May 2, 2023
Upcoming Webinar

Mysteries Of The Brain:
Demystifying Autoimmune Neurological Conditions (Part I of II)
May 24th, 4:00-5:00 ET
Up next, AAIDA will both host Alexis El-Khouri, PharmD and Kipp Tiger, PharmD, CSP, for our fourth educational webinar.

Dr. El-Khouri & Dr. Tiger will discuss the following:

  • Describe autoimmune demyelinating disorders and the impact on patients and caregivers 
  • Review current guideline recommended therapies and what to expect while on therapy 
  • Discuss pipeline drugs and clinical trial studies 
  • Introduce resources and support programs for patients and caregivers

Following their presentation Dr. El-Khouri and Dr. Tiger will conduct a live 15 minute Q& A session with attendees. This webinar will be recorded live and made available on the AAIDA website and YouTube channels for our community.
IgNs Patient 360 Conference
Are you a patient on immunoglobulin (Ig) replacement therapy? Do you or a loved one live with a condition where you receive intravenous or subcutaneous immunoglobulin (IVIG or SCIG)? Plan to join us at the IgNs Patient 360 to learn more and connect with others who receive these medications. AAIDA will also be exhibiting virtually during this FREE two day educational event May 20-21st.
What You Need to Know About Alternate Funding Programs (AFP)
Alternative funding programs (AFP) are detrimental for patients prescribed high-cost specialty medications and are a growing concern in healthcare. In a recent letter to its consumers and vendors, Optum addresses the rising issues with AFP's.

Members of Congress also understand the ramifications that AFP's can cause and are also helping to address the impact of these programs in their April 17th letter to the Federal Trade Commission.
May 2nd is World Asthma Day
Many patients within the AAIDA community around the world are diagnosed with asthma and other overlapping conditions. To help kick off World Asthma Day on May 2nd, Dr.Ashok Gupta, chairman at Allergy Care India and professor and pediatrics department head, shares with us the challenges of asthma diagnosis and access to specialists in India.

डॉ अशोक गुप्ता, "एलर्जी केयर इंडिया" के अध्यक्ष और प्रोफेसर और बाल रोग विभाग के प्रमुख, प्रदूषण की रोकथाम और लड़ाई पर शिक्षा की आवश्यकता बताते हैं।
Thank you GAAPP for creating this content as well as other ones in various languages around the globe to share during World Asthma Day.
Walk For Primary Immunodeficiency, Charlotte, N.C on July 29th
During World Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Awareness Week April 22nd-29th, AAIDA is happy to share the announcement of Charlotte N.C as a National site for Walk For PI with the Immune Deficiency Foundation on July 29th. Learn more below
May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Did you know your mental health is just as important as your physical health? Many patients living with chronic illness suffer from depression, anxiety and other types of mental health conditions. AAIDA would like to help break the stigma often associated with mental health. AAIDA would like to support those who face depression or other mental health conditions by bringing awareness to the challenges patients or caregivers often face while living with these conditions. During the month of May, we ask that you visit the National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMH) or other healthcare sites to learn more and get involved with local events near you to help us break this stigma.
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