Attendance Awareness Month Update
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July 18, 2018
Superintendents Call to Action 

Attendance Works and our convening partners in Attendance Awareness Month are calling all local superintendents to play a leadership role in bringing attention to chronic absence, a  pernicious problem affecting at least 8 million students.

Superintendents who sign on to our Call to Action  will join a growing national movement of school leaders looking beyond average daily attendance and truancy numbers to identify and address the challenges that keep students from getting to school every day. This year, superintendents who provide baseline data will see their names appear in an ad in Education Week. We would like to thank Scholastic for its support of the 2018 Call to Action.

Encourage your local superintendent to sign on to the Call to Action here and commit to:
  • Prioritize Attendance
  • Mobilize the Community, and
  • Drive with Data

Attendance Works! 

Your gift will help fund more great resources to raise awareness of the importance of attendance for student achievement.

What to Do When

Now is the time to reach out to mayors and other elected leaders, school boards and superintendents and urge them to signal the importance of school attendance by declaring that September is Attendance Awareness Month. Download our sample proclamations that can easily be adapted for state leaders and boards. National and local organizations can also use these template proclamations and disseminate them through their networks.
Community Spotlight

The North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation's is asking readers to complete a statewide survey about chronic absence. The survey is part of NCECF's focus on educating and engaging North Carolinians about the importance of regular attendance. Over the summer NCECF will be releasing a NC toolkit on attendance to get ready for Attendance Awareness Month in September! The toolkit will include an Attendance Works' self-assessment survey for superintendents, a call to action and proclamation for superintendents to raise awareness about this issue, and  map showing districts that have already completed the survey.
Blog Spotlight

Read our post published by Scholastic about the unique leadership role local superintendents play in helping to motivate students and families to avoid unnecessary absences and overcome challenging barriers to getting to school. We especially thank Scholastic for its support of this year's Call to Action.  Find the blog.
Webinar Spotlight

We hope you've already registered for our August 15th webinar, Team Up for Attendance: Community Matters, at 11-12:30 pm (PT) / 2-3:30 pm (ET). Everyone who registers will receive a link to the webinar recording, PowerPoint slides and discussion guide. In this webinar we'll discuss how community partners representing health care, early childhood, and national service volunteers are helping students and families overcome barriers to getting to school every day possible. Find the list of guest speakers and register here.

Tweet It!

Teaming Up for Attendance is critical to reducing #chronicabsence! Join @attendanceworks + 70 nat'l partners for the Community Matters webinar. Hear how health care, volunteer & early education providers partner w/ schools. Register Now: #SchoolEveryDay

Look online for the PowerPoint presentation and recordings of Leadership Matters, (3/28) and Working Together Matters (5/8). Find them on our website.
Resource Spotlight

Interested in a resource that educates parents about the number of days their child has missed? The Attendance Works' Student Attendance Success Plan is designed to help parents track their children's attendance and work  with teachers to set appropriate goals. The plans are tailored for preschool and elementary school families; the high school plan allows teens to do their own tracking. Each plan includes a 2018-19 calendar page. Find the plans.
Teaching Attendance Online Curriculum

Do you have a chronic absence problem? Attendance Works has created the Teaching Attendance Curriculum, an online, interactive educational program designed to equip teachers and school support staff with an understanding of the issue, and the guidance and resources they need to reduce chronic absences in grades K-12. Each course contains videos, reflections and opportunities to apply concepts throughout. Start learning today! Register.
Partner Spotlight

Campaign for Grade-Level Reading is a collaborative effort by foundations, nonprofit partners, states and communities across the nation to ensure that more children in low-income families succeed in school and graduate prepared for college, a career, and active citizenship.  

Register today for GLR Week in Philadelphia, July 23-27. A wide array of sessions will allow participants to discover opportunities for collaboration and replication across GLR community coalitions nationwide and to reflect on the activities of local, state, and national funders that support early learning, early literacy and early school success. 

Join Attendance Works for two workshops, Technology + Relationships = Solutions to Absenteeism, 4:00 pm on July 25, and Reducing Chronic Absence Requires a Trauma-Informed Response, 10:30 am on July 26. Register here.
Sponsor Spotlight

A special thanks to our Attendance Awareness Month Campaign corporate sponsors for their commitment to help ensure that every child is in school every day. Their investment makes it possible for us to provide you with free strategies and materials:

Scholastic - $20,000

Safe and Civil Schools - $10,000

French Toast - $10,000
Social Media

.@attendanceworks is calling on communities to Team Up for Attendance in 2018! Join the webinar Community Matters on August 15 to hear how health care providers, volunteers & other partners are reducing #chronicabsence. Register: #SchoolEveryDay 

What are the secret ingredients strong schools use to reduce #chronicabsence? How do community partners support their work? Join @attendanceworks' free webinar, Community Matters, on August 15 to find out! Register Now: #SchoolEveryDay 

Kids who miss too much school in PreK & K are less likely to be @readingby3rd: #SchoolEveryDay

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Addressing chronic absence is a key component of improving graduation rates, increasing academic achievement and giving young people the best chance at success in their adult life. Join Attendance Works and 70 national partners and participate in the Attendance Awareness Campaign. Make a difference for your community!
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