, and free cancellation up to 72 hours before arrival. These rooms will go fast, so book early! Help us keep the Lodge as a great place for attendees to enjoy the auction and all that happens there during Hershey week. We need to fill the hotel with AACA members and guests!


We understand that there are other options for accommodations in Hershey – some being less expensive and some being more. Why not take advantage of this special offer and be where all the action is, watch the cars drive into the auction, watch the bidding, and have fun at a bustling hotel.

Click here to take advantage of this special deal and book your room for Hershey!

How Long Have You Been an AACA Member?

As a thank you for your longtime passion for and dedication to the automotive hobby, AACA awards members who have been in the club for 50 years or more with a beautiful 50-year pin. This stunning award can be bestowed upon a long-time member at an AACA Nationals or regional event, or simply by sending it to you in the mail.

To receive this pin, you must be a member for at least 50 years, which do not have to be consecutive. You (or your region/chapter) must then contact National Headquarters. We will research our archives to confirm your 50 years of membership.

AACA is proud of the many members who have already received this pin and who wear it equally as proud. If you believe you have been a member for 50 years or more, contact Jon Curtis at [email protected] for review of your membership history.

Medi-Wallets Save Lives

Do you know what a Medi-Wallet is?

Or how it could save your life in an accident or emergency?

A Medi-Wallet acts as an immediate information resource for first responders at the scene of an accident or during an emergency situation by providing important medical data even if the injured person is unable to communicate with medical personnel.

How does it work? Once you have your Medi-Wallet, take a few minutes to fill out the information cards inside. The cards ask you for both general information like your name, insurance and emergency contact, and health-related information like your medical conditions, allergies, blood type, medications, etc. You are then ready to use your Medi-Wallet. Simply close the Medi-Wallet over your car seatbelt, the strap of your carry-on bag or even your belt. By always having your Medi-Wallet with you, especially while traveling, you and your family will have that extra little piece of mind.

Personal message from Steve Moskowitz, AACA CEO: If you have not purchased one of these very low-cost items (only $10!) to protect yourself in case of an accident or emergency, please think seriously about doing so. Many of us have medical issues, allergies and significant problems that first responders need to know about. If you or another family member are unable to provide timely information to emergency crews, it could be disastrous. Please consider purchasing one or more for your cars. We want to see all our members protected and this new idea seems to fit the bill.

Visit the AACA store to purchase your Medi-Wallet today!

(And depending on how many cars you own you might want to buy a couple!)

Have You Checked Out MemberDeals Yet?

MemberDeals is a member benefit program with exclusive offers to the world’s greatest entertainment and travel brands. While working with the top suppliers and partners in the industry nationwide, MemberDeals develops attractive offers that you, as an AACA member, now get to take advantage of.

What kind of offers are we talking about? How about offers for Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando Resort™, Cirque du Soleil® and SeaWorld® Parks and Entertainment. There are deals on hotels, rental cars, flights, movie tickets, concerts and sports events. Don’t forget about Broadway musicals, cell phones, computers, appliances, automotive, flowers, food, subscriptions… the list goes on and on.

Click here to check out the most current Epic Deals!

This new benefit program is completely FREE for all current AACA members to utilize. To check out all of the great deals available right now, all you need is your AACA member number and PIN. Click here to go to the members only section of the AACA website, log in with your member number and PIN, and look for the Travel & Entertainment link on the homepage.

(Your member number and PIN can be found on your AACA membership card. If you have lost or misplaced your card, feel free to call AACA National Headquarters at 717-534-1910 and we will be happy to help you.)

Schedule a Tour of AACA National Headquarters

& Library Research Center

Would your AACA region or chapter like to visit?

What about any of the other car clubs you belong to?

If you are planning a tour or day excursion for a group near the Hershey area, why not include a stop at our building as part of your itinerary?

If you would like to book a tour, please reach out to Amoi Goldman, AACA Reference Librarian & Outreach Coordinator, at 717-534-2082 or [email protected].

Do You Know a Military Veteran Who Would Like to be an AACA Member?

