I do hope that all of you are well, staying calm and finding some joy during these challenging times. I, along with the Board, consider our membership the AAUWSA community. We hope that if we can do anything for you to help you get through these challenges, that you will contact us.

It has been an honor to serve as President these past two years. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you as we shared time together at our monthly meetings and at various activity groups. Each of you come with your own talents and ideas, yet we share the common goal of advocating for women and girls that someday all will be considered equal in our economy, education, and all areas of life. My gratitude extends to the Board for their support, advice, hard work and encouragement. Our meetings, committees and other activities would not have been effective and enjoyable without their efforts. I encourage you, as members of AAUW to consider joining an activity group that you have not attended or serving on one of our committees. I will continue to serve on the board as past president and look forward to seeing all of you next fall when we hopefully meet again.

Please take time to go to the all-new National AAUW website. It is upgraded and much easier to navigate. There is a webinar link there to learn more about the history of the website and the features of this new one. The site is www.aauw.org .

Your membership team, consisting of Kathy Dickey, Membership VP and Kathy Kraft, Treasurer, have done a great job of making your continued membership easy by adding the on-line option for membership payment. I hope you will take that opportunity and continue to support AAUW. Find more about this further in the newsletter.

The current board and incoming new officers will be meeting in June to plan for next year. If you have any concerns or planning ideas for us to consider, contact me.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy summer.

To Peace,

Suzanne Benson
AAUW San Antonio President