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Volume 71 l Issue 4 l February 2020
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Top 10 Ways AAUW Made the World Better
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Equal Pay Days
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Five Star National Recognition Program
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SHARE Grants

Congratulations to the branches receiving SHARE NCCWSL Grants :

Concho Valley
North Harris County
San Antonio
IMPORTANT: If your branch is considering a status change - name change, merger, or unfortunately dissolution - please contact your District Representative, for assistance with the AAUW Texas procedures for the status change.
Equal Pay Days
Contact your representatives by calling or visiting
their local offices to remind them about each equal pay day.
Asian Women Equal Pay Day
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

All Women vs. All Men
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mom’s Equal Pay Day
Thursday, June 4, 2020
Black Women Equal Pay Day
Thursday, August 13, 2020

Native Women Equal Pay Day
Thursday, October 1, 2020

Latina Equal Pay Day
Monday, November 2, 2020
Message from AAUW CEO

When I joined AAUW on June 1, 2017, the 2017 AAUW National Convention was the first time I experienced the power of our members and advocates. You simply wowed me from day one, and I’m still learning every day about the incredible impact AAUW has made and continues to make.

AAUW’s conventions have a rich history, and many of you have attended them over the years and decades. But following an analysis by the AAUW National Board and a member-led task force, it became clear that we have to think differently. That’s why, this year, instead of a national convention, we will use the power of 2020 technology to bring members together in new ways that are financially prudent and can reach more members from around the country, as well as engage future generations of supporters.

We are proud to announce AAUW National will host a 2020 Convening Series, which has two main components:

A series of online webinars featuring national leadership and special guests on important mission-driven topics (our 2020 Gender Agenda). AAUW defined the idea of ‘kitchen table’ issues – and we continue to push for equal economic opportunity and education, topics we should all care about as people cast their ballots in November. The initial two webinars are scheduled for January 28 and April 14. The first will preview AAUW’s plans for 2020, including:

  • Election priorities for the 2020 election; and
  • AAUW’s recognition of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act.

“Your Story. Our Legacy.” AAUW members are trailblazers and have lived exciting lives. We want to capture these for the AAUW archives. We’ll issue a series of questions that we hope you and your fellow members will answer, so we can recognize and celebrate our accomplishments and experiences. Imagine how much the world has changed, and how much we have been a part of making the world a more equitable and caring place. We will profile stories in upcoming webinars, website features and newsletters to share and inspire us all!

We have a lot of good work to accomplish in 2020, and I know you’ll join me in supporting AAUW in its quest to advance gender equity in your branches, in your neighborhoods, in your state legislatures and in your support of our national and international initiatives. I hope you’ll join us for the 2020 Convening Series, and I thank you for your tireless support of AAUW.


Kimberly Churches
Chief Executive Officer
January 28, 2020 Webinar with CEO Kim Churches
Five-Star Recognition Program

Remember to submit your Five-Star information as the branch achieves each star.

More branches and affiliates are participating in the Five-Star Recognition Program , an initiative to reward their progress toward achieving gender equity. A big congratulations to Fort Bend County for achieving their first star. Please submit your branch’s work so we can celebrate you as well!
Candidate for President: Gloria Long

Member of both Northeast Tarrant County and Tarrant County Branches

As the AAUW Texas State President, I will work to make our organization sustainable and relevant. I will encourage our branches to be the face of women’s equity in their communities through increasing local awareness of Work Smart training and encouraging women to vote.

As a 48 year member, I have deep knowledge of the history of our organization. I am a team player who works well with others.

Northeast Tarrant Co. Branch President, 2012-2014, also held office of finance chair and communications; 4 years as North District Representative; State membership VP in current biennium.

Retired high school mathematics teacher, BA in Mathematics, past president White Settlement Retired School Employees Association, current finance officer of the same, have served on the vestry of my Episcopal parish including one term as Senior Warden.  
Candidate for Vice President Programs:  Melodia Gutiérrez  

Member of Northeast Tarrant County Branch

As Program Vice President, I look forward to building upon the work of the past few years, by synergizing the relationship with our dynamic local branches and our diligent state board.

Programming is a powerful tool to serve our mission and tell our story to one another, and to prospective members. I plan to increase the awareness of the power of programming and diversify our programming options. In an effort to amplify our AAUW voice, I also hope to work with our network of branches and members to unify certain programming options for special events like Women’s Equality Day.

