The 2019 Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) announces the Call for Program and Workshop Proposals for the 112th AALL Annual Meeting & Conference in Washington, DC. AALL 2019 will celebrate the innovators within our profession and highlight the skills, talents, and attributes that provide added value and meaning to our organizations.

AALL members are invited to turn their great ideas into learner-centric programs offering high-level content that can be delivered in an energetic and engaging format. Our profession requires specialized training and has complex requirements, processes, and issues. In order to stay on the leading edge, we need your expertise.

Think about:
  • What advanced-level issues need further exploration?
  • What "core skill" development gaps still exist?
  • What are the cutting-edge topics emerging within the profession?
  • How do you communicate the value you bring to your organization?


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by Monday, October 1

The AMPC has compiled a list of "must-have" program topics--timely topics that AALL members have identified as being vital to their professional education. Perhaps one of the topics is exactly what your library has been tackling this year. Maybe you know the perfect presenter. Perhaps a working group within your special interest section has been brainstorming about the topic already. Propose a program!

"[My best moment was] coordinating a program for the 1st time ever and have it be such a resounding success, with over 100 attendees, all of whom stayed to the end, many who asked questions or spoke to [the] presenter after the program, and getting the congratulations/compliments from so many of my peers."
Recent AALL Conference Attendee

Use the Program and Workshop Proposal Collection site to develop your proposal in your own workspace, share it with your colleagues, and submit it by October 1. Explore our resources for program proposers, including: The AMPC will evaluate all proposals using a comprehensive rubric focusing on:
  • Relevance (Is it important, timely, and vital to legal information professionals? Will the learner be able to implement action or think in new ways as a result?)
  • Description (Is it clear and well-defined? Is there a specific plan for learner engagement? Are the proposed speakers suitable?)
The deadline for submission is Monday, October 1; notifications will be sent to proposers in December.

We are excited about AALL 2019 and look forward to seeing your proposals.


Femi Cadmus
AALL President

Emily M. Janoski-Haelen
AMPC Chair

We are Stronger, Smarter, and
More Successful Together