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In this issue ... Technician and Veterinary Student Case Report Grants, AARV and Purina Research Grants, Spotlight Practice, Iowa practice acts, and more!
Dr. Jessica Bunch
President's Message

Dog Days of Summer

For many of us the “Dogs Days” of summer have hit a little early this year, and we are feeling the heat. Traditionally the Dog Days of summer last from July 3rd to August 11th and refer to a period of particularly hot and humid weather. In ancient Greece and Rome, the Dog Days were believed to be a time of drought, bad luck, lethargy, fever, and dogs being driven mad by the heat. Today, the phrase luckily does not conjure up such bad images. Additionally, this period of weather coincides with the year’s heliacal (meaning “at sunrise”) rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. Sirius is part of the constellation Canis Major (“Greater Dog”) and, not including our own Sun, is the brightest star in the sky.

Now for some much “cooler” news. We are excited to announce the first call for our two $2,500 research grants sponsored by AARV and Purina. These grants are open to our AARV members and the final date for submissions will be September 30th. For more information please see below in the newsletter or visit our Grant Opportunities page on our website. A special thanks to our grant sponsor Purina for your continued support. Additionally, don’t forget about our Technician Case Report Competition (due August 15th) sponsored by Healing Oasis and our Student Case Report Competition (due December 1st) sponsored by Royal Canin.

Here’s to hoping you all enjoy the sun and summer fun, and please remember to reach out with any questions.
Jessica Bunch, DVM, CCRT, CVA
Attention, Technicians! Apply for the Healing Oasis Rehabilitation Technician Case Report Grant by August 15th!
The Healing Oasis Wellness Center would like to offer a $1,000 grant to a CVT / LVT / RVT / LVMT that is a member of the AARV and APRVT, to be applied towards the registration, transportation, and lodging to the 2021 Healing Oasis Conference. The conference will be held November 5-7, 2021, at the National University of Health Sciences, 200 E. Roosevelt Rd., Lombard, Illinois. The conference theme is "Inflammation: The Boogieman of Recovery and Rehabilitation."

Requirements to be considered for the grant:
  • Be an AARV/APRVT member in good standing or an approved APRVT pre-applicant with AIN number.
  • Provide a case report with a clinical explanation of why and how (from the functional point of view) the case improved. References must be included. The winner will present the case report during a 20-minute time slot during the conference to the general audience (Friday or Sunday).
  • Case report must follow the AARV submittal protocol.
  • Deadline for submitting case report: August 15, 2021.
  • Case report must be submitted to the following address: technician@rehabvets.org.
  • Submission will be evaluated by the AARV Board (after submission has been rendered anonymous) and voted on.
  • Winner of the grant will be listed on the AARV and APRVT website and newsletter during the first week of September 2021.
Case Report submission deadlines:
August 1: Final call for submissions
August 15: Submission deadline
September 1: Decision notified to winner
November 5-7, 2021: Presentation of case report

For more information about the Case Report Submission Format, please see the Grant Opportunities page in the Members Area of the website.
AARV and Purina-Sponsored Grant Opportunities for 2021
We are pleased to announce two $2,500 grant opportunities for our AARV members, provided by Purina and AARV. This announcement serves as the first call for these grants. Please be aware of the following deadlines for submissions and visit our Grant Opportunities page for all the details regarding applications. Submissions and further inquiries about grant applications should be submitted to president@rehabvets.org.
  • AARV-sponsored grant of $2,500 - deadline September 30th, 2021. The winner must be available to present their research findings at a conference (to be determined) November 2022 - early 2023.
  • Purina-sponsored grant of $2,500 - deadline September 30th, 2021. The winner must be available to present their findings at a conference (to be determined) November 2022 - early 2023.

