Volume 114 Issue 5


2022-2023 Theme:

Supporting Marginalized Women and Girls

During This Time of Change

Message from the President

Hello everyone!

The start of the holiday season is upon us! Many changes will occur just as the weather is beginning to change. Plus, it is a very busy season!

I look forward to this month's guest speaker, Carol Bertsch. She has a lot of information that we should pay attention to as we age. I look forward to her presentation.

We just went through exercising our right as a citizen of the United States by voting in the midterm election, registering voters as volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars, and probably providing financial support to candidates of your choice. What are your thoughts, feelings, and/or takeaways from the results of the midterm election?

As for me, I am encouraged by the number of women who ran for office throughout the United States, especially at state levels. As an AAUW member, I advocate for our members and other women becoming engaged in the process of governing in order to influence more positive outcomes for women and girls and marginalized peoples locally and throughout the world, and promote equality for all.

I am impressed by Maxwell Frost, first Gen Z elected to a congressional seat. We must find ways to involve and keep our youth in conversations about our government, its processes, how laws affect them, how to listen to candidates, how to get involved. We have a chance to be involved in the education of our local youth through our partnership with The League of Women Voters’ Youth Education Program.

The results from five states - California, Vermont, Michigan, Kentucky, Montana - that had reproductive rights propositions on their ballots are significant. Voters in all five states voted in favor of reproductive rights. In Kentucky, voters rejected proposals to further restrict reproductive rights.

Update: The Board decided that we should consider meeting in-person for our Monthly General Meeting in February. We are planning this as a hybrid meeting. So, if you are not ready or are not able to meet in person, you can still attend by zoom. To help us make good decisions and make plans, please complete our Hybrid Meeting Survey in this newsletter.

Please save January 17, 2023 for a tour of the Cyber Security School conducted by two students. More information is available in this newsletter.

March is Women’s History Month. We are planning a visit to the Young Women's Leadership Academy - among the top one percent of high schools in the United States. We have been invited to speak about our organization’s mission, values and goals and discuss its relevance with the students. Please volunteer to help plan and implement the program. Just email Kathy Dicke to volunteer.

Also, we plan to present a letter to the San Antonio Mayor and City Council asking about the status of pay equity of city employees. More to come on this project. But, when we implement this action, we would like a large contingency of members present.

We are continuing our fundraising efforts. Remember our major advocacy is providing textbook scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. The amount and number of awards are based on the amount of money we raise through fundraising efforts. We just finished the wreath sale which made $400.

The next fundraiser is the Textbook Scholarships Drawing for $300 and $100 gift cards. This opportunity is open to your family and friends - so let them know they can participate. Each member should have received a Constant Contact email notice. You can also access the drawing from this newsletter or on the website. The drawing will be held 7 January 2023 - look out for more information about the drawing.

This holiday season remember those who are struggling through this inflation. But hold close those we love. Safe travels to those who will visit away from home.


Happy Holidays to all!


Diane Claiborne-Carr


AAUW San Antonio



2022-2023 Branch Leaders

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Diane Claiborne-Carr       

President Elect


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Ruth Lyle                         

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Monica Ruiz-Mills               


Ashlee Martinez      


Adrien Frank  


Suzanne Benson

Standing Committees

Public Policy

Pat Sanford


Adrien Frank


Karen Reichensperger

Eleanor Skelley    


Martha Steele


Kimberly Henry


Malinda Gaul


Mary Ellen Pratt


Kimberly Henry





Patricia Tucker

Community Coordinator



Betty Russell


Michelle Burk

Member Outreach

Kathy Dicke


Saturday, December 3, 2022

11:30 am

Link to be sent by

President Diane Claiborne-Carr

Getting Your Affairs in Order

December Program

Carol Bertsch is really an old soul. You can see it in her eyes when she listens intently to what you need and helps you evaluate all your options. She treats her clients with dignity, patience, and understanding and will make house calls to those unable to visit the office.

Her presentation in December will be “Getting Your Affairs in Order” about the importance of establishing Wills and Powers of Attorney while you still have mental capacity and a discussion on the various options for paying for long-term care.

