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American Association of Caregiving Youth Stakeholder Newsletter | July 2023

Thank you for continuing this journey of serving caregiving families with a focus for the past 16 years of Caregiving Youth. August will mark the 25th anniversary of becoming a nonprofit organization!  


We appreciate your understanding of the needs - and of the ROI - of supporting this population; our nine-year average high school graduation rate now exceeds 98%; more education and personal success equates with higher taxable earnings! 


For others, Caregiving Youth are out of sight and out of mind. They see Johnny pushing his grandma in a wheelchair but don't think about what happens when they get home. Johnny's work then begins - behind closed doors. He doesn't talk about it at school, where he puts on a stoic mask to be "normal."  


As the door to government recognition and support of Caregiving Youth is beginning to crack, your help is critical. With today's focus on social justice, please enlist the support of your legislators to end reverse age discrimination against Caregiving Youth - these youngest members of the healthcare team deserve the best and nothing less!

Thank you.

| Mapping Everyday Geographies of Caregiving Youth, a project of the National Science Foundation

A global first! We're excited to share that Dr. Betsy Olson and PhD candidate Leiha Edmonds, both of UNC Chapel Hill, have been doing mapping research, a project of the National Science Foundation, with 48 of AACY's Caregiving Youth Project’s participants and their families.


This research is a valuable step in bringing about understanding and change for Caregiving Youth. Stay tuned for its results as we continue to raise awareness of the life challenges borne by these young people, and work to identify and increase resources, supports, and interventions to improve their lives. 

| Virginia Governor’s Conference on Aging - "At Risk: Caregiving Youth"
Dr. Richard Lindsay, a member of the AACY National Advisory Council, his partner Dr. Rhonda Zingraff, Former Associate Dean at James Madison University, and Charlie Poole, a student at Christopher Newport University, former Caregiving Youth and advocate, presented at the Virginia Governor’s Conference on Aging on May 8, 2023.

Their breakout session, titled "At Risk: Caregiving Youth," discussed the challenges faced by Caregiving Youth in Virginia and nationwide, available AACY resources, and future plans for support. Dr. Lindsay, Dr. Zingraff, and Poole shared personal stories and insights, aiming to raise awareness and encourage involvement in supporting young caregivers.

“We were honored to have the opportunity to present at the Virginia Governor’s Conference on Aging,” said Dr. Lindsay. “This was an important opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges faced by Caregiving Youth and to advocate for the resources they need to succeed.”

The Virginia Governor’s Conference on Aging is an annual event that brings together leaders, policymakers, educators, and innovators from across the state to discuss issues related to aging. 

AACY Research Collaborative News

  • Drs. Olson, Armstrong-Carter, and Siskowski are working with RIDE (RI Department of Education) as they begin planning and implementation of support for Caregiving Youth
  • Dr. Julia Belkowitz and medical students are working to publish research on Caregiving Youth within the UM school health clinics
  • Dr. Feylyn Lewis of Vanderbilt University gave an excellent Ted Talk on Caregiving Youth - a link is coming soon
  • The GAO (Government Accountability Office) is advancing its work on a new national survey about Caregiving Youth in response to a collaborative legislative request

AACY National Advisory Council News

  • We welcome a new member, Shannon Sullivan from NJ's Hope Loves Company
  • The Council has submitted a letter to request that AARP include children who provide care for their members
  • Drs. Boerger and Faraone are creating curriculum modules to be included in the education of teachers and healthcare professionals
| American Association of Caregiving Youth Day
At the Board of County Commissioners meeting on June 6, 2023, Vice Mayor Sachs presented a proclamation declaring June 6, 2023, as American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY) Day. 
| Leeds Endowment Provides $10,000 Scholarships to Graduates of the Caregiving Youth Project
The Leeds Endowment has awarded two $10,000 scholarships to AACY Caregiving Youth Project graduating seniors Ellissia Cooper and Shamar Estime.

Ellissia Cooper, a Palm Beach Gardens High School graduate, will be attending the University of Florida College of Nursing. Shamar Estime, a John I. Leonard High School graduate, will attend Palm Beach State College and then transfer to major in pharmacology. Both students have shown great strength and resilience in caring for their chronically ill grandparents.

We are very grateful to the Leeds Endowment for their generous support of Caregiving Youth. Your generosity will help these students achieve their goals and make a difference in the world.

We sincerely thank Cariloop for their support of American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY). Their partnership has been, and will continue to be, instrumental in raising awareness for young caregivers throughout the United States.

Check out the recently released Cariloop 2022 Impact Report, where you can find an overview of the AACY Partnership on page 17.

| AACY Caregiving Youth Project Graduation Celebration - Class of 2023
| Camp Treasure Summer & Spring 2023
| AACY Game Night August 16th

Are you a fan of trivia? Take a walk on the wild side with our fun-filled Game Night, done in a "Family Feud" format!

Modeled after the popular game show, this Game Night will feature eight team captains who assemble their team of four other family and friends to compete for the AACY Game Night Champion Crown! 

To learn more about the event, become a sponsor, inquire about a team, or purchase tickets click here

Many thanks to our sponsors and teams - more team announcements are coming soon!

Blue Green Vacations
AvalonBay Communities
Allegiance Home Health

Shop for AACY in person or online!

Kendra Scott Event: Saturday, August 19, 2023, 5 PM – 8 PM, Mizner Park, Boca Raton

20% of all your proceeds will directly benefit the American Association of Caregiving Youth

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| You Make a Difference!

AACY Caregiving Youth Project Student Survey - Results are in:

Over 80% of our AACY Caregiving Youth Project participants participated in our End of the Year Survey this school year. These incredible kids, who are also middle and HS students in The School District of Palm Beach County, care for 540 family members. Who would provide that care without them? How many are we not reaching, not only in Florida but in the United States?
| Here are a few ways you can support AACY!
  • Commit to a Monthly Donation
  • Attend a Fundraising Event (Locally)
  • Become a Business/Corporate Sponsor
  • Donate to honor a loved one and put their name on the American Association of Caregiving Youth Wall of Recognition - great present!
  • Speaking Engagements – connect the AACY team to local or national events where we can educate audiences on Caregiving Youth.
  • Follow us on social media – like, share, and comment on AACY's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram posts.
  • Volunteer to support our students and programs
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