Grant submission deadlines:
July 1: First call for grant submissions
August 15: Second call for grant submissions
September 15: Final call for grant submissions
September 30: Grant submission deadline
October 31: Decision notified to authors
November 2022-Spring 2023: Presentation of study results
AARV/Royal Canin Student Case Report Competition! 

by Molly Flaherty, DVM, CCRP, CVA, CAC, VSMT, CVPP
University Liaison
Calling all veterinary students! Are you interested in winning a trip to the 2022 IVAPM conference in Denver, Colorado, April 3-5, 2022?

We are excited to announce the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians (AARV) has again partnered with Royal Canin to offer an outstanding opportunity for veterinary students with an interest in physical rehabilitation. Eligible students must be currently enrolled in a United States or Canadian veterinary school during the 2021-2022 academic year, be a member in good standing of the AARV (student memberships are free!) and be able to attend the IVAPM 2022 conference.
To be considered, a case report pertaining to physical rehabilitation MUST be submitted by December 1st, 2021, 11:59 pm EST. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. All case reports will be reviewed and the student whose case report is selected will win a trip to the 2022 IVAPM conference (travel reimbursement awarded up to $1,500). The selected student will present their case report as a 15-minute podium presentation during the AARV lecture track.
For more information, please visit our website or contact our University Liaison, Molly Flaherty at university@rehabvets.org. Thank you to Royal Canin for their continued support of our future veterinarians!

Animal Therapy Center

The Animal Therapy Center is Pennsylvania’s largest state-of-the-art facility of animal rehabilitation and integrative medicine. It is located in Bethlehem, in the Lehigh Valley. The ATC places a strong focus on education – both for staff and our pet owners to help everyone make the best decisions for the patients.

The practice is looking forward to seeing everyone for educational seminars in the (hopefully) near future. Everyone misses the increased interaction with clients and the public after COVID-19 and is so excited to welcome clients back in to take a more active role in their pet’s therapy! As always, the ATC is dedicated to community involvement and supports local non-profits.

Focus on State Practice Acts: Iowa

by Theresa Pancotto, DVM, MS, MS, DACVIM(N), CCRP
Legislative Liaison
I'm going through each state at random and providing an interpretation of the acts to better guide individuals in managing physical rehabilitation as it pertains to their practice and state.

“Physical therapy” is protected by the Iowa Physical Therapy Practice act. There are no guidelines for animal physical therapy/rehabilitation. As such veterinarians should use the term “physical rehabilitation” or “canine/equine rehabilitation.” It may be most wise to include the species as both the veterinary and physical therapy acts have species focused definitions. Interestingly, the physical therapy act does not protect the term “physiotherapy” in the same manner, but it does restrict its usage to individuals licensed in physical therapy or chiropractic medicine and those working directly with licensed providers in those areas.

The Veterinary Practice Act lacks any specific guidelines for physical rehabilitation, chiropractic, or acupuncture as well as for non-veterinarians with animal training in these fields. Licensed veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants can perform these tasks if directed and supervised by a licensed veterinarian.

Provisions for allied health members are lacking though not explicitly prohibited. Any work done with animals in an allied health member’s area of expertise should be done with on-site supervision of a licensed veterinarian. NB: there is no precedent or advisement on this specific situation.

See the State Practice Acts page on the AARV website for links to state practice acts for every state.

Have questions or know of updates to practice acts? Please contact me at legislative@rehabvets.org.

Summer Is Here
by Sandy Gregory, M. Ed, RVT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRA
AARV Technician Liaison

Summer is here with a relief in the air as things open up and we are getting out. This is a perfect time to consider getting your CE’s from some of our astute board members. Look for either in-person conferences or combination of virtual and live. Here are some of the ones to consider:

