Our last general meeting of the year will be on May 7th. It also marks the last meeting I will lead as your president. I have enjoyed the challenges, as well as what we together have accomplished. Your willingness to try new ways of getting together remotely enabled us to enjoy a wide variety of outstanding guest speakers. This attracted more members to our meetings and kept our focus on the year’s theme of Economic Security through Pay Equity; our mission of advancing gender equity for women and girls; and vision of Equity for All.

Our branch members were the stars this year, donating generously and introducing friends to AAUW by inviting them to share in speaker events, as well as our interest group get-togethers. Our increase in membership included welcoming a number of younger women into our branch, several coming to us from college/university pursuits.

Fundraising had a banner year in supporting our scholarship program, with member donations surpassing our goals, resulting in 10 textbook awards, as well as 4 graduate scholarships, thanks to the interest from our endowed funds. In both categories the number of applicants were 32 (textbook) and 24 (graduate), far exceeding prior years. High marks and recognition go out to Karen Reichensperger and her two hard-working committees!

We congratulate the newly-elected President for 2022-2023, Diane Claiborne-Carr, VP Membership Ruth Lyle, VP Programs Monica Ruiz-Mills, Treasurer Adrien Frank, and Secretary Ashlee Martinez. The current board and new board will meet in June to plan for next year, with our first meeting on September 3rd. Many thanks goes out to our current board for their tenacity, creativity and hard work, along with our committee chairs and interest group leads. Special recognition is given to outgoing board members, VP Programs Martha Steele and Secretary Kate Vetters, for their outstanding work. Over the summer, Diantha Perelli will continue Book Discussions and Ali Heller will plan for dining venues for Culinary Adventures. Helga Anderson has plans for April and May events for Wine, Women, and Wisdom, resuming again in September.

In closing, we have shown resilience and adapted our programs and activities in a challenging year (or two), and in the process, increased our membership; given generously in support of scholarships for our area young women; integrated more closely with other Texas affiliates and board; supported AAUW National financially and in its pursuits and priorities; and earned a 5-Star rating for our branch. Thank you again for allowing me to represent our branch, and I look forward to what comes next. It has been an honor.

We continue to be grateful for all that is good in our lives and for having our community in AAUW. Donate as you are able to the people struggling so desperately in Ukraine. (d)

Have a great summer and see you for our May 7th meeting with Judy Trevino, University of Incarnate Word, presenting Building Wealth: Securing Futures.

Stronger together –
Cheryl Fuller
AAUW San Antonio President