AADC Commemorates

Black History Month 2021


AADC Black Alumnae Network:

Building Community for 40 Years


As we commemorate Black History Month during February and reflect upon the contributions made by African-Americans to our country and to the world, we herald the AADC Black Alumnae Network (BAN) and its commitment to building strong bonds.

As the AADC's oldest network and consistently one of our most active, BAN has been fulfilling its mission for some 40 years since it was established in 1981. BAN has built a legacy of sharing collective experiences and growth through programs such as the Jewel Plummer Cobb Sisters Conference, the Evelyn Sermons Field ’49 Literary Society book discussions, as well as gatherings at AADC Alumnae Reunion Weekend and much more. BAN has distinguished itself by consistently giving light to issues concerning Black women.

Candace Reynolds ’04, BAN’s newest President, says she is “excited and honored to serve and I look forward to supporting BAN's programs and connecting with alumnae to build upon BAN's legacy together.”

She walks in the footsteps of outstanding alumnae, whose impact has made a difference, whether as members or leaders of BAN since its inception nearly four decades ago.

During Black History Month we honor those who have impacted the history of BAN. We celebrate the service and leadership of former BAN chairs and presidents through the years, including: 1981-1983: Evelyn Sermons Field ’49; 1983-1987: Juanita Wade Wilson ’66; 1987-1991: Dolores Ijames Bryant ’84; 1991-1993: Sheridan Quarless Kingsberry ’79; 1993-1995: Karen McLane Torian ’73; 1995-1997: Joy Dingle ’92; 1997-2002: Dawn Dantzler ’93; 2002-2006: Cheryl F. Wilson ’89; 2006-2013: Jocelyn D. Briddell ’81; 2013-2015: Cheryl F. Wilson ’89; 2015 – 2017: Caprice Jenerson ’90; 2017-2019 Cecile Edwards-Owotoroshe ’04; 2019-2020: Yamiesha Bell ’15; and 1988-1997: Flora Buchbinder Cowen ’59, AADC Special Liaison.

The AADC is committed to supporting our Black alumnae as well as creating platforms and sacred spaces to have the needed dialogue to educate, create awareness, expose barriers, implement change and lead through our actions and deeds.

We acknowledge the ongoing impact of BAN and the countless alumnae who continue to be involved, share their talents and build a lasting sense of community. We are better together as we move forward together.

AADC Black Alumnae Network Hosts its Virtual General Body Meeting

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Join us for our first meeting of the new year with alumnae from near and far. Hosted via Zoom, begins at 1:00 pm EST. Register for the meeting.