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January 2018

The Association of All Great Retailers (AARG) is a Farmers Insurance Workers Comp safety group dedicated to serving, promoting and protecting California retailers.

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Safety in Store: From the Back Room to the Parking, Retail Workers F ace Many Hazards on the Job

A 2016 study revealed that retail industry experienced a higher combined injury and illness rate than the construction industry.  

All businesses have a responsibility to develop and implement a safety plan to reduce or eliminate any hazards on the job.  It is imperative that employers address all workplace hazards and understand how to identify the full range of potential hazards while employees' are on the job.

The Majority of the injuries occur because of the repetitive motions and the manual lifting employees do on a daily basis.  
According to the Bureau of Labor Statics report, the retail industry workers experience a combined injury and illness rate (3.3 per 100 full-time workers) higher than the the construction industry in 2016.   Read more

Opioids:  A Stumbling Block to Good Claim Outcomes

There is a serious and growing epidemic of prescription pain medications in this country.  We are consistently reading or hearing reports of the growing impact of addiction and how families are being torn apart by this epidemic.
According to the CDC the overdose death toll is close to 400,000 a year with more than half of those deaths related to prescription drugs. 
Opioid abuse not only cost employers billions of dollars a year, but studies have proven that individuals with addictions are more likely to be sick or miss work and even use workers' compensation benefits.  Workers' compensation stakeholders, insurers and state government are stepping up their efforts to address the issues of opioid use.   Read more