In this issue ... board nominations due January 1st, 2K Instagram contest, CE opportunities for 2021, Tech Corner case study, Minnesota practice acts, and more!
Dr. Andrea Henderson
President's Message

2020: An Unprecedented Year

Friends and colleagues, I know that none of us expected the year we were dealt in the form of 2020. This past nine months have tested our endurance, patience, and disrupted our personal and professional lives to a significant degree. At the same time, I've been impressed with the level of innovation that our colleagues have demonstrated in order to continue to advocate for our profession and promote veterinary rehabilitation education and research.
We've received some excellent research grant proposals and have partnered with several organizations that are committed to providing high-quality continuing education in our field. We have gathered information from student organizations and collaborated with ACVSMR and SAVMA to further our promotion and education about careers in veterinary rehabilitation to students. We've seen a tremendous uptick in student AARV memberships as well! We've collaborated with Royal Canin and the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management in preparing lecture tracks for two brand-new continuing education opportunities in 2021. The IVAPM has also provided us with a new grant opportunity for ACVSMR Alternative Track Residents with a focus in pain management.
Applications are closed for our final round of grants for 2020: the AARV and IVAPM grants for ACVSMR Alternative Track Residents. The Board of Directors will be reviewing the proposals and announcing these grant winners in the January 2021 Newsletter. We are also continuing to collect names for our Speaker Registry; please see the article below for information on inquiring.
We would also like to congratulate Dr. Molly Flaherty, our selectee for the position of University Liaison on the AARV Board of Directors! We are still in the process of looking for nominees for our Board of Directors' Industry Liaison - please see the article below and consider whether you have a nominee to suggest for this position! We are so grateful to Dr. Pedro Rivera for his continued assistance with this position while we await nominations for his successor. Online Pet Health and the IVAPRT have been focusing on unity within the veterinary rehabilitation profession. In this spirit, we will be reviving the position on the Board of PT Liaison and a call for nominations will be included in this newsletter. Finally, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Jessica Bunch; we are anticipating great things from her as incoming AARV President for 2021.
It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your President despite all that we've had to endure. The AARV Board of Directors is truly grateful to our members for your cooperation and flexibility as we have navigated through a very challenging year. We've also been blessed to have worked with several organizations that have been able to innovate and find creative ways to provide educational, networking and assistive resources to our professional community, including ACVSMR, IVAPM, Royal Canin, Healing Oasis, Online Pet Health and AMC. We are hopeful that we will continue to gain momentum in our relationships with these outstanding organizations.
We wish all of our members a safe and enjoyable holiday season. The light is at the end of the tunnel, and we await a new year with great anticipation.


Andrea Henderson_s signature

Andrea L. Henderson, DVM, CCRT, CCRP, CMFT, DACVSMR
AARV Board of Directors Nominations Due January 1, 2021!

Do you know someone whom you feel would make an excellent contribution to leadership within the veterinary rehabilitation profession? AARV is now accepting nominations for Physical Therapist (PT) Liaison on its Board of Directors. The PT Liaison shall be a physical therapist with an active license and an AARV member in good standing. This is a non-voting position. The PT liaison shall serve a three year term.
A brief description of the position follows.
Nominations are due January 1, 2021. To submit a nomination or learn more, please contact Dr. Andrea Henderson, AARV president, at 
AARV PT Liaison
Purpose: To serve as a liaison between the veterinary and physical therapy professions for the practice of animal rehabilitation.
General Roles:
  • Foster communication between veterinarians and physical therapists as related to the field of animal rehabilitation.
  • Provide insight from the physical therapist perspective as it relates to animal rehabilitation.
  • Encourage allied health membership and participation in the AARV.
  • Consult with the legislative liaison regarding the physical therapy and the veterinary state practice acts.
  • Provide monthly updates at the AARV Board of Directors meetings.
Nominations Needed for AARV Industry Liaison!nominations

Nominated graphic
Do you know someone whom you feel would make an excellent contribution to leadership within the veterinary rehabilitation profession? Please consider this opportunity for you or your colleagues to join our Board of Directors! To submit a nomination or learn more, please contact Dr. Andrea Henderson, AARV president, at
AARV Industry Liaison
Purpose: To promote new sponsorship of AARV as well as maintain current sponsor relationships.
General Roles:
  • Negotiate industry sponsorship of meetings, advertising and research, work with sponsors regarding potential AARV member discounts and continuing education opportunities.
  • Inform all members of sponsorship provided and relationships with Industry through AARV newsletter, website and social media (working with Social Media Consultant).
  • Attend the Annual Meeting of the AARV.
  • Perform all other duties that may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  • Annually update the Pet Insurance Coverage for Rehabilitation Services grid that is on the AARV website.
The AARV Has Surpassed 2,000 Instagram Followers!

