AARC Tip of the Month - April 2016
New Diagnosis
The current rate of autism spectrum diagnosis is 1 in 68 children. If you are a parent or caregiver of a child who has just received a new diagnosis of ASD, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information coming your way, and may have questions about what to do next.  
Autism Speaks provides a free "First 100 Days Kit"  on their website. The  First 100 Days Kit  is a resource filled with lots of useful information for parents of newly diagnosed children, and outlines what steps to take now that you have obtained a diagnosis.
The following links are to some support services available within the Anchorage community. There are many more resources available, but this list will give you a place to start:
Stone Soup Group can help navigate what services to apply for and how to go through those application processes. They also offer a variety of trainings and conferences throughout the year. 
Hope Community Services has a variety of services that might be helpful to you, such as respite and care coordination.
The Arc of Anchorage offers services for individuals with disabilities throughout the lifespan, including supported employment and community living services. 
State of Alaska Department of Health and Human Services: Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Waiver:   The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) waiver can help you cover the cost of respite and other related services if your child is found to be eligible.
Here at the Alaska Autism Resource Center we can provide information, referral, and consultation. Also, don't forget about all the FREE resources available in the AARC/SESA library!

We're almost through Autism Awareness Month! We hope you have been able to join in on some of the fun activities. There is still more fun to come, including Anchorage Walks for Autism on April 23rd!

Saturday, April 23rd : Anchorage
Anchorage Walks for Autism
All Ages, $15 adults, $8 for children (age 4-17), Free age 3 and under, $20 flat registration fee at the door

Join us to help raise awareness and enjoy a day of fun activities, healthy snacks, and door prizes! Local service providers will also be available to connect with families. 
fairbanks autism walk
Saturday, May 14th: Fairbanks
8th Annual 5K for Autism
All Ages
Join the Autism Society of Alaska for a day of fun!

Books of the Month:
The books of the month are available in the SESA Library. You may search the library on the  SESA website , or you may contact our Librarian, Anne Freitag, at  afreitag@sesa.org  or  907 . 334 . 1301 

Electronic books may be accessed from anywhere in the state. If you've used our ebooks before, this link will take you to the title and log you in
If you haven't used our ebooks before, please contact Anne so she can set up a username and password for you. Click here for more information about ebooks.
For easy searching on the SESA Library site, we've added the ISBN number. Simply copy, paste, and search!

Autism? Aspergers? ADHD? ADD?: A parent's roadmap to understanding and support! 
By: Diane Drake Burns
Future Horizons, Inc., 2005.
ISBN: 9781932565263

Description:  "Suspect there's something "different" about your child? This book will help you navigate those early stages of your child's life when a diagnosis is nowhere in sight. Not knowing how to help your child can leave you totally frustrated, or frightened into inaction by a vision of what may lie ahead. Written by a mother who understands (At first, she tried with all her might to avoid her son's diagnosis!), this book humorously and gently prods parents into action..."--Publisher's website.

The Autism Sourcebook: Everything you need to know about diagnosis, treatment, coping, and healing
By: Karen Siff Exkorn
ReaganBooks, 2005.
ISBN: 0060799889

Description:  "The author shares valuable knowledge about the following: What the diagnosis really means ; Understanding and accessing treatment options ; Knowing your child's rights in the school system ; Coping with common marital and familial stress ; Making the stigma of autism a thing of the past"--Publisher's website.

Beyond the Autism Diagnosis: A professional's guide to helping families
By: Marion O'Brien and Julie A. Daggett. 
Brookes, 2006.
ISBN: 9781557667519

Description:  "After a child's autism diagnosis, how can therapists, educators, and early interventionists best support parents and caregivers? Beyond the Autism Diagnosis is filled with the parent feedback professionals need to answer this critical question. Building on their research project that captured the experiences of more than 60 families, the authors reflect on excerpts from dozens of interviews that reveal parents' needs, concerns, beliefs, and dreams." - Book Jacket.

Demystifying Autism Spectrum Disorders: A guide to diagnosis for parents and professionals
By: Carolyn Thorwarth Bruey
Woodbine House, 2004.
ISBN: 1890627348

Description:  "Parents of a child with an autism spectrum disorder benefit from clear, yet comprehensive information concerning their child's behavior. This is an invaluable guide for parents, educators, and caregivers. Demystifying Autism Spectrum Disorders is an excellent tool for parents who don't fully understand their child's diagnosis or wonder whether there is another ASD diagnosis that might be more appropriate. Demystifying Autism Spectrum Disorders will give parents the confidence to participate in their child's diagnosis and play a critical role in their child's treatment."

The First Year: Autism spectrum disorders: an essential guide for the newly diagnosed child
By: Nancy D. Wiseman with Robert L. Rich; Foreword by Kenneth Bock. 
Da Capo Life Long, 2009.
ISBN: 9780786745371

Description:  "When parents learn that their child has autism, the news can be devastating, even paralyzing. Meanwhile, the first 12 months after diagnosis are the most important when it comes to intervention. As a parent of a child with autism, Nancy D. Wiseman knows firsthand how difficult it can be to unravel complex issues, discover what questions to ask, and find effective treatments. In this landmark guide, Wiseman offers both compassionate insight and a wealth of information for diagnoses from Asperger's to classic autism. Day by day, week by week, month by month, The First Year: Autism Spectrum Disorders walks parents through a wide range of medical and lifestyle concerns, helps them navigate the healthcare, insurance, and educational systems, and ensures the best possible outcome for their child."--Publisher's website.
Also available online as an ebook.

I think I might be Autistic: A guide to autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and self-discovery for adults
By: Cynthia Kim
Narrow Gauge, 2013.
ISBN: 9780786745371

Description:  In her forties, the author was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. She addresses aspects of living with ASD as a late-diagnosed adult, including coping with the emotional effect of discovering oneself to be autistic and deciding with whom to share the diagnosis and how.

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