AARC Tip of the Month - July  2015


Changing Behavior 


Changing the behavior of any child can be challenging for parents and caregivers, and can be especially challenging if a child has ASD. Even though it can be difficult, it can be done if you have the right tools.  The following books are new in the SESA library and will provide parents and caregivers with some information on how to support a child with ASD.


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Rules and Tools for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders : Changing behavior one step at a time 
By: Judith Coucouvanis
AAPC Publishing, [2015]
ISBN:  9781937473853


Description: This book gives parents the tools they need to develop their child's behavior intervention and skill development plans. A major focus is on helping parents answer the question: What can I do that will help my child be successful? Topics include behavior, communication, reward systems, social skills, and medication support.--Publisher.


The parent's guide to in-home ABA programs : frequently asked questions about applied behavior analysis for your child with autism
By: Elle Olivia Johnson
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013.
ISBN: 9781849059183

Description: What is applied behavior analysis? Most importantly, how can ABA help my child? Concise and practical, this handbook explains the ins and outs of applied behavior analysis in a chatty question and answer format addressing everything parents need to know from what a typical session will entail, to how to navigate their relationship with their therapist, to how to get more involved and begin using ABA methods themselves.


Working with People with Challenging Behaviors : A guide for maintaining positive relationships 
By: Nathan Ory
High Tide Press, 2007.
ISBN:  9780919173972


Description: "... includes a wealth of compassionate methods for working with emotionally fragile, highly agitated, socially disruptive, perseverative, aggressive and other behaviors. Every behavior is addressed with prevention, guidance, training and crisis management techniques. The lively new design makes teaching and training easy. And, seven new appendices are added to this 2nd edition... suitable for education, behavioral health and disability professionals."-- amazon.com