2K Giveaway graphic
Calling all AARV members!! Enter our giveaway to celebrate this milestone.

Thank you to all who have followed, tagged, and liked your way through the AARV Instagram account - we have now achieved over 2,000 followers! In honor of this achievement, we are hosting a photo competition with a holiday theme through the month of December.

Competition rules:
  • The contest begins on 12/10/20 at 8:00 am (EST) and ends on 12/31/20 at 8:00pm (EST).
  • Post a picture of an animal and/or their human friends with a celebratory holiday or seasonal theme! (Costumes, decorations, snacks, snow - go wild!)
  • Your image must be posted after the start and before the finish of the contest.
  • The photo must be from an AARV member/clinic.
  • Only one submission per member and no reposts.
  • Please make sure your post is not private or we may not be able to see it and cannot include it in the contest.
  • You must tag @rehabvets and use the hashtag #AARV2KContest
  • The image with the most "likes" will win a mystery goodie bag full of fun prizes!
Note: AARV will comment on the image to confirm your submission in the contest. If you don't see a comment from @rehabvets, then please reach out to us at
AARV Continuing Education Opportunities for 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for our profession, including the availability and mode of delivery of continuing education opportunities. In the wake of having our lecture track removed from the 2021 VMX Conference, the AARV BOD has sought diligently to provide alternative continuing education and research presentation opportunities for AARV members. Through partnership with our colleagues at the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) and Royal Canin, we are excited to announce two outstanding CE opportunities for AARV members in 2021!
Royal Canin
Royal Canin logo 
Royal Canin is working with the AARV to provide an all-day virtual CE event on February 27, 2021. Details regarding RACE approval and lecture schedule are still under development, but we'll be able to provide some excellent content from speakers in the profession through AARV and Royal Canin, from our previous grant winners, and from our John Sherman Award winner and Royal Canin veterinary student case competition winner within this forum.
International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management
IVAPM logo 
AARV and IVAPM are working together to develop an AARV Veterinary Rehabilitation lecture track for Sunday, April 18 at the IVAPM's First Annual Pain Management Forum (PMF), April 18-20, 2021, at the Hilton Denver City Center in Denver, Colorado. An exciting full-day AARV lecture track will be taking place, and the program is now available at the link below. IVAPM will be extending the discounted registration rate for its members to members of AARV! Registration information (forthcoming), schedule and other details can be found at
Stay tuned for more information on both of these events!  
COVID-19 Resources for Membersresources

COVID-19 Resources graphic 
AARV has compiled a list of resources to be helpful to members as they deal with the challenges of COVID-19. Please visit the COVID-19 Resources page on our website for complete details.
We have added another new resource: Royal Canin. Royal Canin is offering free live virtual CE opportunities, including topics related to rehabilitation. Visit the Royal Canin website to view a schedule and register.  
Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page for more resources and links. We also encourage members to check with their state and local VMAs as many are publishing and posting resources and guidance for veterinary professionals in their states. 
Guess the Problem?
by Sandy Gregory, M. Ed, RVT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRA
AARV Technician Liaison

Sancho is feeling good after his therapy.
"Sancho" is a 4 year old, male German Shepherd. He is a very active dog, doing Schutzund training, such as bitework, tug work and just running around the park. Sancho's owner, came to the clinic because he saw hock issues, a shorter stride in his gait which was worse after exercise. This had been going on for about a month when he came in.