Carol received her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law in 1992 and started her elder law practice in 1996. In 2012, she earned a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) certification after completing rigorous testing and demonstrating her practice’s focus on elder and disability law. To maintain her CELA, Carol continues to specialize in elder law and completes continuing education credits for advanced practitioners.

Carol Bertsch is a member of several organizations including the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Bexar County Women’s Bar Association, San Antonio Bar Association, and the National Association of Women Business Owners. Carol has been the recipient of the Barbara Kishpaugh Award from the San Antonio Bar Association Elder Law Section.

When Carol’s not working, she’s trying new restaurants with her husband and visiting her mom and her siblings. She’s also a mentor for the THRU Project.

Learn more about Carol and her firm on her website: assistingseniors.com

November Meeting Recap

Jeanne Russell, Executive Director for the CAST Schools Network, presented at our November monthly meeting on the purpose of CAST Schools in the San Antonio area. What we learned: CAST Schools is a public-school network that establishes partnerships with school districts in underserved areas to prepare students for college and careers. Learning is customized for students and is based on student interest. There are five CAST Schools in the surrounding area. At CAST Schools, students take ownership of their learning, with a focus on community and service, and they are provided opportunities to participate in internships and apprenticeships. The recording can be found on our website.

AAUW San Antonio Textbook Scholarships

 $300 VISA Gift Card


$100 VISA Gift Card



We are continuing the tradition of raising funds for the textbook scholarships that AAUW SA awards annually to assist women attending a college or university in Bexar County to purchase textbooks. We will have a drawing for $300 and $100 gift cards at a special virtual meeting January 7, 2023. You do not need to be present or a member of AAUW to win.


Please support this worthy effort by donating to this drawing.

  • 1 Ticket for any donation of $10 
  • 3 Tickets for any donation of $25   
  • 10 Tickets for any donation of $80                 


This year you can donate online by debit card or credit card by clicking the link below and following the instructions.




Once your donation is complete, GalaBid will

automatically send an email

with an identifying number

based on the amount of your donation.


You may also donate by check:

Payable to AAUW San Antonio

Mail check to:

Adrien Frank

   140 Patterson Ave., Apt 104            

   San Antonio, TX 78209

Include the total number of tickets for which you

are donating on the memo line of your check.

 Once we receive your check, someone on our team

will contact you with details about your tickets.


The last day we will receive donations is January 4, 2023.


All tickets generated by your donations online and via check will be combined into a randomizer that will select winners. You can only win one prize. The first draw will be for the $300 gift card and the second draw will be for the $100 gift card.


Please forward this email to family/friends who may want to donate to our fundraiser. 


Thank you in advance for your generosity. Textbooks cost hundreds of dollars each semester. Winners often tell us that receiving the AAUW SA scholarship has enabled them to stay in school or work less which allows more time to study and achieve better grades.


By automating the drawing, we save some operating dollars to apply to the scholarships.


Thank you for making this year’s Textbook Scholarship Fundraiser another great success.


Sincerely yours,


Kimberly Henry, Chair, Fundraising (864-387-0585)

Ruth Lyle, VP Membership

Adrien Frank, Treasurer

Hybrid Meeting Survey

Please complete this survey and let us know your preferences for future meetings.

Click Here to Take the Survey

Institute of Cyber Security & Innovation - NEISD San Antonio

Institute of Cyber Security and Innovation Tour

San Antonio is home to the country’s second-largest concentration of cybersecurity experts and nearly 40 cybersecurity companies have headquarters in San Antonio.

NEISD wants to create a space that prepares students for the workforce and introduce them to an industry that has infinite potential.

The AAUW SA Community Outreach Committee is organizing a tour of the Institute of Cyber Security and Innovation (ICSI) in January. More detailed information will be sent to members through Constant Contact regarding date, time, location, parking, agenda and bios.

Students Seyma Kilic and Andrea Navarro and Teacher Mrs. Pullido will be our tour guides.  

Adrien Frank


From a NCCWSL Scholarship Winner

Spring 2022

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to attend the NCCWSL conference. Special Thanks to Ela for showing us and letting us participate in “Un-stuck” part of the session. It really opened my mind and made me realize that I am not alone. Growing up one only saw men in power and only men running things. As times change so do the roles. I heard guest speakers talk about the struggles they had to overcome in order to achieve their goals. It made me feel hopeful; so much hope for the future roles of women in leadership. I feel more empowered after attending your conference.

