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Those lazy days of summer may be upon us...but not in the AASHTO Publications Department! We're ramping up and hard at work on a number of new publications on the horizon!

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The AASHTO Publications Team
In case you missed our video earlier in the month, click the icon to the left to watch the August video edition of "This Month in AASHTO Publications!"
 Check out these new AASHTO publications, which include the latest update to the Materials Standards, and two new bridge interims!
July 2019 Update to the Materials Standards
On July 31st, AASHTO released the third of three 2019 updates to our Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing and AASHTO Provisional Standards, commonly referred to as the Materials Standards.
The July Update included 5 new and 25 revised standards, and updated the sections on Geotechnical, and Bituminous Materials and Mixtures.
Two New Bridge Interim Revisions
 In case you missed any of our earlier 2019 releases, here they are.

Click the link below each publication for more information or to purchase copies!
Here's the next installment of our "Ask the Pubs Team" column, where we answer your questions about our publications, with answers coming directly from the Pubs team member with the most knowledge about your question.

This month's questions pertain to the use of AASHTO standards in academic settings.

I work for a U.S. university that has a transportation and civil engineering program? I'd like to utilize some information from one of your technical standards in my class. Is that allowed and, if so, what is the process for requesting such permission?

Answer from Erin Grady, Director, AASHTO Publications

Unless otherwise indicated, all information contained in AASHTO publications—including text, graphics, and images—are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without prior written permission from the association.
All requests to reproduce AASHTO copyrighted information must be submitted to the AASHTO Information Resource Manager, Bob Cullen, by email ( bcullen@aashto.org ).
Include the following information in your email request:
·        Name
·       University of affiliation
·        Mailing address
·        Phone number
·        Email address
·        A list of the titles of the AASHTO publications you would like to reproduce
·        The specific information within each publication that you wish to reproduce
·        A brief explanation of how you plan to use/distribute the material
For questions about AASHTO’s copyright permissions policies and procedures, contact the AASHTO Information Resource Manager, Bob Cullen, by phone (202-624-8918) or by email ( bcullen@aashto.org ).

I am a university professor, and I would like to use a specific AASHTO publication as a text in one of my classrooms. Do you offer a discount on your publications for academic use?

Answer from Greg Pearson, AASHTO Store and Web Services Manager

Yes, our technical standards and specifications are widely used in the curriculum of transportation and civil engineering programs. To show our support and commitment for engineering education, we offer faculty members and students, at U.S. colleges and universities, special discounts when ordering AASHTO publications.
Both faculty members and students can purchase individual AASHTO publications at our discounted AASHTO member price. Orders must be placed online at the AASHTO Store ( https://store.transportation.org ) by first setting up an AASHTO Account using your school email address to authenticate your academic status.
When ordering publications in bulk for classroom use, educators and university bookstores can receive a 10% trade discount on orders for 50 or more copies of a single publication. Orders can be placed online at the AASHTO Store ( https://store.transportation.org ), or by phone by calling 800-231-3475.

 Here are some of the many publications we're currently working on in the Publications Department!
Interim Revisions: Manual for Bridge Evaluation, 3rd Edition
(Item Code: MBE-3-I2)
Interim Revisions: LRFD Bridge Construction Specifications, 4th Edition
(Item Code: LRFDCONS-4-I1)
Interim Revisions: Guide Specifications for Bridge Temporary Works, 2nd Edition
(Item Code: GSBTW-2-I1)
Guide for Design and Construction of Near-Surface Mounted Titanium Alloy Bars for Strengthening Concrete Structures, 1st Edition
(Item Code: NSMT-1)
S10.1, Steel Bridge Erection Guide Specification, 3rd Edition
(Item Code: NSBASBEGS-3)
G4.1, Steel Bridge Fabrication QC/QA Guide Specification, 2nd Edition
(Item Code: NSBASBFQC-2)
G13.1, Guidelines for Steel Girder Bridge Analysis, 3rd Edition
(Item Code: NSBASGBA-3)
Guide Specifications for Highway Construction, 10th Edition
(Item Code: GSH-10-UL)
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