The Military Membership Program is available to Military Veterans that have proudly served to protect our homeland and freedoms. With this program, AACA is extending complimentary 2024 memberships for first-time AACA applicants. More information on this program and an application can be found on the AACA website under Membership and drop down to Military Program, or simply click here.

These complimentary 2024 memberships are for first-time AACA applicants. These complimentary applications for membership are intended for individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique car hobby.

Be Social With Us
AACA hosts online forums! AACA hosts a massive online forum area on our website that you can read and/or join in on the conversations on all sorts of topics. People post some really interesting material and pictures on an everyday basis. If you haven't used the forums before, just use the sign-up button in the upper right corner to create your user account. Anyone can join the online forums and it's completely free.
AACA has Facebook! AACA has an official Facebook page for club information and events. We also have an extremely active Facebook group, where group members post, ask questions and discuss everything and anything car-related. LIKE our Facebook page and ask to JOIN our Facebook group. Don't forget to connect with the AACA Library on their official Facebook page as well.
AACA is on Instagram! @antiqueautomobileclubofamerica 
Be sure to use these hashtags: #DrivingHistory, #AACA, #AntiqueAutomobileClubofAmerica, #Hershey, #AACAHershey, #AACAproud, #AACAstrong
AACA National Activities Calendar

April 4-6, 2024

Southeastern Spring Nationals

Charlotte, NC

Click here for Spring Nationals brochure

April 5, 2024

Grand Nationals

Charlotte, NC

Click here for Grand Nationals brochure

June 9-13, 2024

Eastern Divisional Tour

Fredericksburg, VA

Click here for brochure

June 20-22, 2024

Eastern Spring Nationals

Saratoga Springs, NY

Click here for brochure

Click here to register online

Click here to register to judge online

July 10-13, 2024

Western Divisional Tour

Big Horn Mtn., WY

August 22-24, 2024

Special Eastern Fall Nationals

Hampton, VA

Click here for brochure

Click here to register online

Click here to register to judge online

September 12-14, 2024

Western Fall Nationals

Loveland, CO

September 22-27, 2024

78th Revival AAA Glidden Tour®

Fairfield, PA

October 8-11, 2024

Eastern Fall Nationals

Hershey, PA

October 23-26, 2024

Southeastern Fall Nationals

Huntsville, AL

This list is subject to change. New events may be added to the schedule. Continue to watch Speedster for up-to-date information, changes and additions.

Mark your calendars now for all of the 2024 National shows and tours you would like to participate in...

then let the planning begin!

Would you like registration information and materials about any of these

2024 National Activities?

You can:

1. Fill out the activity request card that came with the last issue of Antique Automobile magazine

and mail it to us.


2. Sign into the members only area of the AACA website to print your own registration form and brochure. You can also now fill out your registration online and pay via credit card. You will need your member number and your PIN. If you don’t remember your member number and your PIN, give AACA Headquarters a call, and we can provide you with that information.


3. Call us at AACA Headquarters and we will fill out a request for you and mail you the materials. Call

717-534-1910 Mon.-Fri. from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.


Your 2024 membership dues MUST be paid prior to registering for any 2024 National Activities.

If you request registration materials for a show or tour and those materials are not finalized and printed yet, you will be put on the mailing list to receive them as soon as they are available. 

Trivia Answer

Wills Sainte Claire incorporated the backup light when it appeared in 1921, which is believed to be the first such application in series production. Former Ford engineer C. Harold Wills left the Motor Company in 1919 to venture out on his own on a quest to produce the perfect car. He selected a site along the Saint Claire River in Marysville (Port Huron), Michigan, to establish his enterprise which lasted until 1927. Wills is also said to have pioneered the use of an electric fuel pump on its later, six-cylinder cars. See for more information.

Antique Automobile Club of America | 717-534-1910

America’s Premiere Resource for the Collectible Vehicle Community

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The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is the country's premier resource for the collectible vehicle community. Since its formation in 1935, the Club, through its national office, publications, and membership, aids individuals, museums, libraries, historians and collectors dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of automotive history.