University Woman Texas
Volume 72 l Issue 4 l February 2021
February Black History Month
March Women's History Month

From The President
Greetings from your State Board as we get 2021 underway. Our branches continue to do the business of AAUW in many and unique ways. Through the spring we will be following the actions of the Texas Legislature, as well as keeping an eye on what the new administration is doing in DC. Please be on the lookout for opportunities to support our views when alerts come out on legislation that needs our attention.

It is also time to inform yourself on the proposed bylaws and public policy changes in AAUW. We are a membership organization, and your voice is important. Just as voting in local, state, and national elections is important – voting in your organization elections is also a duty of membership. Online voting begins on April 7 and ends on May 17. You may request a paper ballot – no later than April 16 and it must be postmarked by April 30.

Thirteen members of the state board attended the Midwest Regional Conference on Zoom on January 30. This meeting gave us a chance to visit with our counterparts from many states from Texas to Canada, west of the Mississippi to share ideas. It was very informative. State Finance Officer Diane Roberts has written a summary of the meeting and her breakout session that you will find further down in the newsletter, and CU Representative Karen Reichensberger has shared some information she learned.

Stay healthy – get your vaccine – keep wearing your mask!
Gloria Long
February Zoom Conference Calls
Please RSVP to the Board Member who is hosting
to receive the Zoom link.
February 9, 2021, 5:00 p.m. - Membership with
Barbara Cager
February 11, 2021, 5:00 p.m. – AAUW Funds/Fundraising with
Margie Poole
February 16, 2021, 4:00 p.m. – Public Policy with
February 18, 2021, 4:00 p.m. - Program with
Melodía Gutièrrez
Remember that Zoom calls can be accessed by phone
for anyone unable to connect virtually.

AAUW Midwest Regional Conference
Diane Roberts, AAUW Texas Finance Officer

The Michigan AAUW generously spearheaded this Zoom meeting of 11 so-called Midwestern states. It was a great chance to see what other state organizations are doing. Everyone is tired of Zoom, but this was a wonderful use of its benefits.

We had many state board members in attendance, and I am reporting on the Finance Officer breakout.

Here are the states and their membership statistics.

Branches         Members          State                           
40                       2800                  Wisconsin                   
32                       1875                  Michigan
30                       1500                  Texas
25                       1505                  Wisconsin
21                       545                     Iowa
17                       545                     Missouri
13                       549                     Indiana
8                         108                     Oklahoma
5                         250                     Kansas
5                         150                     Arkansas
2                         95                       Nebraska

*Minnesota did not participate due to their state board meeting.

Paid Staff: Michigan hires a web person and an hourly person to track government relations. Texas is the only one thinking of hiring a lobbyist. Arkansas has a state organization called a Table that consolidates several organizations’ goals.

Fundraising ideas: Handbag auction, online auction, wrap books at Barnes & Noble at Christmas (someone said they made $1200!), donation button on the website

Bookkeeping: Quickbooks (just Texas), Quicken, 4-5 states used a program (free for non-profits) called Wave Financial, most just used a spreadsheet program

Charge Accounts: A couple states used Square (West Harris County does, but it’s only used once or twice a year). PayPal is cheap to use and very secure.
Karen Reichensperger, AAUW Texas College/University Representative

I attended the Midwest Regional Conference on January 30, 2021, organized by the Michigan AAUW. After an address by Kim Churches and explanation by Malinda Gaul of the by-law change to be voted on in April, I attended the break-out for C/U Reps: MI (2), AR, TX, IA, IN and myself for TX and MN. Some ideas shared are useful for us in TX. 
Sadly, C/U does not seem to be a high priority with many branches. C/U reps in the colleges are often serving as the rep as appointed without their heart in it. Membership at this time is dependent upon personal relationships. More information about C/U is at  

Suggested that branches find alumni to work with colleges.
We need to stress the benefits for students and faculty such as Work Smart, Start Smart, NCCSWL, research publications, grant opportunities, networking, leadership growth. If you need a handout, let me know.
We need to encourage NCCWSL. The virtual format will make it easier for many young women to attend. More information can be found at About NCCWSL – AAUW : Empowering Women Since 1881
Student groups are rare and seem to be dependent upon the enthusiasm of some personalities. We need to support them and foster leadership among all the young women so that they can take over when others graduate.
It's Official
West Harris County AAUW
is a
Five Star Branch!
Congratulations for all your hard work.
San Antonio AAUW has been awarded Three Stars!

Legacy Circle
The Legacy Circle welcomes the newest Texas member
Claudia Foreman
Northeast Tarrant County Branch

 AAUW NCCWSL 2021… An All New Virtual Experience!