My prior programming experience includes, professional positions on political campaigns, AAUW, AARP, and other local boards. Currently, I work on development and programming at the Dallas Museum of Art.
Candidate for Vice President Membership:
Barbara Cager              

Member of Tarrant County Branch

As a member of AAUW for over 25 years, I joined the Tarrant County Branch of AAUW in 2011 after holding an at-large membership for several years. I have served as North Texas District Representative for two terms. My AAUW experience includes: Branch President (2015-17), President Elect, AAUW Funds Co-Vice President, member of Fundraising Committee, Chair of the Audit Committee and North Texas Giving Day.

My goal is to oversee Branch efforts to recruit and sustain a diverse, active AAUW membership in Texas. I will strive to serve as a catalyst to inspire Branches to share their best AAUW practices and ideas for attracting and retaining members.  

Educational background includes: Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX, Mid-Management Administrator from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. Served as: Executive Director of Secondary Education for FWISD, High School Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Specialist and mathematics teacher. I retired after 37 years of service. I currently serve as a community volunteer on several boards in the City of Fort Worth.  
Candidate for Vice President Funds:
Margie M. Poole              

Member of both North Harris County and Northeast Tarrant County Branches

The main goal of the position is to not only assist branches in increasing their AAUW Funds programs, but also AAUW Texas - the State Board. Additionally, the position should serve as a mentor to help branches administer these funds correctly.

I have been active in branch, Interbranch and state board activities and am aware of the resources available to help branches with this important task. While some training in the administration of Funds is necessary, it seems to me that encouragement, communication and brainstorming for new ways to raise money is the all-important secondary goal of the position.

Besides ensuring that branches have the latest National AAUW research and program information regarding Funds, I also plan to research other organizations to see what type of fund-raising methods are working for them.

Past AAUW experience includes:
North Harris County member: 2012–Present, Executive Board member.
West Harris County member: 2012-2016
NE Tarrant County member: 2000-Present. AAUW Texas State Board member: 2006-2016.

Currently, I work for a credit card processing firm in compliance, while serving as the Newsletter editor for my branch, North Harris County. I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, with a Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising. I have worked in management, customer service, account services and sales and every position has included working with others to create funding.
Candidate for Finance Officer:
Diane Roberts                      

Member of West Harris County Branch

As Finance Officer of AAUW Texas, I will make sure the financial records are accurate and communicated to the Board and checks are promptly deposited and dispersed.

I am serving as finance officer for a second two year term for West Harris County (WHC) Branch.  In that capacity, I have revised the budget process to make it more informative and transparent. Having worked extensively with national AAUW to ensure the accuracy of membership and dues payment records for WHC, I have a good understanding of the Membership Payment Process and the Membership Services Database to assist branches if they have issues with on-line dues processing.

Currently retired, I have been librarian, library specialist, and technologist in the Houston Independent School District, library director of St. Thomas High School and have served on various local and national boards, from the Friends of Bellaire Parks to the American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults Committee. Although not currently licensed, I have been a CPA, and worked as a tax accountant at Enron Corp and a local accounting firm. I hold BS and BA degrees from TWU, a Master of Library Science from NTSU, and an MBA from the University of Houston. 
Candidate for Secretary: Mary H. Smith

Member of North Harris County Branch

My goal as Secretary is to provide accurate and timely minutes of the meetings of the AAUW Texas Board meetings and membership. I am competent in Word as well as other software in Office 365. I have attended workshops on archiving at the national AAUW convention and understand parliamentary procedure. These skills will help me fulfill the duties of secretary as outlined.

I am a retired educator with a BA from Southern Methodist University and a M.Ed. in Administration from Prairie View A & M. I taught primarily in high school and was the Coordinator of Secondary Social Studies for the Cypress Fairbanks ISD. Previous leadership positions at the state level were serving as president of the Social Studies Supervisors Association. I have written several articles for The Texan , a professional magazine for social studies educators. I am a member of AAUW North Harris County Branch and have served for 2 years as Program Vice-President from 2014 – 2016 and then as President for 3 years from 2016 - 2019. I was part of the Local Arrangement Committee for the 2018 State AAUW convention in Houston. I have attended two state AAUW conventions and one national AAUW convention.  
North District Representative:
Emelia Hoefle      

Member of Tarrant County Branch

As a member of AAUW for 24 years, I joined the Tarrant County Branch of AAUW in 1995. My AAUW experience includes: Branch President (2007-2009), President Elect, Membership VP, AAUW Funds Co-Vice President, member of Sister to Sister Summit Committee, member of Fundraising Committee and member of Inter Branch Council. I volunteer for branch community events.

