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  • 2019 Summer Conference & BOD Meeting
  • 2019 Award Nominations
  • Registration
  • Hotel Information
  • 2019 Auction to Benefit Ed Centers & Envirothon
  • Guns "Plus" Raffle
  • 2019 AACD Stock Sale
  • AACD Membership
  • Beginning Rancher Workshop
  • NACD Announces First Round of 2019 Tech Assistanc
  • NRCS Announces Changes to Strengthen Technical Input in Conservation Programs
Arizona Association of Conservation Districts
MAY 2019 Newsletter
AACD Summer Conference
July 9th-11th, 2019
Deadline for nominations is June 17th!
Do you have an outstanding District Supervisor or Employee you want to nominate for an award?

Download forms below and submit to Bobbi McDermott at 

Do you know who may or may not be in production agriculture or served as a District Supervisor, but has contributed a lifelong of service towards the goals of the Conservation Districts in the State of Arizona? 

 Do you know a person who has contributed to the enhancement of the District or Education Center’s programs and are in the employment of the District at the time of the nomination, and may include person(s) either paid or that volunteer as a District Conservation Education Center Director?

Do you know a current District Supervisor that has contributed to the development of conservation planning and programs in the District?

Do you know a person(s) who has furthered the conservation of natural resources in the State of Arizona for future generations and may or may not be in production agriculture and is not serving as a District Supervisor? Can be an elected official, agency personnel, teachers, community volunteers, etc.

Do you know a person who is involved in agricultural production and exhibits outstanding conservation management with practices currently being utilized?

Do you know a person who is involved in agricultural production and exhibits outstanding conservation management with practices currently being utilized?

Deadline for nominations is June 17, 2019       
No nominations will be considered if received later than June 17th and can be resubmitted for the 2020 awards.

Email your nomination forms to: Bobbi McDermott

Hotel Information
Little America
2515 East Butler Ave
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
Phone: 800.352.4386

Make your reservation today!
 call (800) 352-4386
Mention the AACD Summer Conference 
Electronic link to hotel
$146 Single Occupancy
$166 Double Occupancy
Conference rate good until   June 17th !
Limited Availability 
(Any room cancellations must be prior to 
July 1 st  to avoid charge)
2019 Auction to Benefit
Education Centers and Envirothon
Let's raise some money for our Envirothon and Ed. Centers! We need Districts to please donate silent and live auction items. Anything from paintings, jewelry, trips, local food baskets, homemade quilts! What can your District donate from your area? Do you have vineyards in your area? Pecan producers? Jewelry makers? Painters? Potters? Quilters? Saddle Maker? Know anybody that has event tickets or operates a Bed & Breakfast? Anything and everything will be greatly appreciated! Auction will be July 10th on the second evening of our summer conference!

Please let Brooke Gladden know what item(s) your District or Ed Center might be able to donate. Get ready for a fun night to benefit our Envirothon & Ed Centers!! Bring your check books!

Phone or Text: (520) 668-3348
JUNE 2019!
44 tickets left! Call Mark Kuechel at (928) 920-6654 to purchase yours today!
There's still time to participate!

The Arizona Association of Conservation Districts (AACD) is pleased to announce a combined fundraising event supporting conservation efforts. Prescott and Willcox Livestock Auctions and Marana Stockyards are working with Natural Resource Conservation Districts (NRCDs) across the state in a stock sale donation event. Anytime during the month of May, ranchers may donate any animal or the average per head price of a load to the stock sale and the proceeds will benefit Conservation Districts. As you arrive at the auction or stockyard please let them know you would like to donate to the Arizona Association of Conservation Districts and the sale yard will take care of the rest. What do your Natural Resource Conservation Districts bring to Arizona? Arizona’s Conservation Districts have facilitated over $28 million dollars’ worth of EQIP and grant contracts annually over the last 10 years into conservation projects on the ground. Those contracts helped increase the local economy because the vast majority of the suppliers for those contracts were local businesses. Please consider donating any animal(s) to support conservation efforts in Arizona. The AACD is a non-profit organization so 100% of the money from this sale is tax deductible! Arizona’s NRCDs greatly appreciate the support of Richard Smyers, Sony Shores and Clay Parsons in helping producers get conservation practices on the ground.