AAUW is happy to announce that the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) 2021 will be a fully virtual experience. While we value opportunities to gather in person, we do not anticipate global health conditions being favorable for a large gathering in May 2021. We are excited about the broad participation and access a virtual conference experience will offer and look forward to you joining us on
May 25-26, 2021.


Branches may apply for a SHARE grant to send students from their local college or university.

Applications are due to Lynn Hagan by February 15, 2021.

Get the Application

Request from
Texas A&M Student Group

Howdy from AAUW Texas A&M!

My name is Kelby Kosel and I am the President of AAUW's student chapter at Texas A&M University. I am wanting to connect with AAUW at the state level to host a webinar series during Women's History Month titled Feminism: Then and Now. The purpose of these sessions would be to invite AAUW members that have been feminists all their lives to come and speak about their experiences with feminism, and also discuss how the Women's Movement has evolved. We would love to have a panel discussion with diverse perspectives!

If you are interested in sharing your story and experience, please complete this form by no later than February 20, 2021.

You can also email me at with any specific questions.

Thank you!
Kelby Kosel
Looking for
AAUW Student Groups
A student from Texas A&M is trying to establish a connection among the various AAUW TX student groups. I know that one is forming in Corpus Christi. I believe that there is an active group in Austin.
I also know that there are a number of student e-members but I do not know if they have formed a group.
Would you please send me a name (student and faculty if possible), college/university, and email of any AAUW student groups that you know of so that I can forward that information on to her?
Karen Reichensperger
TX C/U Liaison
Let's Monitor the 87th Texas Legislature!

Now that the 87th Texas Legislature has begun, AAUW Texas will focus upon particular topics of public policy during this session, with equity as the primary goal, especially bills related to women's health care, pay equity and family paid leave, and job training and advancement. Although all AAUW members are certainly welcome to contact legislators about other issues, members are encouraged to monitor and contact their senators and representatives regarding these selected topics and to be aware of legislation on redistricting, voting rights, and budgeting. 

AAUW Texas will keep its members informed of preferred bills to support or oppose and would appreciate having members make direct contact with legislators. The Texas Legislature Online website provides the addresses of legislators, as well as ways of accessing the current lists of bills by number or subject and how to receive updates on bills and legislative proceedings.   

To get started, however, creating a personal account is recommended. To request this procedure, go to and click on the Login tab on the red bar in the upper right corner. Then click Home on the blue bar below. When the registration procedure begins, provide your email and a personal password, as requested, and click Submit. To finish, activate the account as instructed.  On the Home page, each box on the blue bar shows specific topics from which to choose to move around the website. For beginners, the Home Page provides a link to a general FAQ article (Frequently Asked Questions) on the small red bar in the upper right corner. This list may help to introduce this website as a helpful tool. Please feel free to contact Pat Rehm at with any concerns.

At the quarterly AAUW Texas Zoom meeting on Tuesday, February 16 at 4:00 PM, branch presidents, public policy chairs, and any interested members will be invited to share
legislative areas and related information.  Please join us!

Pat Rehm
AAUW Texas
Public Policy Chair
How Are My Dues and Contributions Used by AAUW?
Submitted by Ann Berasley

At first, I thought I would highlight some of the more interesting projects funded by our dues and contributions. However, Dave Kirkwood of AAUW-MN wrote a great article for their state newsletter - The Pine - that gives an overview of AAUW’s income and touches on where the money goes. I thought this was a better place to begin this discussion. Enjoy the article below he has graciously allowed us to reprint and look for highlights of projects in future editions of UWT.

AAUW Funding Update
Submitted by Dave Kirkwood

What Funds AAUW?
Over 91% of AAUW annual income is provided by past member contributions that have been invested, current member contributions, and dues. The remaining 9% is provided by a variety of sources including corporations and foundations.

The following graphic provides a breakdown of AAUW’s income for FY 2021.
Why was the “Greatest Needs” Fund established?
The fund allows AAUW to respond rapidly, in our communications and advocacy, to critical issues affecting women as they emerge – whether it’s a new threat to Title IX, an opportunity to partner with employers, or the dawn of a new social justice movement like #MeToo. When donations are not restricted to fellowships or specific projects, we have the dollars we need to pivot as the national dialogue shifts. Our AAUW work is recognized by national media outlets such as the New York Times, CNN, and fortune.

Greatest Needs is also what fuels our groundbreaking research and effective advocacy work to pass fair-pay laws and other key equity legislation. Giving to Greatest Needs is a great way to ensure AAUW’s continued visibility, relevance, and sustainability. On the donation form, please select “Use my gift where it’s needed most” to contribute to this importation fund.

