April 2020
"Funambulist" sits in the courtyard of Snyder-Phillips Hall and models a “juxtaposition between the heaviness of steel and the fleeting forces of the wind, creating a compelling visual and intellectual irony.” - MSU Today .

In the Midst of Challenge, Raise a Salute!
As we look toward the end of the semester, we usually feel growing anticipation for the celebrations of the season and the successes of our students. Furthermore, we may feel a sense of well-earned accomplishment for all that the year has involved, and some excitement about the change of pace and time to reflect, research, or adjust personal and professional balance that late spring and summer typically allow. Yet, this year is dramatically different...( read more)

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Ann Austin
Interim Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Staff Development
Making an Impact
Tributes to Terry Curry
For the last 13 years, Theodore H. (Terry) Curry has served the Michigan State University community as associate provost and associate vice president for Academic Human Resources. In this role, Terry has been a close partner of the Academic Advancement Network (formally Faculty and Organizational Development), providing expertise and leadership for faculty and academic staff across the University . An engaging presenter, Terry’s workshops are known for quality content with a touch of humor.

The Importance of NOT Socially Isolating While Simultaneously Practicing Social Distancing
Social distancing is the important strategy of physically separating ourselves from one another to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus. Social isolation, on the other hand, is often physically isolating ourselves (which we are doing) AND emotionally isolating ourselves, which we cannot afford to do.

Learning Through Collaboration & Connection
AAN Instructional Fellowships Wrap Up a Productive Year
Typically, at this time of year, we would be celebrating a number of milestones, such as graduations and other important life events. Considering the implications of the global pandemic we are experiencing, we’ve all had to pivot these acknowledgments into alternative spaces or postpone them until future gatherings are possible. Given this, I would like to take this opportunity to bring attention to the AAN Fellowships.

Celebrating Academic Leadership Program
(ALP) Fellows
Each spring, we celebrate the outgoing cohort of the Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program (ALP) Fellows while welcoming a newly selected cohort for the coming year. While we are unable to host an in-person celebration this spring, we would like to acknowledge the work of the 2019-20 cohort and announce the 2020-2021 ALP Fellows .

Faculty Emeriti Recognition Awards
In the spring of every year, the Faculty Emeriti Association, in collaboration with the Academic Advancement Network recognizes outstanding contributions by an individual faculty emeritus/emerita. The purpose of this award is to recognize the activities of retired faculty who have made significant contributions to the MSU Community or their unit. These engagements should be viewed as mutually beneficial for the Faculty Emeriti and the unit.

Upcoming Events
April 23, April 30
Each week our zoom session will include some tips for enhancing and maintaining your emotional well-being as well as providing an opportunity for you to be seen, heard, and validated by your Academic Women’s Forum community. Zoom sessions will also include breakout sessions so you can connect with a smaller group of women to reflect on key questions together.

Or join by phone: 1-312-626-6799
Webinar ID: 690 566 346
(No Registration Required.)

April 24, 2020 at 10 a.m.
Community-Engaged Research and Partnership Forum
COVID-19 is reshaping the world as we know it. For many of us, the novel coronavirus has raised serious questions about the current status and future of our community-engaged research and partnerships. Discuss how the pandemic is affecting our community-engaged research and to share resources that may be helpful in moving this work forward in ethical and appropriate ways. Ideas will be shared with participants and used to inform University Outreach and Engagement's summer series on community engagement and COVID-19.

Register by April 22 to receive the zoom link and password for this synchronous on Zoom Forum, with breakouts for small group discussion

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Impacts shared about another educator
via #iteachmsu Thank an Educator:
Thank you to:
Kevin Elliott
" Kevin is an exceptional educator and mentor at MSU, and his interdisciplinarity is perhaps the greatest testament to his skill and talents in educating students and producing quality scholarship. Kevin is also a very kind, respectful, thoughtful, and empathetic educator, inspiring these same qualities in each of his students and mentees. He is also sufficiently attentive to students' questions and comments, especially in interactive or discussion-based classroom settings. Kevin is also the kind of educator who actively seeks out new opportunities for scholarship or service with students, and I sincerely appreciate his capacity for selfless giving and interdisciplinary collaboration. Kevin is a well-respected educator and philosopher, and he deserves great recognition for his unique personality, behavioral, and scholarly qualities, which collectively makes being educated by him both thoroughly enjoyable and meaningful. "
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