 If you have any questions or would like a donation letter, please email or call (830) 719-5372. Thank you for your support! 
Become an AACD Member!
AACD Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any individual, company, institution, agency, or organization interested in supporting and promoting natural resource conservation efforts in Arizona. 

The Associate Membership is designed for businesses and organizations that support the conservation efforts of Arizona’s farmer and ranchers. Those who support Conservation District partnership efforts with private organizations, local governments, state, tribal and federal agencies and those who care about water conservation, healthy forests and grasslands, and wildlife habitat.

Associate Member Benefits 
An Associate Membership in AACD connects you with 42 Local Conservation Districts and Education Centers across Arizona. 

·     Conservation Leadership Level (5,000)- Trade show booth at our Summer Conference, two free registrations and opportunity for a five minute presentation, Arizona Conservation District updates, up to 3”x4”add space and or logo included on our AACD monthly newsletters, logo and contact information included on our website, recognition in our Annual Conservation Report that goes out to cooperators, federal, state, and local entities, etc. 

·     Conservation Champion Level (2,500)- One free registrations at our Summer Conference, monthly Arizona Conservation District updates, logo included in our AACD monthly newsletter, logo and contact information included on our website, recognition in our Annual Conservation Report that goes out to cooperators, federal, state, and local entities, etc. 

·     Conservation Stewardship Level (1,500)- AACD Monthly newsletter, logo and contact information included on our monthly newsletter and website, recognition in our Annual Conservation Report that goes out to cooperators, federal, state, and local entities, etc. 

Billy Thompson
(520) 384-4688
Beginning Rancher
Arizona Ranchers of Tomorrow Workshops
Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (less than 10 years), please mark your calendars for dates/locations. 
Also, please share with your Districts and any beginning farmer/rancher!

Central Arizona 

August 27
(Tuesday), Payson, AZ area

December 5
(Thursday), Whiteriver, AZ area

Southeastern Arizona 

August 9 th  
(Friday), Florida Canyon – Santa Rita Experimental Range

September 3rd
(Tuesday), Florence (Cropland) 

September 20 th  
(Friday), tentatively – Cochise College Douglas Campus

November 5th
(Tuesday), Florence (Cropland) 

Kaibab NF

May 22nd 
(Wednesday), Scholz Lake, Kaibab NF (MONITORING WORKSHOP)

Northeastern Arizona

May 30th
(Thursday), Polacca, AZ

Contact: Brooke Gladden
(520) 668-3349
NACD Announces First Round of 2019 Technical Assistance Grant Agreements
NACD was pleased to announce approval of the first round of 2019 NACD technical assistance grants, which they are delivering in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Because the number of dollars requested for the three available programs was so large, NACD was able to secure an additional $1 million of Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funds from NRCS. They have also worked with applicants to shift some of the requested funds to the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) workload. 

NACD and NRCS will fund most of the renewal requests that received a high priority in their respective states. In this round of funding, NACD and NRCS have funded nearly 150 positions in 39 states and two territories, including four positions in two tribal conservation districts.

Arizona takes home 3 of those agreements! Congratulations to Apache NRCD, Big Sandy NRCD, Triangle/ Chino Winds NRCD!
NRCS Announces Changes to Strengthen Technical Input in Conservation Programs
NRCS is expanding the technical input in program development and technical services in program delivery. The 2018 Farm Bill made several changes expanding the membership on the State Technical Committee and expanding the avenues through which technical service providers can be certified. Other changes include the administration of the, Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act Program, Healthy Forests Reserve Program, and the Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program.

Today, NRCS posted an interim final rule in the Federal Register to make the existing regulations consistent with the changes made by the 2018 Farm Bill.
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