AAUW NJ President's Message
January 2019
An exciting 2019 ahead!
As we start the new year, I would like to share news and ask for your participation in AAUW NJ's events and special projects. Don't forget to get the AAUW logo in pictures of your events and meetings, then share them on our Facebook page. Logos for each Branch can be downloaded from the AAUW Member Services Database (MSD) .

At Fall Focus over 50 members, guests and students learned how we can inspire and be inspired by each other. All attendees received hand-held banners. If your branch doesn't have a couple, let us know. These are great to keep in your purse or car and keep AAUW in the picture!

Our focus for this year will be recruiting, mentoring and supporting the women who will be influential and lead our future mission efforts, which is critical to the continued success of our organization. Come to the annual meeting to empower and be empowered.
Tween Tech Success!

Congratulations to Stockton University, Atlantic County Branch and Cape May Branch on a very successful AAUW NJ Tween Tech event on January 4th. About 250 middle school girls participated in a day of hands-on science and technology workshops. Tween Tech received favorable coverage from two local media outlets:

The AAUW Madison Branch and the College Club of Summit
are holding a joint meeting at the Madison Public Library, Chase Room beginning at 7PM. 

February 4, 2019

The program will be: “The Evolution of Title IX In Higher Education” Presented by: Emily Ralph, J.D., LMSW, Title IX Coordinator at Drew University

AAUW NJ members and their guests are invited to attend this meeting. The lecture will include information on the new proposed rules that will, if passed, change the way colleges respond to Title IX incidents. Come and enjoy an evening with other AAUW members and learn more about Title IX and the changes that may happen with the current law.

Advance reservations are not required. The Madison Public Library is located at 39 Keep Street, Madison, NJ. The phone # is 973-377-0722.

Each year the AAUW N ational C onference for C ollege W omen S tudent L eaders (pronounced nick-whistle) brings together young women to learn about today’s most pressing issues and develop new leadership skills while expanding on their current skills. They are inspired by prominent women leaders and make lifelong connections with peers across the country.

AAUW NJ is proud to be sponsoring McKenna Wardell, a third year Rutgers student. Many branches sponsor one or more students each year - these accomplished and ambitious women report that the experience is indeed life-changing. If your branch is not already supporting our future women leaders this way, go to https://www.nccwsl.org/ for more information. Save $120 if you register by February 15 (you can register without knowing the specific student you are sponsoring).


 April 7-8, 2019

at Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City!

Join AAUW NJ members and friends for our Annual Meeting at Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City! April 7, 2019 (2 – 7:30 PM) to April 8, 2019 (7:45 AM – 1 PM)

Vendors Wanted - Do you know a woman who makes something to sell, or sells something for a woman's cause. We have several tables available on Sunday at our Annual Meeting for a $30 donation to AAUW NJ Charitable Trust. Contact: aauwnj@gmail.com

See our website for more information!
Call for Nominations

If you would like to nominate yourself or another member for a position on the AAUW NJ board of directors, please contact Carol Cohen or Edwina Sessons on the nominating committee (See Booklet for contact information) or contact them via our Contacts webpage .
AAUW Contacts Booklet

An updated version of the AAUW NJ "Booklet" has been published on the website. Please contact us via email at aauwnj@gmail.com to request the password.
Karen Brown, President
AAUW of New Jersey