  • Wendy Davies BS, CVT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRA: Western Vet Conference (WVC), Las Vegas, Nevada, September 6-9, 2021, 4 lectures
  • John Nielsen CVT, VTS (ECC, Physical Rehabilitation), CVPP, CCRP: Southwest Veterinary Symposium, (SWVS), San Antonio, Texas, September 23-26,2021
  • John Nielsen CVT, VTS (ECC, Physical Rehabilitation), CVPP, CCRP: American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS), October 6-9, 2021
  • Kristen Hagler BS, RVT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRP, CVPP, OACM, CBW, VCC: Wild West Vet Conference, Reno, Nevada, October 6-9, 2021
While you can obtain CE’s from many of the self-study resources and journals, they are not acceptable for the VTS (Physical Rehabilitation). However, they can be vital resources and references for case reports and sheer knowledge. Helpful resources to use are Today’s Veterinary Practice, Today’s Veterinary Nurse and Clinician’s Brief.
Online Learning For Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapists has continuing education resources in veterinary rehab and physiotherapy CPD. Many of our board members have had live webinars, recorded webinars, research updates, and podcasts on various topics related to rehab. Check out our own Wendy Davies talking on “Time Management And Client Expectations During Hydrotherapy.” Go to our Facebook page to also view this wonderful talk. 
Keep your eyes open for even more upcoming opportunities for CE’s. View our website for a complete listing at https://www.aprvt.com/continuing-education-resources.html.
Here is looking forward to new beginnings and a great summer.
Learn More About APRVT 

The technicians on the Organizing Committee of the APRVT would love to speak at your clinic or local conference! Contact us at vetrehabtechs@gmail.com to find someone in your area!
Please visit the APRVT website and social media sites to learn more about us and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

Do you have an article in mind for the Technician Corner? Contact Sandy Gregory, M. Ed, RVT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRA, AARV Technician Liaison, at technician@rehabvets.org to submit an article (suggested length of 200-300 words) or suggest a topic.
COVID-19 Resources for Members
AARV has compiled a list of resources to be helpful to members as they deal with the challenges of COVID-19. Please visit the COVID-19 Resources page on our website for complete details.
We also encourage members to check with their state and local VMAs as many are publishing and posting resources and guidance for veterinary professionals in their states. 
Join Our Speaker Registry!
The AARV wants you to be a speaker! We are developing a speaker registry and are requesting that interested members apply. This is an opportunity to engage in rehab education in your area of expertise! Consideration will be given to AARV members with accredited veterinary sports medicine/rehabilitation certification or ACVSMR diplomate or resident status. Venues may include, but are not restricted to, state, national and sports medicine/rehab specialty CE conferences, meetings and/or student club events. Speakers will be eligible for reimbursement for some travel expenses, which can be discussed upon application.
If you are interested in being a part of our speaker registry, please email president@rehabvets.org with the following information:

  1. Full name and credentials
  2. AARV membership
  3. Area(s) of expertise
  4. Home state and radius willing to travel
  5. Venues of interest (to include those suggested above)

Thanks so much for your willingness to share your knowledge!
Thank You to Our Mentors!
The AARV would like to thank all of the rehabilitation professionals who have volunteered to mentor and offer job shadowing/externships to veterinary and veterinary technician students who are interested in rehabilitation. To see a complete list of our current externship opportunities, visit our website, log into the Members Area, and go to the Student Job Shadowing/Externships page. 
If you would like to join our mentor list, please email Molly Flaherty, our University Liaison, at university@rehabvets.org
AARV Now Has 943 Articles of Interest in Its Database!
Dog at computer
AARV's searchable Articles of Interest Database has expanded to include 943 articles! The database now includes Articles of Interest for all of 2016 through June 2021 and is available to AARV members in the Members area of its website.
AARV will keep adding journal articles to the database each month to develop its usefulness as a research tool. We also will continue to include links to our past Articles of Interest from 2010 to the present in PDF format. All Articles of Interest have been selected by AARV founder Dr. Julia Tomlinson because of their relevance to the field of veterinary rehabilitation. 
To search the database, log in to the Members Area of the website and go to the Articles of Interest Database page. Enter a keyword, author's name, or other search term to begin your search. A list of matching article abstracts will be displayed. A link to the full version of the journal article will be provided if available.
Our thanks to Dr. Julia Tomlinson for selecting relevant journal articles each month and Dr. Kelli Martin for preparing the articles for the database.
Check the AARV Calendar for Upcoming Events

