War and Freedom are often spoken of together. This Remembrance Day we remember those who are not free. Those whose lives contain many battles, military or otherwise. We hope that next Remembrance Day, through our efforts and the efforts of allies against modern slavery around the world there will be more free people and fewer battles to fight.

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Help support our initiatives to research, educate, and aid in partnership in order to end slavery in Canada and around the world.
Ally Against Modern Slavery
In May 2008, the United Nations Human Rights Council appointed Ms. Gulnara Shahinian as the first Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, its causes and consequences. Ms. Shahinian is a lawyer and has extensive experience working as an expert consultant for various UN, EU, Council of Europe, OSCE and government bodies on children's rights, gender, migration and trafficking. 
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Slavery in the News

The Walk Free Foundation has published the first Global Slavery Index. Based on reports by governments, non-profit organizations and statistical estimates, it ranked 162 countries in terms of the number of people affected by a range of practices, including forced and bonded labour, human trafficking, forced marriages, and the use of children in the military. 


Overall, it estimates nearly 30 million people are enslaved worldwide. The index estimated that approximately 5,600 to 6,200 people are in slavery in Canada.  


For more information and to see the index, visit www.globalslaveryindex.org 

AAMS Training

We just completed a productive and exciting training session in Thunder Bay, a major hub for child exploitation in Canada. CBC wrote a piece about our training; check it out here.  


Do you work with potentially sexually exploited children and youth? There are still spaces left for our Windsor training, December 2-6, 2013. For more details or to register, please visit our website

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