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Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership -  AADAP Update
A Branch of the Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program 
The AADAP Update  provides recent news and updates from the Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership program and its partners. For questions or to offer feedback, email Molly Bowman.
(Photo above, Hyalite Lake near Bozeman, MT)
Dave Erdahl Retires

Dave Erdahl, Branch Chief of the Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership (AADAP) program for 24 years, retired on March 30, 2018. Although Dave’s consistent steady hand in guiding the AADAP program will definitely be missed, he has certainly earned and is ready for “greener pastures” in retirement. In Dave’s own words “I have lived a dream-life working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and have ZERO regrets....and I know that I will look back on it all with only the fondest of memories. I have always taken my work/career pretty seriously, but I have always considered the friendships that I have made and the personal interactions related to those friendships by FAR AND AWAY the most important aspect of my time with USFWS.” His future plans consist of “simply enjoying the many outdoor wonders that Montana holds....fish, hunt, hike, camp, fish, fish, hunt, hunt, etc.....and of course, the company of family and friends.” We wish Dave the best in retirement and in all of his future plans!

Guppy Blair Joins AADAP

Dave Erdahl has handed the reins of the AADAP program over to Marilyn “Guppy” Blair as she has now joined AADAP as Acting Branch Chief for the program. Guppy comes to AADAP as a veterinarian with 21 years of experience in fish health from the USFWS Idaho Fish Health Center. She is excited to work with everyone on the AADAP team and all the many folks involved-- including those using INADs, working on drug approvals, and drug sponsors, etc. Guppy feels that filling Dave’s shoes (or hat!) will be a big challenge, but is looking forward to contributing to such an important program.
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