My goal is to work with other members of the AAUW Texas Board to provide support for and representation of branches and branch leaders within the North Texas District. I will work collaboratively with the branch leaders to plan and problem solve and sustain membership.
Educational background includes: Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Weatherford College, BBA in Management from Tarleton State University. My diverse professional career started in healthcare as Purchasing/Materials Manager, owner of Fort Worth Travel, Inc., Manufacturer Rep Danone Waters, of N.A., Training Coordinator Lockheed Martin, Legal Assistant McGartland Law and Admissions Office Manager for Intensive Outpatient The Right Step dba Geary Goldsmith.   
North District Representative:
Sara Wood   

Member of North Dallas Branch (Formerly Farmers Branch-Carrollton Branch)

As a candidate for District Representative for North Texas, my goal is to facilitate communication between state and branch leadership and to provide support for branches to help ensure their strength and viability. I plan to visit branch meetings to learn more about their goals and activities as well as concerns they have that need to be relayed to the state board. I will encourage them to attend the state convention and to share their successes with other branches through articles in the state newsletter enabling them to be a catalyst for others.

I am a retired licensed social worker and a member of the Farmers Branch-Carrollton branch since 1987. I have served in various branch positions including as a member of the Yearbook Committee, the Scholarship Committee, Chair of the "Financial Basics for Women” workshop, Chair of the Lunch ‘N Lit book club, Branch President (2016-2019) and I am the current Membership VP. I was the Educational Foundation Named Gift Award Recipient in 2015. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a BA in Economics and Sociology, as well as completed post-graduate studies in Social Work at the University of Texas, Arlington.
South District Representative:
Elizabeth "Betsy" Calabro           

Member of North Harris County

Over my years as a member of AAUW I realize that the mission of AAUW is important to society as well as the women of Texas. It is my goal to support and uphold this mission as I visit with the branches of the South District and keep them informed about the activities and goals of AAUW Texas and National and encourage their branch’s participation. As a member organizing the AAUW Texas Convention in Houston this past year, I met many members from other branches. The sharing of innovative ideas, attending informative workshops, and hearing inspiring speakers has led me to realize the importance of these collaborative activities. I hope to impart this enthusiasm to the branches within my district and help them to communicate with other branches by sharing their branch activities and accomplishments. It is my job to help coordinate this communication and to offer motivation and encouragement where possible. 

I have a BS in education and a MS degree in Human Behavior and Development and have lived in several US States as well as overseas. An active member of the North Harris County Branch, I held board positions of Membership, President, and Secretary. 
Central District Representative:
Marilynn "Marsi" Liddell     

Member of Georgetown Branch

I would plan to maintain the strong ties that my predecessor, Marina Rivers, has established in the Central District with CD branches. In particular, I would plan to provide communication with branches, sharing State news and good ideas from other branches: also assist branches with building and maintaining active membership.

One of my favorite things to do is to meet new people and learn about new and interesting ideas: my communication skills are strong both written and spoken. I have a talent for Strategic Planning and execution of same.

Having joined AAUW in 2015, following my retirement as CEO in Higher Education, I served as Co-President from 2016-18; I now serve as Scholarship Chair. Just recently I was appointed to the National Committee on Advancement and am a member of the team for the State Convening Event in April, 2020.

As stated above, I am retired. My career includes one of Social Worker, Probation Officer and finally, multiple roles in Higher Education. I have 2 degrees from Drake University (IA); a BA in Journalism/Education, an MA in Sociology and have earned my EdD from the University of Houston in Educational Leadership and Cultural Studies. I also served as National President of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges from 2004-09.
West District Representative: Lucy K. Barrington                         

Member of Lubbock Branch

My goals as West District Representative are to establish and maintain contact through phone, social media and personal visits; to learn and understand their needs and concerns; and to raise awareness of AAUW’s public policies with the West branches. Communication is a skill acquired and improved in over 30 years of teaching teenagers and all ages of adults; this includes listening carefully to these Branches. I plan to learn/share what’s happening in these branches and share TX and National activities. In 30+ years of AAUW membership, I have served on the TX State Board (2012-2014, VP Programs; 2010-2012, Funds VP); on the Missouri State Board (1996-2000, Public Info Chair and Education Chair); on the Kirkwood-Webster Groves (MO) Branch Board (2005-2007, President; and numerous leadership positions from 1991 to 2007). My B.S and M.A.T. in Business Education are from Southeast Missouri State University. Voter activism and literacy are issues for women in West Texas that affect accomplishing AAUW’s mission. In my retirement, I served as Office Manager with LWV Lubbock for three years and volunteered with Literacy Lubbock. I currently volunteer with the Red Cross, tabling at events, giving informational presentations, recruiting volunteers, and working with volunteer groups.  

