Under normal circumstances I would be wishing everyone a beautiful spring and looking forward to seeing you all when we award our scholarships. However, I hope that you are all hunkered down and staying well. Maybe you have found time to work in the yard or read a book that you have been putting off. Whatever you are doing, I hope it is with sense of gratitude for all that you have and for friends and family. I am feeling gratitude for my association with all of you and what we can accomplish and have accomplished through AAUW. Through your generosity, we are awarding five textbook scholarships and three graduate scholarships this year. We are not a large group locally, but we can be proud that we support each other and young women in the community.

Our bylaws require that a vote for our new slate of officers be taken at the April meeting. This year we will be taking our votes by email. So be looking for an email ballot to come in your inbox the first week of April.

As our meetings and activities have been cancelled for the remainder of this term, I can only wish you all good heath and stay calm via this newsletter. I am grateful that we can stay in touch this way. Let’s look forward to being together next year. Share this newsletter with friends that you would like to invite to join AAUW SA. Tell them of the good works that we do and fun that we have. They just might want to join our circle and support our mission.

Until we are together again.......

To peace,
Suzanne Benson
AAUW San Antonio President