AARC Tip of the Month - March 2018
Upcoming Autism Awareness Month Events
Autism Awareness Month is right around the corner, and there are some exciting events happening in Alas ka in the coming weeks!

If you are aware of other events that you would like included in the Tip of the Month, please send the details to aarc@sesa.org

Sensory-Friendly Storytime Loussac Library, Anchorage 3/17/18 1 PM - 2 PM
Free and open to the public: Lean more
Building Communication 
Autism Society of Alaska, Fairbanks
6 PM - 8 PM
Free and open to the public:  Lean more
Sensory Friendly Movie:
Sherlock Gnomes
Regal Cinemas, Anchorage & Fairbanks 3/24/18
10:30 AM
* Autism Awareness Bookfair
Barnes & Noble, Anchorage
11 AM - 6 PM
Free and open to the public: Learn more
UAF Human Ribbon Photo
UAF, Fairbanks

1 PM
Parent Tea Time: Accessing Support Autism Society
of Alaska,
2 PM - 4 PM
* Autism Awareness Bookfair
Barnes & Noble,
11 AM - 6 PM
Free and open to the public: Learn more
Sensory-Friendly Storytime
Loussac Library, Anchorage
1 PM - 2 PM
Free and open to the public:  Lean more
* Anchorage Walks for Autism O'Malley Sports Center,
4/28/18 12 PM - 2 PM
Learn more
Alaska 5K for Autism Pioneer Park, Fairbanks 6/2/18

* AARC sponsored event
Books of the Month:
The books of the month are available in the Special Education Service Agency (SESA) Library. Search for books on the  SESA website, or contact the librarian, Anne Freitag, at  afreitag@sesa.org  or  907-334-1301 

Electronic books may be accessed from anywhere in the state. If you've used our ebooks before,  go to the login page here.  If you haven't, please contact Anne so she can set up a username and password for you.  Learn more about ebooks here.

You can also look for additional articles in a variety of databases by using SLED, which is available for free for all Alaskans:  http://lam.alaska.gov/sled
Life, Animated: A story of sidekicks, heroes, and autism
By: Ron Suskind, winner of the Pulitzer Prize
Kingswell, 2016.
ISBN:  9781484741238

Description: The author describes how his autistic son, Owen, learned to cope with his handicap from a young age by memorizing the dialogue of Disney movies and having his family play the roles of the animated characters.
No More Victims: Protecting those with autism from cyber bullying, Internet predators, & scams
By: Dr. Jed Baker
Additional material provided by: Jennifer McIlwee Myers
Future Horizons Inc, 2013
ISBN:  9781935274926

Description: The digital world offers a wonderful way to communicate with others, but is also rife with the dangers of being victimized emotionally, physically, and financially. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders are especially vulnerable to online predators. Baker shows kids-- and their parents-- what to look out for, and how to protect themselves when they're communicating online.
Smart but Scattered: The revolutionary "executive skills" approach to helping kids reach their potential
By: Peg Dawson, EdD, Richard Guare, PhD
Coulter Video, c2009.
ISBN:  9781593859879 

Description: Designed to help teen and adult employees with Asperger Syndrome find and keep a job and to increase understanding by supervisors and coworkers of employees with Asperger Syndrome. The video includes segments for job seekers and employers. It would also be helpful to job coaches, schools, and supported employment programs.
Taking Care of Myself 2: For teenagers and young adults with ASD
By: Mary Wrobel
Publication Consultants, 2012.
ISBN:  9781941765302

Description: "Written for teenagers and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), this instructional book is also for parents, instructors, and therapists to help teens on the autism spectrum. The information is written in an easy-to-understand manner with simple how-to lists. This book is geared for use in an instructional or home setting for any teenager or young adult with ASD. Topics covered include: dressing for different events, feeling anxious in social situations, public versus private behaviors, staying healthy, anxiety, depression, and feeling suicidal, social media issues, sexual harassment, finding and keeping friends (including a boyfriend or girlfriend), safe and responsible sex, and deciding to have sex with a partner, and more." - Amazon.
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