You will be sent an email through Constant Contact on April 1, 2020, with the ballot to vote for the board positions.

Members who do not have access to a computer to vote may request a ballot from the Secretary. Requests for ballots must be IN WRITING and received by March 1, 2020. Completed ballots must be postmarked NO LATER THAN April 1, 2020. If you have questions, please call Secretary Susan Roehrig at 325-234-7784. To receive a ballot, send your request to: Susan Roehrig, 211 N. Jackson St., San Angelo, TX 76901 
April 17-18, 2020

To celebrate the anniversary of 100 years of women’s suffrage
and recognize the fight for equality remains ongoing.


Every branch is eligible to be reimbursed after the convening for one
Early Bird Registration if a member registers and attends the convening.
Marriott Courtyard
$129 per night

Deadline for reservations: March 27, 2020

Speaker Bios
Your Thoughts
How to Advertise in the Program Book
Service Project: Dress for Success
Greening - Bring Your Own Tote - Win a Prize
Role "Play"
Table Topics
Connect With Others
Mamma Mia!
100 years of suffrage: A look back at the women’s suffrage movement from a Texas perspective

Kicking us off with a look back at the history of suffrage in Texas and the U. S. will be Distinguished Professor of Digital Humanities and History at Texas A&M Commerce, Dr. Jessica Brannon-Wranosky

Stories for Back Home: What can one woman do?

As the founder for Impact Austin, a collective giving organization whose concept was simple and inspirational —bring women and their financial resources together to make a profound impact in their region—Rebecca Powers has a powerful story to tell about the difference one woman can make. To date, Impact Austin has raised more than $7 million on behalf of those in need in Central Texas. Sending us home with stories of her continued journey to have an impact, Ms. Powers will inspire and challenge us to make a difference. 
Plenary Speakers
Leaders, Influencers, Trend Setters -- Where are women today?

Police Chief Jessica Robledo has had an extraordinary vantage point for understanding the role of women today. As a woman leader in a predominantly male profession, Chief Robledo has changed the culture of the police department in Pflugerville, Texas, creating more transparency, diversity, and community connections. In her luncheon plenary, Chief Robledo will examine the status of women today from her unique and valuable perspective.

Don't Miss
Role "Play" and
Table Topics
Outstanding Member and Outstanding New Member

In every branch there is always that special member whose work makes the branch run smoother – who always says “yes” when asked – who you just couldn’t imagine your branch functioning without. This is the member your branch should nominate for the state  Outstanding Member  award, to be given at our April convening in Pflugerville. You may also nominate that member who has only been with your branch 3 or fewer years, but has already made her mark, for the  Outstanding New Member  award.

To make a nomination for either – or both – of these awards, please submit a narrative (1000 words or less) describing the accomplishments of the member and why she should be named Outstanding Member or the Outstanding New Member. Submissions are due March 1, 2020.

Start thinking about who your branch will nominate and send your nominations to Gloria Long at .

Gloria Long
AAUW Texas Membership VP
Our Sister Suffragists fought long and hard to win the right to vote for women. Celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage by
becoming a Sister Suffragist.

Donate $100 to AAUW Greatest Needs Fund #9110 between now and the April 2020 Convening and you will be honored as a Sister Suffragist.
Branch Recognition Video

Given the new format for our state convening in April, we will not have space for our branches to table. Instead, we are requesting that each branch send us 5 pictures of activities your branch has done, and we will create a slide show that showcases all the things our branches are doing. So, get busy with your cameras and send your 5 favorite pictures by March 1, 2020 , to Malinda Gaul at . Be sure to identify your branch so that we can give you proper recognition.
March 1, 2020 Deadline
1. Membership:   The branch can achieve a M for membership by increasing membership by 5% OR having a retention rate of 90% OR recruiting three new members.
2. Advocacy:  The branch can achieve an A for advocacy by planning one mission-based program or event.
3. Philanthropy:  The branch can achieve a P for philanthropy by donating $5 for each member to the Tyler Branch American Fellowship #4268.
June 18-20, 2020