What do I, as a branch member, get for my dues?
Annual dues account for about 20 percent of AAUW’s annual income. They help to sustain and grow AAUW’s programs and work that advances equity for women and girls. A combination of dues, donations, and corporate and foundation funding is critical to supporting AAUW’s salary negotiation workshops, groundbreaking research, advocacy efforts for equity, STEM education, campus leadership programs, and so much more.
What's Happening Around AAUW Texas?
North District News
Sara Wood
North District Representative
There’s a lot happening in the North District! Branches have been complying with safe prescribed protocol as advised by AAUW and Zoom events are the order of the day. Innovative planning has allowed branches to pursue partnership projects with various community members.

The North Dallas branch and their “Girls Empowered by Mentoring” program is going strong with the help and support of Brookhaven College. Tyler AAUW partnered again this year with the East TX State Fair to co-sponsor the “Academic Rodeo” which showcases talents of young people through various events, including a spelling bee and essay contest. The Dallas Branch is currently planning a partnership with Girls, Inc. which would allow interested members to tutor girls in need of help with various subjects.

An AAUW Grant recipient will be speaking at an upcoming Plano branch Zoom meeting. Many branches have found Fellowship/Grant awardees to be inspirational. Find their names here.

The Dallas Branch utilized a thought provoking webinar “Holding Space: How to start and continue conversations on race, equity, and inclusion” in their December meeting.
In order to gauge the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on their community, the North Dallas branch just completed a ”Speaker Series” with various community leaders discussing a number of important topics. A CEO of a local non-profit agency explained how they have coped with an exponential increase in demand for food and living expenses, a community leader discussed affordable housing and a school district administrator outlined ways that the school system has adapted to teaching during a pandemic.

 Keep up the good work Texas branches!
South District News
Betsy Calabro
South District Representative
West Harris County Branch - FIVE STARS!

The Stars just continue to shine on the West Harris County branch, and we have been awarded our 4th and 5th Stars in the areas of Programs and Advancement. 
The Program Star required the branch to host 2 to 4 programs that aligned with both WHC and National’s Strategic Plans. Sincere thanks to our President, Carolyn Morris, for coordinating and rolling out the Work Smart/Start Smart Program with Texas Southern University. Working with Dr. Michele Taylor, Assistant Dean of TSU’s Graduate School, and a new branch member, a seminar was conducted in the spring at the University. The seminar coached students on how to prepare for interviews and negotiate salaries. Several WHC members attended and role played with the students at this event.
Our VP of Programs, Cindy Hickok, undaunted by the pandemic, worked tirelessly to set up several outstanding programs using Zoom so that the membership could access the monthly meetings without interruption. These outstanding programs supported AAUW objectives and were key in helping us to attain the Program Star.
Ann Amador, our Student Chapter Liaison, has done an excellent job working with several Rice University students. The AAUW-Rice University Student Affiliate is a dynamic group. They produced a standing room only program with a panel of notable women discussing their roles in bringing about meaningful change in the community. While the group has not been able to meet face-to-face this semester due to the virus, Anne has continued to mentor the group so that it can remain a vital part of the Rice experience. Anne’s continued support of the group was invaluable in helping us to achieve the Program Star.
The Advancement Star was achieved by retaining our membership at 90% from the previous year, and we actually increased our membership to the 93% level. Many thanks to Carolyn Stoffel for keeping up with all our members and welcoming our new members. Kudos to Diane Roberts because she successfully submitted the dues to National by the required September 30th deadline. Also, a shout out to Mary Andersen for keeping all the data on the membership up to date. It is a weekly task! There were some tight deadlines to meet to reach our 5 Star goal, and their hard work paid off and is appreciated.
A final requirement of the Advancement Star was to increase our annual giving to the Greatest Needs Program by 25%. Please refer to the article Greatest Needs Needed You and You Responded in this newsletter to read about the outstanding response to our plea for additional funds.
Our branch continues to go way beyond in its outreach to contribute to the advancement of women and girls by involving all of us in so many valuable community programs.  

Mary Peterson and Rose Ennis
Diane and Nick Marson shared their 9/11 experiences that inspired the Broadway musical “Come From Away” on Thursday, January 21, at the North Harris County (NHC AAUW) branch meeting.

It was a special treat to start the New Year off right – a story that emphasizes the kindness of humanity.

The couple, who now live in Houston, shared their incredible, inspirational story that focuses not only on their love story, but on the love and goodness of humankind.

Nick who was from the UK and Diane who was from the US, met one another in Gander, Newfoundland after their transatlantic flight and 37 other planes were diverted to a small town in Canada during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

They explained about the efforts the townspeople (only about 10,000 people) went through to house and feed about 7,000 people who had been diverted to their town by bringing the stranded travelers towels and food from their own homes as well as many other kindnesses.

