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AAPSS Fellow on the Need for Data About Postsecondary Faculty

Norman Bradburn’s opinion piece with Robert Townsend for The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights the glaring lack of faculty-related data in conversations about the current state of postsecondary education. In describing what is at stake, Bradburn and Townsend write, “the lack of current data on postsecondary faculty members is a serious gap in efforts to develop the kind of systematic educational indicators the recent reform efforts by the Department of Education and the Institute for Higher Education Policy seem to be advocating.” The authors advocate for comparative analyses based on data about academic programs that assess the relative size and distribution of courses, the numbers of students taking each course, and the number and type of faculty members teaching them.

ANNALS Volume 651, Collateral Consequences of Mass Incarceration: A Hill Briefing

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ANNALS Volume 652 Launched in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa

Strengthening Governance in South Africa: Building on Mandela’s Legacy”, traveled to Cape Town and Johannesburg to launch his ANNALS volume in South Africa. With parliamentary elections having taken place in May and the ANC having retained surprisingly large support in those elections, Dr. Rotberg felt the time was particularly right to discuss South African leadership and governance with South Africans. The Cape Town launch took place at the South African Institute of International Affairs and the Gordon Institute of Business Science was home to the Johannesburg event. Those in power in South Africa, Dr. Rotberg says in his recent Cape Times op-ed, “must uplift a country severely challenged, dispirited, and disturbed.”

Human Trafficking ANNALS Volume Garners Broad Media Attention

Slate, Business Standard, and The Examiner, among others.

Joseph Stiglitz�s Moynihan Lecture Video Live

Joseph Stiglitz delivered the second annual Daniel Patrick Moynihan Lecture on Social Science and Public Policy in Washington, DC. Stiglitz addressed wealth disparities and the impact of income stratification on our country�s economic health. To watch the lecture, visit the AAPSS website and Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity�s news section.

Coming Up in The ANNALS:

The ANNALS, “Family Complexity, Poverty, and Public Policy,” the special editors, Marcia Carlson and Daniel Meyer, gather prominent scholars to look at the various dynamics of today’s family complexity, focusing on families with minors. Family life in the United States has drastically changed over the past half century. Marriage has become less common, divorce rates have risen, cohabitation has become the new norm, and childbearing outside of marriage is more prevalent than ever�all of which have contributed to the emergence of family complexity. The articles present the context in which family complexity has developed and the factors that have increased its prevalence; they provide evidence for how increasing changes in family composition are linked to income and poverty; and analyze the transforming roles and behaviors of parents, grandparents, and children. The authors also address the repercussions of family complexity on social and public policy, highlighting the need to enact effective policies and identifying areas that require further research.