Here are the findings of the exam:
  • Gait anomaly 4/5
  • Radiographs showed no synovial effusion, osteophytosis or femorotibial subluxation in either limb
  • Lumbar showed no overt discomfort on extension, vertebral palpation or muscular palpation
  • Sublumbar musculature had no overt myalgia
  • Left tarsus - mild loss of tarsal extension, no effusion, no osteophytes, normal stability
  • Left stifle- no cranial thrust or drawer instability
  • Left hip - full extension with no discomfort, no crepitance, normal abduction, pectineus and iliopsoas are normal with no pain. Some contracture restricting hip flexion combined with stifle extension.
  • Left side is more sore as compared to the right with pain noted at insertion.
  • Right tarsus- mild loss of lateral extension (typical for a German Shepherd), no effusion, no osteophytes, and normal stability
  • Right stifle- no palpable effusion or capsular fibrosis, no osteophytosis, and no cranial thrust or drawer instability. Some loss of extension with simultaneous coxofemoral flexion.
  • Right hip - some contracture is evident with inability to fully flex the hip and extend the stifle.
  • Some shortening is especially evident as it limits this component of the gait.
Sancho has been coming to physical rehab for 18 months now. He is doing great with a consistent routine of massage, photobiomodulation, land exercises and some methocarbamol as needed. From these findings, have you figured out what is going on with Sancho? Have that utmost satisfaction of being the first to guess this condition. Post on our Facebook page or send an email to Have you worked with a dog that had this same issue? What worked for you? Stay tuned ... for the answer next month.

Learn More About APRVT 

The technicians on the Organizing Committee of the APRVT would love to speak at your clinic or local conference! Contact us at to find someone in your area!

APRVT logo 
Please visit the APRVT website and social media sites to learn more about us and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter! Do you have an article in mind for the Technician Corner? Contact Sandy Gregory, M. Ed, RVT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRA, AARV Technician Liaison, at to submit an article (suggested length of 200-300 words) or suggest a topic.
Join Our Speaker Registry!speakerregistry

Woman speaking to group
The AARV wants you to be a speaker! We are developing a speaker registry and are requesting that interested members apply. This is an opportunity to engage in rehab education in your area of expertise! Consideration will be given to AARV members with accredited veterinary sports medicine/rehabilitation certification or ACVSMR diplomate or resident status. Venues may include, but are not restricted to, state, national and sports medicine/rehab specialty CE conferences, meetings and/or student club events. Speakers will be eligible for reimbursement for some travel expenses, which can be discussed upon application.
If you are interested in being a part of our speaker registry, please email with the following information:
  1. Full name and credentials
  2. AARV membership
  3. Area(s) of expertise
  4. Home state and radius willing to travel
  5. Venues of interest (to include those suggested above)
Thanks so much for your willingness to share your knowledge!
Rehabilitation During COVID-19

Share your stories in the fight against Covid-19
The AARV would love to share your clinic and staff stories on the @rehabvets pages during this extremely difficult time.

Please tag us in any updates on Instagram or Facebook or email so that we can show the hardworking and innovative methods being used by AARV members all around the globe to the wider community.

Stories of all kinds are welcome, whether uplifting or more challenging. We are all in this together, and the AARV community has been impacted just as greatly as any other and can use every ounce of support we can find.
Veterinary Technician Students: Use Your Member Benefits!

by Jessica Bunch, DVM, CCRT, CVA
University Liaison

Attention, veterinary technician students! Don't forget that your membership benefits are the same as for all students, including access to our Student Job Shadowing/Externship list. To see a complete list of our current job shadowing and externship opportunities, visit our website, log into the Members Area, and go to the Student Job Shadowing/Externships page.

We want to support you in your interest in rehabilitation. Please reach out to us with any questions at
Student Members: Tell Us About Your University's Clubs and Organizations

by Jessica Bunch, DVM, CCRT, CVA
University Liaison

Register Now button
Hey, students ... do you have any clubs/organizations at your university that are interested in learning more about rehabilitation and sports medicine? These may include a Rehabilitation/Sports Medicine Club, Integrative Club, or Holistic Club. If so, the AARV wants to know! We want to be better able to reach your clubs and students to help support rehabilitation and sports medicine education including providing you with speakers. If you have a club you would like list with us, please email Dr. Jessica Bunch at, or you can register your organization with us on the Student Club Registration page on our website.
Thank You to Our Mentors!

