October 10th, 2022
October Webinars

Herramientas y Tips Para el Cuidado de Tu Salud
October 12th, 4:00-5:00 ET

AAIDA se complace en asociarse con Looms for Lupus y Latin Health Leaders para nuestro primer seminario virtual en Español durante el Mes de la Herencia Hispana que se celebra del 15 de Septiembre al 15 de Octubre. Nuestro panel de discusión incluirá a Estela Mata, Juana Mata  cofundadoras de Looms for Lupus y Migdalia Denis, Directora Ejecutiva de Latin Health Leaders.

Herramientas y tips para:
  • El cuidado de tu salud física
  • El cuidado de tu salud mental
  • Seguir tus sueños con enfermedades crónicas
  • Adherencia de tratamientos
  • Comunicación con tus Medicos

Following their presentation, Estela, Juana and Migdalia will conduct a live 15 minute Q&A session with attendees. This webinar will be recorded live and made available on the AAIDA website and YouTube channels for our community.

Tips & Tools To Keep You Safe Online: Cyber Security Part II
October 19th, 4:00-5:00 ET

AAIDA will host cyber security expert, Igor Pinchevskiy, for our 8th educational webinar during 2022. Igor will expand on his discussion around best practices to protect yourself from healthcare and online scams from his previous webinar on June 22nd, 2022.

Igor will discuss the following:

  • Best practices on how to create a secure password to keep your sensitive information safe
  • Tips for safely maneuvering around the world wide web and evolving technology
  • How to protect yourself from becoming a victim to "phishing" scams online
  • How to monitor your phone, computer and other electronic devices to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crimes

Following his presentation Igor will conduct a live 15 minute Q&A session with attendees. This webinar will be recorded live and made available on the AAIDA website and YouTube channels for our community.
Other News & Events

Register For The Annual
U.S Asthma Summit
Friday, November 11th, 8:00-4:00 ET

Allergy & Asthma Network will host their 2022 US Asthma Summit both in person and via livestream. This FREE annual event will be on Friday, November. 11th, at the Louisville Marriott in Louisville, Kentucky.

The US Asthma Summit brings together asthma coalitions, state asthma programs, doctors, school nurses, community health workers, patients, advocates and other key stakeholders involved in asthma care.
During the daylong Summit, attendees discuss asthma issues, advance Guidelines-based care, and share best practices and lessons learned from asthma programs.
Calling All Infusion Patients!

Our friends at the Infusion Access Foundation are interested in connecting with patients to understand the experience, challenges and opportunities for support around provider administered therapies (ex. infusion or injection medications given at a medical facility). All participants who are selected to participate in the upcoming 90-minute focus group will receive a $50 Visa gift card. 
Resources & Articles
2023 Medicare Part D Patient Guide
If you or a loved one is a beneficiary of Medicare Part D, this helpful document may be worth reviewing and sharing prior to 2023 open enrollment beginning soon.

Cell-Killing Therapy Shows Promise For
Lupus Patients
Five lupus patients are given genetically modified versions of their own immune cells show vast improvement. The treatment, called chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) therapy, involves isolating T cells—sentries of the immune system—from a patient’s blood and genetically modifying them to seek and destroy other cells that are causing disease. The engineered T cells are then reinfused into the patient.
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