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  • In RECENT RELEASES, there's a quick review the two publications we have released, to date, in 2019: The April 2019 Update to the Materials Standards, and the Manual for Bridge Element Inspection, 2nd Edition.

  • Don't skip over our 2018 TOP SELLERS list, which features some of our best sellers from 2018, just in case you missed something!

  • Next, we introduce you to NEW PUBS TEAM MEMBER, SIERRA BARNES! Welcome, Sierra!

  • In our ASK THE PUBS TEAM feature, check out information about our AASHTO Archive and our searchable publication TOCs for older AASHTO publications!

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The AASHTO Pubs Team
AASHTO has released its Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation — Final Report, 2019 . The survey results reflect Fiscal Year 2017 data.

About the Report

This annual s urvey chronicles how state departments of transportation support public transit operations and capital projects, while advancing public transportation options in urban, small urban, and rural communities.
Developed by the AASHTO Council on Public Transportation , this annual report provides a snapshot of state-by-state investment in public transportation from federal, state, and local funding sources, as well as an understanding of how state departments of transportation utilize funding and tax mechanisms to support all transit operations and capital projects.
The report includes information on funding sources, amounts, programs, eligible uses and allocation, and per capita state transit funding.
Significant Findings

This 2019 Final Report, based on 2017 data, revealed some significant findings. Here are few highlights:
  • In FY 2017, state DOTs spent $19.04 billion in overall transit funding, while federal funds totaled $11.88 billion.
  • 25 states and the District of Columbia increased their public transit funding in FY 2017 by a total of $1.1 billion over FY 2016 levels.
  • Federal funds accounted for more than 50 percent of the total transit funding in 36 states, while state funding exceeded Federal funding in 15 states.
Purchase a Copy
To purchase a copy of the new Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation —Final Report, 2019, which is available as a PDF Download, visit the AASHTO Store online at , and search by the publication's item code, SSFP-13-UL.

Or...just click the link below!
In addition to the new Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation Final Report, 2019, below are the two publications we have released, to date, in 2019.
We recently released the first of three 2019 updates to our S tandard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing and AASHTO Provisional Standards, commonly referred to as the Materials Standards. The April Update included 3 new and 16 revised standards, and included revisions to the following sections:
  • Hydraulic Cement and Lime
  • Fresh Concrete
  • Hardened Concrete
  • Pavement Measurement
  • Bridge and Pavement Preservation
  • Quality Assurance and Environmental
This manual is a reference for standardized element definitions, element quantity calculations, condition state definitions, element feasible actions, and inspection conventions, and is designed for use by state departments of transportation and other agencies that perform element-level bridge inspections.
Below is a list of our 2018 top sellers. Even though these publications were released last year, we still have to make sure you don't miss out on any important publications. If you see something you'd like to purchase, just click the title to link to the publication on the AASHTO Store.
Meet Sierra Barnes,
our new Publications Administrative Assistant!
The AASHTO Publications team is th-rilled to welcome Sierra Barnes as our new Publications Administrative Assistant!

Sierra comes to AASHTO with several years’ experience working as a bookstore manager, and as a social media and marketing manager. She has graphic design, photography, and writing experience, and is also proficient in German and Russian! Sierra received her Bachelor of Arts from the College of William and Mary, and is currently finishing her Master of Fine Arts in Comics from California College of Arts.

With those amazing qualifications and talents, we know Sierra will be a great addition to the AASHTO Publications team!

Welcome, Sierra!
Here's the next installment of our new "Ask the Pubs Team" column, where we answer your questions about our publications, with answers coming directly from the Pubs team member with the most knowledge about your question. This month's questions pertain to our older, archived publications.

I'm looking for an older edition of an AASHTO publication, but I don't see it listed in the AASHTO Archive. Is there any way to obtain a copy of an older standard, even though it's not listed in the Archive.

Answer from Bob Cullen, AASHTO Information Resource Manager

Possibly. If you do not see the archived publication that you're looking for, it may be that we have not yet made it available in the Archive, but we may still have a copy. Please send me an email at, and let me know which publication you are looking for. Include the title, edition, and year of publication if you know it, and I will check our records and storage to see if we have a copy. If so, I will have it scanned (if we do not have a digital version), and will make it available for purchase through the AASHTO Archive.

I'm researching the evolution of several technical standards related to highway bridges. Is it possible to obtain copies of the tables of contents of specific, older AASHTO publications?

Answer from Greg Pearson, AASHTO Store and Web Services Manager

The tables of contents of our publications are posted on the publication's page on the AASHTO Store. In addition, what will be especially useful to you in your research efforts is that, in recent months, we have revised all of the PDFs of our archive documents so that they are now all searchable.
Here's what we're working on here in the Publications Department!
Guidelines for Geometric Design of Low-Volume Roads, 2nd Edition
(Publication Category: Design & Traffic)

2018 AASHTO Salary Survey
(Publication Category: Reports/Administration)

June 2019 Update to the Materials Standards
(Publication Category: Materials, Testing, & Pavement)

Guide Specifications for Highway Construction, 10th Edition
(Publication Category: Construction & Right-of-Way)
The AASHTO Publications Catalog puts the latest information about our publications right at your fingertips.

Click below to download a PDF copy. In addition to reading publication descriptions, formats, and prices, you might just find a few other tidbits of information that you might find interesting!
Are you attending the AASHTO Spring Meeting this week? If so, be sure to stop by the Publications booth to pick up some information about our publications! You might just find some goodies there, as well!
In last month's newsletter, we conducted our first Pubs Poll! We told you that we are committed to providing you our members, customers, partners, and transportation community with the information you need about AASHTO publications, and we wanted to know if we were succeeding. We asked four questions that we thought would reveal your level of satisfaction with our efforts. Here are the questions and the responses results:

Is the content of this newsletter relevant to you? 100% Yes!

What do you think about the frequency of the monthly newsletter? 99% Frequency is just right; one person responded too frequent.

Is the detailed information we provide on certain pubs, like the Materials standards, helpful? 100% Yes!

Does the content of the newsletter satisfy your informational needs? 100% Yes!

Now...I must say that for the sake of full transparency, we only had 13 responses! But, we'll take feedback wherever we can get it. Plus, we're just gonna make the assumption that if you didn't respond, that means that you like what we're doing. No response is a good response!

Anyway, thanks to those who participated in our poll. And, as always, if you ever have a question or need more information about our publications, we're just an email ( ) or a phone call away (202-624-5800 (actually that's the front desk, so ask for the Publications Department!)), so don't hesitate to contact us. That's what we're here for!
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