Mentoring graphic
by Jessica Bunch, DVM, CCRT, CVA  
University Liaison 
The AARV would like to thank all of the rehabilitation professionals who have volunteered to mentor and offer job shadowing/externships to veterinary and veterinary technician students who are interested in rehabilitation. To see a complete list of our current externship opportunities, visit our website, log into the Members Area, and go to the Student Job Shadowing/Externships page. 
If you would like to join our mentor list, please email Jessica Bunch, our University Liaison at 
Focus on State Practice Acts: Minnesota

by Theresa Pancotto, DVM, MS, MS, DACVIM(N), CCRP
Legislative Liaison

I'm going through each state at random and providing an interpretation of the acts to better guide individuals in managing physical rehabilitation as it pertains to their practice and state.

"Physical therapist" and like terminology are protected by the Minnesota Physical Therapy Practice act. Veterinarians practicing physical therapy should use the term physical rehabilitation.
Both the Minnesota Veterinary and Chiropractic Acts address veterinary chiropractic work: a veterinarian or a licensed chiropractor with animal chiropractic training can legally practice as an 'animal chiropractor.' 'Animal acupuncture' is listed as consistent with practicing veterinary medicine; exemptions for animal trained acupuncturists are not granted in the veterinary or acupuncture statutes. Other therapeutic techniques and physical rehabilitation in general are not specifically addressed.
Continue reading about the State Practice Acts of Minnesota ...

See the State Practice Acts page on the AARV website for links to state practice acts for every state.

Have questions or know of updates to practice acts? Please contact me at
AARV Now Has 870 Articles of Interest in Its Database!

AARV's searchable Articles of Interest Database has expanded to include 870 articles! The database now includes Articles of Interest for all of 2016 through December 2020 and is available to AARV members in the Members area of its website.
AARV will keep adding journal articles to the database each month to develop its usefulness as a research tool. We also will continue to include links to our past Articles of Interest from 2010 to the present in PDF format. All Articles of Interest have been selected by AARV founder Dr. Julia Tomlinson because of their relevance to the field of veterinary rehabilitation. 
To search the database, log in to the Members Area of the website and go to the Articles of Interest Database page. Enter a keyword, author's name, or other search term to begin your search. A list of matching article abstracts will be displayed. A link to the full version of the journal article will be provided if available.
Our thanks to Dr. Julia Tomlinson for selecting relevant journal articles each month and Dr. Kelli Martin for preparing the articles for the database. 
AARV Pet Insurance Summary 
Pet Insurance Summary

AARV has compiled a Pet Insurance Summary Chart with coverage for rehabilitation services as provided and updated by the companies as of July 2019. The Pet Insurance Summary is available as a printable PDF. Our thanks to AARV Industry Liaison Dr. Pedro Rivera for coordinating this update.
AARV calendar
Check the AARV Calendar for Upcoming Events

Want to learn which courses are coming up at Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI), Healing Oasis, and CuraCore? Check the AARV Calendar of Events on our website, which contains upcoming rehabilitation classes and other continuing education events. You can also visit the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Healing Oasis, and CuraCore websites directly to learn more about their courses.  
Do you have an event to add to the AARV calendar? All calendar posts are now free for AARV members. Please send your calendar event to and be sure to include the name of the event, speaker, topic, date, time, location and URL. Rehabilitation related events/classes only, please.
Connect with the AARV on LinkedIn!

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Let's network! Connect with the AARV on LinkedIn by clicking on this link or the LinkedIn logo at right.
Interested in submitting a classified ad or becoming a sponsor?
See the Submit an Advertisement or Sponsorship page on our website. 
Southeast Veterinary Neurology ad

Rehabilitation Technician, Homer Glen, Illinois
Integrative Pet Care of Homer Glen is seeking a rehabilitation technician to join our team. Rehab certification is encouraged, but for the right candidate we will cover the cost of certification. Candidates should be passionate about veterinary medicine and rehabilitation, work well in a group, and love to learn. IPCHG is a Rehabilitation focused clinic which includes acupuncture, VSMT, Hydrotherapy, Laser therapy, full exercise gym, and advanced diagnostics including musculoskeletal ultrasound and needle arthroscopy. For more information visit Submit your letter of interest and resume to


Veterinary Sports Medicine Specialist or Rehabilitation Veterinarian, Chicago, Illinois
MedVet Chicago is seeking a Sports Medicine and Rehab specialist or an experienced Rehab Veterinarian (DVM with CCRP/CCRT/CVMRT and also CVA) to join our well-established rehab department. The rehab department is led by a DACVSMR, CCRP, CVA and is supported by both internal referrals (13 other specialty services including 5 surgeons and 3 neurologists) and a strong outpatient case load. The highly skilled rehab team consists of a CCRP and 6 additional therapists. For more info: To apply contact Dr. Carolyn Luther at Interested in joining the MedVet family but don't see a listing where you want to live? Email me! Come as you are. MedVet is an equal opportunity employer.