During this time, Nick and Diane fell in love and eventually married and moved to Houston. Aside from the Broadway musical, they have been on a variety of other programs including being interviewed by Tom Brokaw for a documentary that is on YouTube.

The humanity that the Gander residents showed all the stranded travelers left an impression of the Marsons who returned to Gander to celebrate their wedding anniversary with their new friends in Gander.
AAUW North Harris County Branch
The proceeds of this fundraising event will help fund the North Harris County AAUW Fellowship Fund. The fund allows us to award grants to local schools and community non-profit organizations for educational projects for students from pre-school through college age, including the high school Summits. Our Summits encourage young women to stay in school, to have healthy relationships, and to take advantage of educational opportunities. We also contribute to scholarships locally and nationally to further the mission of AAUW.

Invites you to participate in our
 First Annual Online Auction Fundraiser
2/14/21 - 2/28/21
Congratulations to Audrey Jones
 of the Corpus Christi Branch
WWII Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

John Oliva Corpus Christi Caller Times USA TODAY NETWORK –
TEXAS World War II veteran Audrey Jones celebrated her 100th birthday with a 'drive-by' parade at the Viera Senior Living Center on Feb. 1.

'When I turned 99, someone told me that I am a part of everyone I've met,' Jones said. 'I've speculated and thought about it, and it's true. The people you meet in your life affect you in many ways.'

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Corpus Christi Branch member was born in Madison, Wisconsin and graduated from Milwaukee-Downer College in 1941 with a major in foods and nutrition and chemistry. Jones has been a member of AAUW for over 50 years, serving as the Corpus Christi Branch president in 1994 to 1996.

Jones served as a hospital dietitian for the U.S. Army and was stationed in Southern England as troops prepared for the D-Day invasion in 1944. Her unit followed troops across the English Channel, landing at Utah Beach, and continued with the troops through France, Luxembourg and Germany.

After her Army service, Jones and her husband, Frank, moved to Corpus Christi where she earned her teaching certificate at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and raised three sons, Philip, Paul and David.
Audrey Jones served as a hospital dietitian in World War II. 
To see pictures from Audrey's birthday celebration, click on this link to the Corpus Christi Branch webpage.

AAUW Corpus Christi Branch Programs 2020-2021

The pandemic may have restricted our physical environment, but it has sparked the creativity of the program committee of the AAUW Corpus Christi Branch. The variety of speakers and activities kept members engaged and free of the new malaise, Zoom fatigue. The first three Fall programs looked at our society through these topics: an overview of the Black Lives Matter movement, the power of art, and the role of literacy in our local community. This was capped off by our always-eagerly-anticipated December Christmas program that featured a testimonial from a former member of a YWCA program that our Branch sponsors, a drawing for gift cards, and finally a fun, sometimes hilarious holiday home scavenger hunt. Our spring programs will lead off with the presentation of the Sue Stanford Scholarship winner and a talk on women’s wellness. Additional programs will include topics such as the USO of South Texas and being a female incident investigator with an international oil company. Our Zoom meetings have given us intellectual and spiritual growth and above all, friendship and support in these often scary and always stressful times. 
Paying it Forward:
Hagans Support USM School of Social Work with $1.1 Million Planned Gift
During Dr. Lynn Hagan’s time as a student at The University of Southern Mississippi in the ’90s, Ms. Oseola McCarty’s unexpected act of charity made global news. McCarty’s generosity continues to inspire Lynn’s philanthropic vision. Recently, she and her husband, Don, documented two bequests through a charitable remainder unitrust totaling $1.1 million. The Hagans’ planned gifts will benefit two existing funds they established more than a decade ago through the USM Foundation – the Lynn Purnell Hagan Social Work Support Endowment and the Lynn Purnell Hagan Social Work Scholarship Endowment.

“Dr. Hagan exemplifies how graduates of our School of Social Work are serving their communities around the globe using the knowledge and skills instilled in them at USM,” said Dr. Trent Gould, dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences.

Having received assistantships and grants to help offset the cost of graduate school, Lynn knows the importance of these types of assistance. “In addition to a career development grant from the American Association of University Women, my out-of-state tuition was waived and I received a small stipend,” she said. “It wasn’t a lot of money, but it helped me stay afloat while earning my degrees. I could not have gone back to school without this assistance, so Don and I want to give that opportunity to others.”

Mostly retired now, the Hagans stay busy with consulting, volunteer work and social engagements. While involved with the Association of Former Students at their undergraduate alma mater, Texas A&M University, Lynn also helped create the Southern Miss Alumni Association Hub in Brazos Valley, Texas. She remains active in AAUW Texas as the state board SHARE chairman and as a Legacy Circle member.

From an article by Megan Burkes in USM Home/News/2021
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