AAON Horizontal Configuration Rooftop Units are engineered to handle a
variety of applications that were o nly possible before in a vertical arrangement
Why are these the slickest horizontal rooftops units on the market?:

The same premier features that a re standard in all AAON units! Air & Water Cooled Condensing, Heat Recovery, Fully Modulating Compressors &
Condenser Fans, High Turndown Gas Heat, R-13 Panel Insulation, No through Metal Construction, 2500 Hour Salt Spray Paint, Color Coded Wires that Match the Wiring Diagram, All Components Labeled, Controls by Others, Direct Drive Fans, 100% OA Capability, Lo w Dewpoint Dehumidification...
   Final filtration with high efficiency filters are available.

lic ations
Unique Rooftop Applications
Sound Sensitive Applications
Hotel Applications
Code Compliance Applications
HEPA Filtration

Aaon rooftops units are designed to keep the heat where
it should be - inside!
Don't believe us? Check out some of the thermal images below of competitors vs. Aaon rooftop HVAC units and stop heating and cooling the great outdoors!

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