I can’t remember her name at the moment, I think it was Simone. She’s a marine biologist. Her speech about her experiences really made me feel like we connected in so many levels. The struggles she faced and how she didn’t let anything stop her really made me realize that even though the struggles are there, goals are achievable.

I am just very thankful for this experience in the whole. I met so many different women from different parts of the country that felt the same way as I did. I did not think anyone else felt or thought as I did until we started getting into the break out sessions. Connecting was such an eye opening for me. Coming from a low income family and at 39, almost 40 years old, and being a continuing student, first in my family to attend college, there are so many things I still am unaware of. Thank you for this. I really appreciate it.

Josefina Serrano Andrade

San Antonio College

San Antonio, Texas

Women's Empowerment Center

Please welcome new members:

Kimberly Sama

Alexandra van de Kamp

Deborah Andrepoint

Tammi Lambert

We look forward to getting to know you.

Ruth Lyle

Membership Vice President



Shape the Future Membership

Invite a friend or family member to attend a meeting. If they join after attending a San Antonio AAUW event or meeting the National dues are only $33.50, AAUW Texas $13, and San Antonio Branch $16 for a total of $62.50.

Thank you for supporting AAUW!

Ruth Lyle

Vice President Membership


Member Spotlight


Sophie Lim has been a member of AAUW SA since 1985. She has served on many AAUW committees: arranged lunch meetings for Historic Southwest, phone committee Historic Southwest, Education Foundation Chair, Public Policy Chair, Publicity Committee, Social Arrangements Committee and is currently serving on the AAUW-SA Textbook Scholarships Committee.

She was born/raised in San Antonio, TX, and graduated from Incarnate Word with a degree in Biology/Medical Technology. She worked at Baptist Hospital. Then, while working as manager at the family’s Golden Palace (now the Golden Wok), Sophie became aware of AAUW when members met there for some of their meetings. She currently works with her husband, Alex, in the family restaurant, Golden Star Cafe. The Golden Star Cafe, established in 1932 by Alex’s grandfather, just celebrated 90 years and three generations of family ownership. Many city and county celebrities attended the celebration and the family was awarded a Proclamation by the Mayor and City Council on 11/3/2022.

Sophie has been a busy woman throughout her life as an active member of a national lobby group, Chinese American Citizens Alliance. She served as president of the San Antonio Chapter; represented the San Antonio Restaurant Association on the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District’s Issue Focus Group and on the Roundtable Group on Environmental and Health Issues, specializing in identifying food-borne illnesses; assisted the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce in its focus on alternative modes of transportation; veteran of the Cattlemen’s Square Board of Directors; and member of the Downtown Southwest Optimist Club. In 1999 she helped facilitate a National Teleconference on Reforms for Women in Social Security which included Hilary Clinton and local Congressmen Ciro Rodriguez and Charlie Gonzales. Sophie says, "Oriental women are retiring in the background. The fact that I am a woman working within the Oriental culture with people accustomed to traditional roles was quite a challenge to me."

She has been married to Alex Lim for 48 years, has 2 daughters, Alexa (Oakland, CA) and Yvonne (Austin, TX), 1 son, Edward (Denver, CO) and 3 grandchildren. Family is really special to Sophie. When there’s time, Sophie enjoys her hobbies of cooking and working with stained glass.

Sophie and many of her family at the current Golden Star Cafe

which had been remodeled to resemble the 1932 restaurant.



Have your read an interesting book? Binged a great tv series? Listened to new music? Visited an exciting city, country, art exhibit, music festival, restaurant?

Let us know so we may share it in our newsletters.

