We recently completed our 2020 Annual Report and wanted to share it with you! Read it here!

In preparing the report, I was struck again by how amazing the Supportive Living Program is.  What makes it such an exemplary model for our most vulnerable low-income seniors and persons with disabilities? You!

The SLP staff always go above and beyond to provide outstanding care and services to residents.  Despite unprecedented challenges in 2020, the spirit of Supportive Living shined.  Thank you for your creativity, flexibility, resilience, and compassion.

While you were working tirelessly to keep your communities safe, AALC was advocating for the Supportive Living industry.  

Some of the highlights from 2020 include:
  1. Bringing an additional $52 MILLION to SLP through relinking 
  2. Securing $36 million in COVID-19 relief funds
  3. Protecting $1.2-1.5 million in SNAP benefits for 11,500 residents
  4. Raising $200,000 to support AALC Advocacy efforts

While we are all happy to leave 2020 behind, I encourage you to always carry with you the spirit of Supportive Living!