August 2020
The Strength of Collaborating in Uncertain Times!
The University Communications Office launched a site entitled Together We Will in an effort to pull information on a myriad of topics into one central place to make it easier for all of us to navigate the broad array of opportunities, resources, and messages that currently represent MSU. At times of ambiguity, it is easy to see just how big we are as a university, and yet with that size comes the great capacity for learning, for change, and for collaboration that helps us find ways to individually succeed and build a better collective future...(read more)

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Marilyn Amey
Interim Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Staff Development
Making an Impact
Develop Your Academic Career Path
Ann Austin, Academic Career Paths Node Leader
We have an AAN team that works collaboratively to support the faculty and academic staff at MSU. Within that team, my specific focus is supporting the diverse Academic Career Paths of MSU faculty and academic staff. That is, while much connects academics across their areas of work, we recognize that faculty and academic staff experience their careers in different ways depending on each person’s specific appointment, career stage, and institutional location.

Establish and Advance Your Goals in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities
Beronda Montgomery, Research and Scholarship Node Leader 
As you’re embarking on this new path or new academic year, we want to support you in prioritizing reflection and planning for success in your distinct career domains. In considering valuable resources for establishing and advancing your goals in the realms of research, scholarship, and creative activities, I’d like to share a few of the many beneficial resources available at MSU.

5 Things to Know About Educator Professional Development
Jeff Grabill, Teaching and Learning Node Leader
Educator professional development programming is a dynamic part of MSU’s campus. Here are five things worth thinking about as a new faculty member.

Explore and Develop Leadership and Managerial Skills
Cindi Leverich, Director of Academic Leadership Development
As an academic, you will have a variety of opportunities to take on formal and informal leadership roles throughout your career, even though they may not be framed that way specifically. If you have currently hold a titled position, have aspirations to develop your leadership skills, or just want to “dip your toe” into administration, we offer a number of programs and resources. We can also serve as a conduit to programs and resources happening both across the University and externally.

2020-21 Fellows Announced
In a year full of change, we have high hopes for the insight and development of the 2020-21 fellowship cohorts. While it’s easy to understand the desire for some to ride out the changes already underway during a year in a pandemic, these individuals have risen to the call of fellowship opportunities and the dedication to make an impact within the campus community.

AAN Virtual "Coffee Hour" @Zoom Webinar
Whether you are a new member of the MSU community or someone with years of experience here, there are times when a faculty or academic staff member looks to talk about career issues with someone who understands academic work in its many forms. The staff and node leaders of the Academic Advancement Network are here to be that sounding board as you create a successful academic career here. We invite you to stop by our virtual “Coffee Hours” to discuss aspects of academic work that are on your mind. Drop-in for a quick question, to engage in conversation instead of just email, to set up a consultation, or to inquire further about the many activities and opportunities offered by AAN throughout the year. Each session will be facilitated by a different AAN leader but you can come by to ask any of us specific or general questions. We look forward to seeing you!

MSU requires faculty to distribute a course syllabus at the beginning of the semester. This document summarizes essentials about syllabi design and requirements at MSU. 

The MSU Behavioral Threat Assessment Team has created the "Green Folder" as a resource guide and tool to help faculty and staff navigate difficult situations. The Green folder will help to identify a person in distress and the resources available to assist the person-in-need. Recommended actions may include notifying the Behavioral Threat Assessment Unit, contacting EAP, or some other helpful resource. This new remediated Green Folder is for screen readers, making it an accessible document.

Each August, we offer an orientation for all tenure-system faculty, fixed-term faculty, and academic staff. This year’s program consisted of both synchronous and asynchronous portions to provide you with the lay of the land, acquaint you with others in your peer cohort, and give you a network of resources for your support.

Safety is our highest priority and we are working hard to support an engaged and connected experience for all. This website provides the latest information on planning and preparation. Success will take all of us working together.

This site focuses on four main subject areas about accessing MSU from home: working, learning, teaching, and researching. 

This site has been built to create a larger educational development network. It’s essentially a social network for teachers, broadly defined, at MSU. It’s entirely user-driven. Faculty and staff are able to post ideas, questions, or feedback to keep the education conversation going around trending topics that pertain to the MSU educator community. This site is managed by the Hub. You can login to the site using your MSU netID and password.

The WorkLife Office partners with the community to create an inclusive, responsive work environment where all faculty and staff are respected and supported toward well-being in work and personal lives. Check out upcoming and past video sessions regarding current concerns involving work and personal life. 
Impacts shared about another educator
via #iteachmsu Thank an Educator:
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"Movement of a large lecture format course (200+ students) to a online format is not easy. Aaron made that transition so much smoother by being willing to take on extra work. Aaron took on the tasks of learning all the ins and outs of D2L so that we could switch from in-class clicker questions to D2L quizzes (all properly formatted!). In addition our first D2L exam went smoothly mostly due to his efforts. He gives weekly virtual review sessions to the students and is incredibly responsive to their questions and needs. He deserves a big shout out for his efforts!"
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