Want to learn which courses are coming up at Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI), Healing Oasis, Northeast Seminars/University of Tennessee, and CuraCore? Check the AARV Calendar of Events on our website, which contains upcoming rehabilitation classes and other continuing education events. You can also visit the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Healing Oasis, Northeast Seminars/University of Tennessee, and CuraCore websites directly to learn more about their courses. 
Do you have an event to add to the AARV calendar? All calendar posts are now free for AARV members. Please send your calendar event to info@rehabvets.org and be sure to include the name of the event, speaker, topic, date, time, location and URL. Rehabilitation related events/classes only, please.
Connect with the AARV on LinkedIn!
Let's network! Connect with the AARV on LinkedIn by clicking on this link or the LinkedIn logo at right.
Interested in submitting a classified ad or becoming a sponsor?

Certified Rehabilitation Technician, Franklin, Tennessee
Veterinary Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine is seeking a Certified Rehabilitation Technician.
VRSM is seeking a full-time rehabilitation technician. An ideal candidate would have experience working in a rehab setting with certification. A pending certification, an interest in obtaining certification, or those new to the field are also encouraged to apply. We are fully equipped with regenerative medicine, arthroscopy, musculoskeletal ultrasound, UWT, class IV lasers, therapeutic ultrasound and shockwave. Our lead vet is pursuing an ACVSMR residency. We offer competitive salaries, uniform/CE allowances, health insurance, 401 K, and personal pet discounts. We are located on a 7-acre campus in Middle Tennessee, just south of Nashville.
Email resume to Dayna@vrsmtn.com.

Rehab Veterinarian, DeLand, Florida
Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation seeks a FT, licensed, and experienced Rehab Veterinarian (with CCRP/CCRT and CVA preferred) to join our fast-paced, growing practice. We are looking for a highly motivated, team-oriented therapist to work alongside Managing Veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Mason, DVM, CCRP, CVA, CVPP, to replicate best practices, share private practice responsibilities and drive incremental caseload growth to the practice. Expectations include diagnosing and managing individualized treatment plans, communicating with clients and referral contacts and executing treatment plans with FVR staff. Our practice is equipped with diagnostic ultrasound, class 4 laser, Piezowave Shockwave, UWTM, acupuncture, chiropractic, canine massage and other modalities. For more information, see Job Opportunities (flvetrehab.com).

Rehab-Certified, Credentialed Veterinary Technician, Los Angeles, California
Seeking Rehab Certified- Credentialed Veterinary Technician.
LAASER is the newest multi-specialty referral and emergency/critical care veterinary hospital to arrive in the heart of Los Angeles, CA! We are privately-owned and offer surgery, internal medicine, 7-day a week critical care and neurology, in addition to our FEATURED rehabilitation space equipped with underwater treadmill, Class IV laser, DVM CCRT and LVT CCRP! Rehab is not an afterthought at LAASER – it's in our NAME!
We work happy! To support you we offer highly competitive wages, shift differentials, medical/dental/vision insurance, 401K with match, uniforms, CE incentives (RVTs only), and other perks!
Check us out at: https://laaser.vet. You can find our career interest form there, or submit your application and resume through this ad. You can also email careers@laaser.vet for more info!

Animal Rehab Assistant, Ontario, Canada
Do you want to join a dynamic team of Rehab Therapists? The Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre, Ontario, Canada, is looking for a Veterinary Technician who is certified, or in the process of certification, from Northern College, University of Tennessee or the Canine Rehab Institute. We will also consider a Veterinary Technician who is interested in furthering their knowledge in Canine Rehab.
The position is full time and will include some evenings and Saturdays.
Please send your resume to Barbara at the Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre, barbara@canineconditioningcentre.ca.
Application deadline is Wednesday July 14, 2021.