CCRA, CCRP, CVRMT, CCVRN, LVT, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine seeks to add an enthusiastic full time, rehabilitation LVT (CCRP, CCRA, CVRMT, CCVRN or willing to complete certification in canine rehabilitation) to our team. Successful candidates are team players with experience in rehabilitation and enjoy working directly with clients and patients alike. Strong work ethic, written and verbal communication skills, and basic computer knowledge are essential. Prior dog training skills would be considered an asset. To learn more about us, please visit Applicants should submit letter of interest and current resume, including references, to


PT or FT Associate, Oakland, California 
Holistic Veterinary Care in Oakland, CA is in search of a PT or FT associate to join our rehabilitation center! We have established relationships with local veterinarians and specialists resulting in a constant flow of patients and unique cases. HVC has a chiropractor, acupuncturist, RVT, and two veterinarians with strong backgrounds in herbs, nutrition, ozone therapy and integrating Western treatments with holistic treatments. We are outfitted with a class IV Companion Laser, class IV Regenerative Laser, underwater treadmill, land treadmill, swimming pool, the only hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the area. Submit your CV today by email to


Full-Time or Part-Time Veterinarian or Physical Therapist, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Do you want to live by the beach, work in a family-friendly environment, with super dedicated clients and practice advanced medicine? We offer a full range of rehabilitation services with cutting edge services such as computerized gait analysis, diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound, shockwave and regenerative medicine services. Looking for FT or PT, Veterinarian or Physical Therapist, ideally rehabilitation and acupuncture certified, with other advanced training a bonus, willing to consider the right candidate with a passion for the field and dedication for further training, new graduates welcome. Learn more about us at: Email


Full-Time or Part-Time Associate Veterinarians, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
Associate Veterinarian in Sunny Florida - Minutes from the Beach
Healing Paws Center is looking for full-time or part-time veterinarians to join our well-established and growing practice. We support our veterinarians with superior salary, benefits, and an enriching team-oriented environment and mentorship. We specialize in the fast-growing field of Holistic and Integrative Veterinary Care, including acupuncture, rehabilitation/physical therapy & rehabilitation, laser therapy, nutritional consultations, herbal therapy, hydrotherapy, ozone therapy, infrared imaging, magnetic pain relief and much more! Experience in Holistic Veterinary Care is preferred but not required. Certification in rehabilitation (CCRT or CCRP) and/or certification in acupuncture (CVA or IVAS) is preferred but not required. If interested, please call Dr. Jessie at (954) 224-2424 or email at


Veterinary Sports Medicine Specialist or Rehab Veterinarian, Commerce, Michigan
MedVet Commerce is seeking a Sports Medicine and Rehab specialist or an experienced Rehab Veterinarian (DVM with CCRP/CCRT/CVMRT and also CVA) to lead our well-established rehab department. The highly skilled rehab team consists of a licensed technician with Rehab certification (LVT, CCRP) and 1 well trained therapist, and is supported by internal referrals from 3 neurologists and 1 surgeon. full job description here: or to apply email Carolyn Luther, DVM at Come as you are! MedVet is an equal opportunity employer.


Rehabilitation Technician (LVT, CVT, RVT), Seattle, Washington
SOUND Veterinary Rehabilitation Center is seeking a rehabilitation technician to join our team. Certification in rehabilitation is ideal; for the right candidate, we will cover cost of certification. SOUND is a branch of Animal Surgical and Orthopedic Center, proudly owned and operated by the doctors that work in the clinic every day. Our culture is supportive and inclusive, recognizing and valuing the skills and dedication of our entire team. Together, Animal Surgical and SOUND are the premier veterinary orthopedic, rehabilitation and sports medicine practice in the Northwest. Competitive salary and generous benefits. Learn more here:

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