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Welcome to the new school year! With that, we bring you new resources and opportunities:

We are looking to provide additional parent-specific training and resources. If you are a parent of a child who experiences autism or suspect that your child may, we want to hear from you! Please complete our two-minute survey about training and resource needs:

We are kicking off a monthly “Autism Resources in Alaska” Lunch & Learn Series! Join these online events from your home or office to find out what resources are available in the Last Frontier and how to access them. We will conclude with time for Q&A. Families will also have an opportunity to follow up with a private virtual/phone consultation with our Autism Resource Specialist for additional needs. Click the links below to register:

9/24 12-1pm, Register Here
10/23 12-1pm, Register Here
11/20 12-1pm, Register Here
12/11 12-1pm, Register Here

We are excited to have recently curated many new items for parents, practitioners, educators, and self-advocates. These resources are available to download, or you may request a hard copy at https://www.alaskaarc.org/aarc-resources . These resources are also available for checkout in the SESA Library. 

*Note: Bulk quantities of these items may be ordered from the OAR website, however they take a few weeks to arrive. The AARC offers hard copies for families and providers within the state of Alaska.

Resources for Parents
  • A Guide for Military Families - covers topics such as accessing services through TriCare, transitioning your child’s services from one duty station to another, and many other issues specific to military families.

  • A Guide to Safety - addresses safety concerns, safety planning, and resources. It is broken down into sections for childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

  • A Parent’s Guide to Research - walks parents through how to read and dissect research and determine validity. There are so many things we read online; it is important as a parent to be able to determine what is accurate and what is not.

  • A Parent’s Guide to Assessment - walks parents through which assessments may be completed for their child with autism, what the results of those assessments may mean, how to read reports, and which providers will provide services. This is a great resource to break down the jargon and simplify the complex nature of assessments.

Resources for Supporting Siblings

Transition-Age Resources
  • College Guide for Students on the Spectrum - covers the transition from high school to college, self-advocacy and disclosure, academic supports, daily routines/structure, social relationships, jobs, internships, and financial aid.

  • Guide for Transition to Adulthood - for families and self-advocates as they prepare to transition to adulthood. It covers such topics as early planning, independent living, employment, post-secondary education, collaboration and services.

  • Understanding Autism: An Employer’s Guide - for employers: addresses support for your employee with autism, including maximizing current support systems, orienting your employment, giving feedback for improvement, etc.

(available from the Library or through AARC training)
  • Kit for Kids: Peer Teaching Kit - A kit of materials for training peers about autism, its characteristics, and how to support diverse learners they interact with. This kit comes with visual supports, workbooks, lesson materials and an optional online component.

  • Educator Professional Development Kit (Curriculum in a Box) - This kit provides professional development tools for educational teams. It includes all of the educator’s guides from the Organization for Autism Research, information on accessing online training tools and videos, and an educator fact sheet. The videos are also available on flash drive within the kit.
Resources of the Month
The resources of the month are available in the Special Education Service Agency (SESA) Library. Search for items on the   SESA website , or contact the librarian, Anne Freitag, at   afreitag@sesa.org   or 907-334-1301 

Electronic books may be accessed from anywhere in the state. If you've used our ebooks before,   go to the login  page here.  If you haven't, please contact Anne so she can set up a username and password for you.   Learn more about ebooks here .

All of this month's resources are new materials that we received over the summer!
Trauma, Autism, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Integrating research, practice, and policy
Editors: Jason M. Fogler, Randall A. Phelps
Springer, 2018. ISBN: 9783030005023
Description: examines the diagnostic overlap and frequent confusion between the newly named DSM-5 diagnostic categories of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs), which include autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and trauma and stressor related disorders (TSRDs). 
DVD: Autism : A family's journey
Off Melrose production; presented by H.O.P.E. Group, LLC
Produced by Michael Terrill, Lori Cairns; written and directed by Michael Terrill. Dreamscape Media, LLC, 2017
Description: "How would you feel if your two-year-old child was diagnosed as autistic and mentally retarded? That he would go into his room and never come out, and would be institutionalized by age 17? This was the grim life sentence handed down to Lori and Jim Cairns regarding their son, JR. This diagnosis was made in 1996: when little was known about autism, when governments offered few helpful resources, and when hope for recovery was disregarded as a myth or urban legend. Today many people still dismiss hope of recovery from autism, regarding it as a neurological difference rather than a disease to be cured. And yet a cure can happen--JR is living proof. Now, for the first time ever, the Cairns family and JR's therapists unite to celebrate his recovery and share their story of hope."-- Adapted from editorial review on Amazon.
DVD: Asperger's, Autism & Girls
Presented by Future Horizons
Distributed by Insight Media, 2011
Description: Describes the unique challenges of women and girls with autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Covers the practical solutions school systems can implement, social challenges, and issues such as navigating puberty, transitioning to work or university, and the importance of careers. Presenter, Tony Attwood. Talk presented at the Mesquite Convention Center.
We Thinkers Volumes 1 & 2
Social Thinking Publishing, 2016
Includes Books, Storybooks, DVDs, Audio CDs, and/or USB Drives
ISBN Volume 1: 9781936943401
ISBN Volume 2: 9781936943364
Description: Series created to introduce early learners to basic social thinking concepts to help them learn to think about others, notice social clues in their environment, and learn skills to be part of a group...Targeted to all children ages 4-7 and especially designed for high-functioning young children with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and other social learning/social communication challenges.
Resources from the Attainment Company
Description: The Attainment company produces educational resources to support students who have disabilities. The SESA Library has the following Attainment Company items available to check out:

Teach2Talk Video Resources
Teach2Talk, LLC produces educational resources for children which target core speech and language, play and social skills using techniques including video modeling. The following Teach2Talk resources are available from the SESA Library:

Other Available Materials:
Teen Break Box: contains a weighted lap pad, putty, various fidgets, gel cushion, foam roller, noise reduction headphones, and a sensory brush and sack
Language Builder Picture Cards 1: 350 flashcards and 1 booklet for teaching preschool age children
Language Builder Picture Cards 2: 354 flashcards and 1 booklet for students who have mastered set 1
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