CCRP/CCRT Veterinarian, St. Petersburg, Florida
Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center Seeking CCRP/CCRT Veterinarian Full or Part Time. AAHA-accredited since 2002, our well-established family-owned companion animal practice, Central Animal Hospital, is conveniently located on a major thoroughfare in northeastern St. Petersburg, 5 minutes from our beautiful waterfront downtown, 15 minutes from our gorgeous beaches, and 20 minutes drive to downtown Tampa. We are looking to expand our Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center services established since 2004. Acupuncture and/or chiropractic certifications are also highly desirable to complement our rehab services. Review our websites: www.tbk9rehab.com & www.centralanimal.net. If interested, please forward your resume with cover letter to nbrown@centralanimal.net.

Rehabilitation Veterinarians, Los Angeles, California
California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE) is adding to our growing team!
We provide the gold standard in comprehensive rehabilitation care. Our talented team includes rehabilitation veterinarians certified in both acupuncture and rehabilitation. We practice a combination of Eastern/Western medicine, in and out-patient rehabilitation. Acupuncture experience is needed; rehabilitation training is preferred. Email Kristin.mcclure@nva.com to learn more!

Veterinary Sports Medicine Specialist or Rehabilitation Veterinarian, Chicago, Illinois
MedVet is seeking a Sports Medicine and Rehab specialist or an experienced Rehab Veterinarian (DVM with CCRP/CCRT and also CVA) to join our team in Chicago. IL. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment and are dedicated to working with a team of veterinarians who practice the highest quality specialty & ER medicine, we would love to hear from you.
Contact Carolyn.Luther@MedVet.com to learn more about leadership opportunities with MedVet, the veterinarian owned and led team Leading Specialty Healthcare for Pets.

DVM/PT Rehabilitation and Integrative Specialists, Los Angeles, California
Hiring DVM/PT Rehabilitation and Integrative Specialists for Specialty/ER/Rehabilitation Center coming to Los Angeles!! LAASER is a multiple specialty hospital offering the community a broad array of services in our 9,000 sq ft state-of-the art facility opening in Los Angeles the summer of 2021. Currently hiring a team of board-certified specialists and rehabilitation specialists. Integrative treatments, including low-level LASER, PEMP, cryotherapy, acupuncture and regenerative medicine. Rehabilitation therapy including: therapeutic & functional techniques, underwater treadmill system and mobility support devices. We would love to meet you! Email us at admin@laaser.vet.

Veterinary Rehabilitation Assistant – CCRA or Equivalent
Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation, a VROMP partner practice, is a small animal rehabilitation-only veterinary clinic in DeLand, Florida! We are looking for an enthusiastic team player who is eager to learn, dedicated to serving clients with “red carpet” treatment and can multi-task in a busy practice.
You must be friendly, patient, and enjoy working with dogs. The role requires gathering patient histories, assisting with consultation notes, providing gentle restraint, developing home exercise plans (with guidance), client communication and performance of certain therapies. Must work Tuesday-Saturday.
Serious inquires by email only to Carrie McCord at flvetrehab@gmail.com.

CCRA, CCRP, CVRMT, CCVRN, LVT, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine seeks to add an enthusiastic full time, rehabilitation LVT (CCRP, CCRA, CVRMT, CCVRN or willing to complete certification in canine rehabilitation) to our team. Successful candidates are team players with experience in rehabilitation and enjoy working directly with clients and patients alike. Strong work ethic, written and verbal communication skills, and basic computer knowledge are essential. Prior dog training skills would be considered an asset. To learn more about us, please visit www.pawsitivestepsrehab.com. Applicants should submit letter of interest and current resume, including references, to frontdesk@pawsitivestepsrehab.com.
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