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AAUW Webinar

Gloria Blackwell interviews Dr. Keisha Blain, Ph.D.,

Professor of African Studies and History at Brown University, columnist for MSNBC, AAUW Fellow Alumna,

author of "Until I am Free: Frannie Lou Hamer's Enduring Message to America"



Golden Star Cafe

821 W. Commerce Street

December Dates to Remember

1 - National Christmas Lights Day

1- National Woman Support Woman Day

2 - World Aids Day

2 - National Bartenders Day

2 – National Day for the Abolition of Slavery

3- AAUW San Antonio December Monthly General Meeting

3 – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

4 – National Cookie Day

5- AAUW San Antonio Bridge IHOP

5 – International Volunteer Day

7 – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

8 – Culinary Adventures – Silo Restaurant

10 - Human Rights Day

10 - International Animal Rights Day

11 – UNICEF Day

12 – National Poinsettia Day

13 – National Guard Day

14 – National Free Shipping Day

16 – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

16 – National Ugly Sweater Day

16 – Las Posadas

17 – National Wreaths Across America Day

18 – Hanukkah

22 – National Cookie Exchange Day

24 – Christmas Eve

25 – Christmas Day

26 – First Day of Kwanzaa

26 – Last Day of Hannukah

26 – Boxing Day

27- National Thank You Note Day

28 – Wounded Knee

31 – New Year’s Eve

Program Schedule for 2022-2023

December 3, 2022: Preparing for our future now (Aligned to DEI topic: Presumption of Incompetence/Bias)

Speaker: Carol Bertsch, PA

Program: Getting Your Affairs in Order

Explore the importance of establishing Wills and Powers of Attorney while you still have mental capacity. Discussion on the various options for paying for long-term care and making decisions while we still have the mental capacity.

January 2023

POC: Helga Anderson

Program: Wine Women and Wisdom

POC: Ali Heller

Program: Culinary Adventures

February 4, 2023: Access for youth in the foster care system (Aligned to DEI topic: Systems that Foster Disparities and Inequities)

Speaker: Airika Buford, Project Director, Bexar County Educational Success Program, UTSA

Program: It takes a Village: Creating a Holistic Pipeline of Support for Students with Experience in Foster Care.

The Bexar County Fostering Educational Success Program (BCFES) is a collaborative effort to improve access and retention of youth and young adults interested in or pursuing higher education. The presenter will provide an overview of the model, strategic framework, and the special initiatives put in place to fill in the gaps in resources and support services for BCFES participants. Lastly, the presentation will discuss the community support needed to ensure that pipelines of support like these are sustainable and how to become a part of the village that help to improve the educational trajectory of students with a history in foster care.

March 4, 2023: The Status of Women in San Antonio Update (Aligned to DEI topic: Disparities and Inequities)

Speaker: City of San Antonio Member TBA

Program: Status of Women in San Antonio

The Status of Women in San Antonio report was commissioned by the city of San Antonio to provide an overview of disparities in San Antonio in the areas of gender, health, well-being, economic opportunities, political participation, and safety.

April 1, 2023

Lead: Dr. Karen Reichensperger, Scholarship Committee Chair

Program: San Antonio AAUW Scholarship Winners

May 6, 2023: Scobee Girls STEM Summit (Aligned to DEI topic: Equity)

Speakers: Michelle Risse and Andrea Montano

Program: Scobee Education Center: STEM Education for Young Women Interested in STEM Careers

This presentation will reflect on the programs Scobee has provided through the Artemis Academy for Girls, the Scobee STEM Summit and what research tells us about how general STEM careers currently reflect our population. The Scobee Education Center has hosted the Scobee Girls STEM Summit since 2016 and funded an all-girls STEM camp.

Committee Members:

Monica Ruiz-Mills

Judy Branch

Mary Ellen Pratt

Martha Steele

Interest Groups


No WWW in November and December.

See you in January!

Helga Anderson


Members attending Wine, Women and Wisdom at The Hayden


Thursday, December 8

12:00 noon

Silos 1604

434 N. Loop 1604 W

RSVP (yes only) to Ali Heller

by Tuesday, December 6, noon



Members attending Culinary Adventures at Carriqui


Monday, December 5

12:00 noon


14424 San Pedro Ave. 78232

Contact Pearl Eng




Saturday, December 17

11:00 am

A Long Way from Verona

by Jane Gardam

Holiday Lunch Provided by

Kathy Dicke, Wondra Chang and Michelle Burk

100 W. El Prado #207

RSVP to Kathy Dicke


2022-2023 Officers

President Diane Claiborne-Carr

Vice President Programs Monica Ruiz-Mills

Vice President Membership Ruth Lyle

Secretary Ashlee Martinez

Treasurer Adrien Frank


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