February 2021
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Three words that get used a lot, sometimes with great intention and sometimes almost casually, as if their meaning is commonly understood by all. Throughout the last several months, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force has worked to do a “deep dive” into ways in which we might collectively improve the culture, policies, and practices that will support these values and help each of us to see our part in enacting ... (read more)

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Marilyn Amey
Interim Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Staff Development
Making an Impact
Inclusivity in the Classroom
The first 48 minutes the professor spoke only in Telefolmin, a language from a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea. Such an experience is an almost perfect inversion of the inclusivity practices MSU faculty strive for. MSU’s inclusion ideal is wide-ranging; inclusion isn’t limited to identity or history, but the multi-dimensional layers that create unique individuals ...Read more
Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Student Success
The focus of this year's conference is on Lessons Learned and New Experiences from 2020.

The goal of the conference is to create a shared space for conversation about educational practices that lead to student success. To do so, we encourage sessions that share impactful and scholarly approaches to teaching, highlight data related to student learning and success, and provide opportunities for professional growth. We hope to leverage the campus community’s collective skills and knowledge about teaching, learning, assessment, research, and administrative processes to advance student learning and benefit the entire university community.

This year's conference will be virtual with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous sessions. Details will be provided as they become available ... Read more
Leadership Institute Series
This series offers academic administrators the opportunity to interact with their peers around key topics.

Starting an Academic Career in Unusual Times
AAN is offering monthly “Conversations for Early Career Colleagues,” designed to foster connections, answer questions, and support those early in their careers to navigate the university and the overall landscape of academic life. March 16 from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) Sessions
  • Cultivating Compassion & Collectivism: A Multi-Week Course to Facilitate Healing from Racial Trauma - In this two-part workshop series, Dr. Della will describe the connection between trauma, healing, compassion, and collectivism. She will also introduce and guide participants through practices that help cultivate compassion and collectivism as a means to help facilitate healing from racial trauma. February 24 at 2 p.m.
  • How to Develop a Daily Writing Practice - Do you wish you could develop a healthy, consistent, daily writing routine that would allow you to meet your department’s expectations for tenure and promotion? March 11 at 2 p.m.

View a comprehensive list of educator development resources.
The SEISMIC Collaboration is a collection of educators, researchers, students, support staff, and more who work in higher education and have seen the persistent problem of inequity and non-inclusion in STEM education. All MSU faculty and staff are welcome to join conversations, review resources, and become involved.
The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity offers live and recorded webinars, courses, and workshops covering many topics that pertain to different stages of academic careers. To receive many resources at no cost to you, register with your NetID for an account linked to our MSU institutional membership.
Impacts shared about another educator
via #iteachmsu Thank an Educator:
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“RCPD had a difficult issue we were trying to resolve that dealt with a student's D2L exam and whether they received the correct testing accommodations. The student was upset, and the instructor was adamant they had provided the accommodations correctly. Drew Breach stepped in and took the time to walk me through exactly what happened, explaining how the instructor misunderstood the process to extend testing time. He then provided additional information about D2L settings for my knowledge, offered to work with the instructor on further training, and typed up a detailed email with screenshots and helpful information, so we could better advise faculty in the future. I was very thankful for the extra effort Drew provided to help. The student was even more grateful as it made a substantial difference in his grade and success in the course. During these difficult times and having to navigate technology in new ways, it is great to have caring and supportive IT staff!!! Thank YOU!”
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