Deeper In Debt

One of our AAUW Fellows located in Texas reached out with this story which is common:

Currently, I am completing my final year of doctoral training with an internship placement. I was fortunate to be an AAUW fellowship recipient in 2019, which has helped tremendously in offsetting the cost of my tuition for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. Since I am on internship, the university does not recognize me as a full-time student which makes it challenging to secure student loans. As an out-of-state student, the cost of tuition at the university is high and after the spring semester, I will need to register for one summer session of hours in order to fulfill degree requirements. I am hoping to secure additional funding to support tuition costs for the Summer 2020 semester. Thus, I am reaching out to determine if there are additional AAUW fellowship awards I could apply for that will assist in reducing out of pocket tuition costs.

AAUW research Deeper in Debt Women and Student Loans examines the problems faced by women seeker higher education.

If you know of opportunities for this woman, please let us know.

Also, if you want to showcase the local scholarship programs in your branch, please send us information for the newsletter.

Malilnda Gaul
AAUW Texas
Help Complete Another Fellowship

AAUW is one of the world’s oldest leading supporters of graduate women’s education, having awarded more than $115 million in fellowships, grants, and awards to 13,000 women and projects from more than 145 countries since 1888. AAUW Texas members and the state Board of Directors recently completed the Ann Richards American Fellowship, leaving only one unendowed fellowship from the state.

On its 75 th anniversary, the Tyler branch began a $100,000 American fellowship. With only a few years left to complete the endowment, the branch is asking for help. Members who would like to help Tyler complete their named endowment may make online donations to Fund #4268 or send checks in any amount made payable to AAUW with Fund #4268 on the memo line to:

Tyler Funds Chair Jackie Littleton
818 Ashford Court
Tyler, Texas 75703.

American Fellowships are awarded to help with dissertation completion, research leave from accredited universities, and preparation of research for publication. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of scholarly excellence, quality and originality of project design, and active commitment to helping women and girls through service in their communities, professions, or fields of research.
AAUW fellowship funding helps women manage the growing burden of student debt, an issue that disproportionately affects women. Unique to AAUW’s program, funding may also be used to pay for expenses outside of those traditionally associated with academic study, including child care and transportation — necessities that can help recipients’ continue, return to, and successfully complete graduate programs. AAUW prides itself on providing fellowships and grants for women returning to either extend or complete their academic goals.

Education & Training – Addressing the barriers and implicit biases that hinder advancement of women.
Goal A: Train 1000 Texas women using WorkSmart or StartSmart curriculum by 2020.
Goal B: Establish recurring program activities that support the AAUW mission.
Goal C: Every branch applies for the MAP award.

Economic Security – Ensuring livelihoods for women.
Goal A: Every branch engages in a pay equity activity annually.
Goal B: Provide written or oral testimony on state legislation related to women’s economic security.

Leadership – Closing the gender gap in leadership opportunities.
Goal A: Create a Lobby Corp.
Goal B: Identify organizations that train women to be appointed to governing and advisory boards.

Governance & Sustainability – Ensuring the strength, relevance, and viability of AAUW well into the future.
Goal A: Enhance communication between AAUW Texas and all members in Texas.
Goal B: Build the pipeline of future leaders to sustain the organization.
L to R: Lucy Barrington, Ann Berasley, Susan Roehrig, Ginny Phoenix, Jean Dodds, Marina Rivers, Malinda Gaul, Melodia Gutierrez, Pam Wolfe, Crystal Garcia, Gloria Long, Brenda Moss, Dixie Christian, Barbara Cager
Elected Officers             
Malinda Gaul
Melodia Gutierrez
Gloria Long
Jean Dodds
Pam Wolfe
Susan Roehrig

Elected District Representatives
Brenda Moss
Marina Rivers
Barbara Cager
Dixie Christian
Lucy Barrington

Standing Committees
Ann Berasley
Crystal Garcia
Lynn Hagan

Communications Team
Ginny Phoenix
Janani Janakiraman

Program VP
Membership VP
Finance Officer

South District
Central District
North District
North District
West District

Public Policy
Branch Services Officer/College University Rep